About the Author: A

You know that friend that somehow knows all the technical terms about sex but is totally not weird about it? I’m that friend. My name is A. I’m in my mid-twenties and my comfort with sex and discussing myriad aspects of it has come from my long experience of not only having sex, but also from growing up in a pretty sex-open household. This blog stems from years of self learning.. self learning that I’m still doing and will continue to do. I hope to create a safe space in my writing for everyone to write in and ask questions. While I do not pretend to know everything, I will put my best in every answer. When I’m not writing? I’m playing with my kitten. Talking dirty to my man and dancing around the house in my underwear to Ciara. Follow me on social media: @anastasiastrgar on Twitter, theladyscales on Tumblr. Others coming soon!

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