Whether you’re exploring pleasure with a new lover, or going strong with a long-term partner, incorporating couple’s sex toys into your intimacy can improve your connection and pleasure, tenfold. Sex toys encourage exploration and allow you and your partner to enhance pleasure, playfulness, and bring your fantasies to life. They can also help deepen connection and communication about your desires, all while expanding sensation and variety!

From long-distance sex toys that bridge the gap between lovers, to remote-controlled vibrators for public play, and even vibrators that can be worn during sex — every toy has its own unique edge to bring you and your partner even more pleasure. Heighten intimacy and become a master at setting the mood with our top picks for the best couple’s sex toys of the year!

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Best Remote-Controlled Vibrator: We-Vibe Chorus, Sync 2, and Melt

Purchase the We-Vibe Chorus, one of the best remote-controlled vibrators. Purchase the We-Vibe Melt, one of the best remote-controlled couple's sex toys.

The We-Vibe’s Chorus is a triple threat of shared stimulation. This couple’s vibrator is designed to be worn during sex, to curate an unforgettable experience with two motors perfectly designed to target the clitoris, G-spot, and penis simultaneously. The toy is also easily adjustable, so you can mold the toy to fit your body and stay in place during play.

The Chorus is aptly named, as you become the composer of your pleasure. With unique touch-sensitive sensors on the toy, your movements can control the vibrations. Use the app to choose from three touch-sense modes, or control three vibration intensities and seven patterns to make sure you and your partner’s body are singing with sensation. You can even use their app for bonus modes or long-distance play, or try the squeeze remote, where the more you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations get! The We-Vibe Sync 2 similarly contours to your body and has all-over vibration, yet without the touch sensors that sync with your movements, or the squeeze remote.

If you prefer suction to vibration, you’ll love We-Vibe’s Melt, whose perfectly ergonomic shape is designed to seamlessly fit between partners in a variety of positions. The real melt factor of this toy is We-Vibe’s Pleasure-Air Technology, which uses air-pulse vibrations and gentle suction to create a clitoral massage, without ever touching. See why we’re melting away?

Both of these toys can be controlled by the We-Vibe app, designed with couples in mind to play long-distance or create custom patterns for their pleasure. The app allows you to control the intensity of the vibrations, switch between patterns, or draw your own vibration patterns for a completely custom experience. If you’re playing in public or long distance, the app also seamlessly syncs with BOTH of your toys so you can play wherever you are in the world. Once connected to the app, simply create your partner’s profile and send the invite to your partner, to pair their app with yours. 


Best Ride-On Couple’s Vibrator: Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

Purchase the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo, one of the best ride-on sex toys.

Experience why this next toy has won awards and leaves its users awestruck. Hot Octopuss’ Pulse Duo is damn near perfect for every relationship seeking a hands-free climax. 

Hot Octopuss’ Pulse Duo features its signature PulsePlate Technology which uses one-of-a-kind oscillations that leave couples awestruck. It’s powerful pulses and unique design are perfect for riding and grinding toward a hands-free climax. While the internal part of the toy pulses at multiple speeds, the external part of the toy vibrates with six satisfying modes at adjustable intensities. 

This innovative design is perfect for partners who want to explore dual sensation in a new way — whether that’s grinding and riding you both to the peak, or as a powerful pleasure option when penetration is painful or an erection is difficult to maintain.

Completely hands-free, this toy’s clever design and ergonomics allow your body weight to do all the heavy lifting — holding the Pulse Duo in place so you and your partner can focus your pleasure. Use the remote to control your ride at the push of a button, with adjustable controls to custom-tailor the sensation for both partners, so you both can receive just the right amount of stimulation. 


Best Long-Distance Vibrator: Lovense Nora, Max 2, and Gravity

Purchase the Lovense Nora, one of the best long-distance vibrators. Purchase the Lovense Max 2, one of the best male vibrators. Purchase the Lovense Gravity, one of the best long-distance vibrators.

The entire Lovense sex toy line is a masterpiece in couple’s sex toys. Each toy can seamlessly sync with one another for couples in long-distance relationships to intimately play. Their long-distance sex toys connect to an app that features a quick response time to feel your partner’s motions in real-time, with an options recording and playback feature to relive your erotic experience until you can connect again. You can even video chat through their platform with full encryption, or simply connect the toys via the app, and use your phone or computer to see one another play. 

Lovense has a wide range of app-controlled sex toys that are made for long-distance play. Whether you’re looking for a rabbit vibrator or a clitoral vibe, an innovative penis sleeve or a cock ring, or even a butt plug or vibrating nipple clamp — Lovense has it all.

Three of their toys seamlessly sync up, with special motion sensors that respond to the other toy’s movements. The Nora is their powerful rabbit vibrator, with two vibrating motors and a rotating head for g-spot stimulation. The Nora can pair with either of Lovense’ bluetooth penis sleeves — or even another Nora! 

The Max 2 is their signature male masturbator, with vibration and contraction features that mimic vaginal contractions, and respond in sync as your partner’s toy moves. Lovense’s Calor is a smaller version, which vibrates, squeezes, and heats up. Both toys can pair with Nora or one another so that as one toy moves, the other responds. All toys can also be paired with the app to be used with its Bluetooth remote from across the world.

The rest of the Lovense line is Bluetooth app-controlled. I’m a personal fan of The Gravity, a thrusting and vibrating dildo that features a strong suction cup so you can even play hands-free. You can control it with the app close-range or long-distance, to let your partner take the reins with unlimited vibration patterns custom-controlled in the app. It can even be sound-activated or synced to music!


Best Couple’s Subscription Box: Arya’s Concierge Service

Purchase an Arya experience and curated box, one of the best sex toy subscription boxes.

Arya’s Erotic Concierge service is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure subscription that custom-curates sensual scenes based on your and your partner’s unique preferences.Arya is an experiential journey that encourages communication and enhances intimacy, with custom erotica, resources, and scenes that give couples permission to play. 

After signing up, each partner answers a few questions about their sexual preferences (intimate and sensual, or kinky and primal), desires (like who wants to be in control), and goals – whether you want to intimately connect or explore a new kink. Arya learns from your personal preferences to create erotic scenes and custom-curate a box for you and your partner to explore together. 

With inspirational erotica, detailed guidance and videos, and a curated box of goodies to bring your scene to life — Arya is at your service to seamlessly guide you on a journey toward more pleasure. Their concierge is an approachable resource for any couple ready to explore their desires with their partner, but are unsure of where to start. They create a supportively steamy environment to playfully dip your toes in new scenes, expand your erotic imagination, and instill confidence partner to candidly share your desires and fantasies. 


Best DIY Couple’s Sex Toy: Clone-A-Willy and Clone-A-Pussy

Purchase the Clone-A-Willy, one of the best DIY sex toys. Purchase the Clone-A-Pussy, one of the best DIY sex toys.

We’re coming in hot and heavy with this prolific toy which takes personalization to a whole new level, the Clone-A-Willy and Clone-A-Pussy line. It’s 2023 and clones are real (sort of) and we’re okay with that! With a body-safe homemade dildo kit, a variety of skin tone options, algae-based molding powder, a single-speed vibrator, a molding tube and easy-to-follow instructions, you can make an exact silicone replica of your partner’s penis or pussy. 

This toy is perfect for couples who cannot see each other regularly or are looking for new and crafty ways of reconnecting with each other’s bodies. What’s special about this line of toys is it is a sexy DIY date night option that allows for an increase in intimacy and playfulness between you and your partner. While the molding process can be a bit tricky, it is also a fun and exciting bonding activity for you and your partner to experience together and, trust us, the results are lifelike, seriously.

Couple’s sex toys are designed to welcome enhanced eroticism and intimacy into your relationship and take your foreplay, pleasure, and orgasms to a new level. Our favorite couple’s sex toys of 2023 are sure to heighten your shared passion and playfulness for many, many adventurous nights to come.


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