We know what you might be thinking this very second, “What does pilates have to do with hot sex?” If you’ve never tried pilates before, here’s what you need to know:

Pilates is a lot about involving your mind and body. It brings both to a better level of coordination. Of all the things that you know by now, sex is a lot about what goes on in your head rather than the actual penetration happening down there. If pilates can teach you to bring the two together under the same frequency, you just might be on the verge of mind-blowing sex so, get ready!

The practice involves a combination of movements that build your resistance and flexibility. It helps you execute bolder moves in the bedroom, on the floor, the table, and even against the wall! Improved resilience during sex is reason enough to get yourself into this popular workout routine.

Doing pilates also improves sex drive. Evidence is building that shows pilates can improve a woman’s libido, even those who are about to enter menopause. A study on 34 premenopausal Turkish women, 20 to 50 years old, was published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. Researchers found that there was increased sexual activity among the subjects after only 12 weeks of pilates training.

Pilates gives you a sexy body. And like it or not, most men (and many women too) are visual. Your waistline, hip size, and thigh circumference, therefore, are just as important as kegel exercises to keep your vajayjay strong and mighty.

Plus, pilates can improve the intensity of your sex episodes. If you’re bent on taking your sex life to a heavenly level then, pilates can help you win the stamina to withstand the heat and actually last longer in bed.

All that said, aren’t you going gaga over pilates yet?

5 Pilates Moves to Try for Better Sex

Take your fitness to a whole different level and naturally create a better sex-vironment for yourself and your partner. Below is a 5-step pilates routine that strengthens your pelvic floor and that amazingly improves your sex-stamina in just a few weeks of regular and continuous training:

1. Pelvic Clock

Start with the very basic. Learn how to isolate muscles in your pelvic and abdominal areas, and learn to inhale and exhale properly as you do. Lie on your back with your hands on your sides, legs slightly apart with knees bent. Keep your belly button flat as you bring your pelvis up. Unlike what you may have gotten used to in the gym, don’t push against your feet and leg muscles. Learn to isolate just your pelvic and pubic bone area. As such, rather than actually raising your pelvis from the floor, this area is only slightly inclined against your abdomen.

2. Inverted Table Raise

This routine is difficult for beginners to execute. To help you build up your flexibility, you can start by using an exercise ball. Curl back as you rest your spine against the ball, raising your arms above your head with the back of your hands touching the floor, as you keep your toes against the floor. As your body adapts to the movement, get rid of the ball.

3. Scissors

A truly multi-tasking pilates move, this strengthens your core, builds flexibility and resistance, and teaches you to support your own weight. Lie flat on the floor, legs and feet together. Curl your upper body to slightly raise your upper back from the floor as you also bring both legs about two to three inches from the floor. Move your right leg up over your head. Use both arms to grab your raised leg. As you do this, keep your left leg raised. As you bring your right leg down without touching the floor, move your left leg over your head and, again, use you both arms to grab your leg. Alternate both legs.

4. Contracted Knee Lifts

Starting with the Pelvic Clock position, lift your right leg with knees bent towards your chest as you exhale and move your pelvic muscle down. When you inhale, bring your legs back down keeping your knees bent. Exhale as you bring your left leg up, then inhale as you bring it down. Repeat.

5. Shoulder Bridge

Lie on the floor with your lower back slightly raised, knees bent up. Bring your back up so that it forms a straight, inclined plane with your shoulders and your knees. Bring your right leg up towards your chest with toes pointed. Stretch your leg with your foot facing the ceiling. Flex your heel. Then, lower your leg without letting your heel touch the floor. Repeat several times. Do the same with the other leg.

It’s not so hard to get into a Pilates routine, especially if rekindling steamy sex is your ulterior motive behind improving your fitness level. See, unlike your usual cardio or aerobic workouts, pilates not only makes you sweat harder in the gym but also helps you sweat it harder in the bedroom. As you move up from a beginner level into more advanced routines, your body can take on more heat and intensity. It’s safe to say that you can expect the same pattern of improvement in your sex life. So, grab that mat and start moving!