March is National Massage Month. And of course, we’re here to help you celebrate! If you’re in a romantic or sexual relationship, massage is a great way to show your lover how much you care, to pamper them, or to initiate a sexual encounter. We’re ready to share the best oils and tools to make your lover’s massage particularly memorable – or for your partner to treat you with! And if you’re single, don’t worry! You can still celebrate Massage Month, too. If treatin’ yo’ self by scheduling a massage isn’t in your budget, we have the best handheld massagers for you to give any part of your body, whether it’s your sore neck or a more erogenous zone, the special treatment.

Personal Massagers

Massagers are toys that are great for a number of reason. Though they are typically intended for clitoral stimulation, these toys can also be used to massage anywhere on the outside of the body. The vibrations are usually powerful and broadly distributed. Attachments can help to pinpoint vibrations to particular parts of the body, including the G- and P-Spots!

Of course, there’s nothing like the original Hitachi! But we’ve tried out a number of personal massagers that are perfect to celebrate Massage Month with and to use all year long to really get those kinks out.

The OG: The Original “Hitachi” Magic Wand

Get it at Adam & Eve for $80.

It’s not meant to fit inside you, but rather, to externally massage your sore muscles, shoulders, back, and… oh yeah, and if your vulva and clitoris happen to be sore, it’s really great at that, too. At nearly 2 pounds, the Hitachi is by far the heaviest vibrator I’ve come across. You also plug it into the wall, which means it’s not only incredibly powerful but also possibly considered an appliance. Read our full review!

The Luxury Competitor: Doxy Die Cast Massager

Get it at SheVibe for $190.

It’s surprisingly easy to use and can be perfectly positioned by you or a partner to give you incredibly pleasure. There’s certainly nothing cheap about the vibrations of this toy. It’s a complete powerhouse, and if you’re a power queen like me, you’ll definitely want this toy in your arsenal! Read our full review!

Small Yet Powerful: Sensual Touch Wand Massager

Get it at Adam & Eve for $70.

Whether you’re a newbie looking for a high-quality body wand to explore different sensations or an experienced sex toy user, the Sensual Touch Body Massager is a great choice! With a unique design made for effortless control and range of powerful vibration settings, this toy is one sure to bring you to orgasmic bliss. Read our full review!

Massage Oils and Lotions

Ready to share a romantic massage with your partner? These oils are perfect for sharing a sensual massage.

High On Love Hemp Massage Oil
Get it at The White Unicorn for $45!

Kama Sutra Massage Oil
Get it at Adam & Eve for $25!

With soft, silky textures and sweet scents derived from natural ingredients, these massage oils are perfect to use during any relaxing massage, and even work as everyday body oils, leaving the skin nourished throughout the day. I had the pleasure of trying their Massage Oil in Coconut Pineapple, a deliciously fresh melange of tropical flavors, which has become an instant fav! Read our full review.

Edible Massage Oil Gift Set
Get it at Adam & Eve for $23!

Intimate Organics Aromatherapy Massage Oil
Get it at Adam & Eve for $16!

Adam & Eve Pheromone Massage Oil
Get it at Adam & Eve for $13!

Sliquid Balance Massage Oil
Get it at SheVibe for $13!

Lovehoney Oh! Vanilla Lickable Massage Oil
Get it at Lovehoney for $9!

Massage Candles

Candles are a great way to bring an even more sensual aspect into your massage. For one, candles are super romantic. Secondly, this is a great way to get in touch with your kinky side. If you’re into temperature or wax play, massage candles can be used to introduce partners to the concept, or to explore fantasies you’re curious about.

LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle
Get it at LELO for $35!

Lightly scented in Vanilla & Crème De Cacao, this massage candle by LELO is a perfect romantic accessory for couples looking to add sensuality into their relationship, or for solo users who want a little elegant self-care treat! Read our full review.

Kama Sutra Massage Oil Candle

had the opportunity to try it in Island Passionfruit, a deliciously enticing scent, but it also comes in Coconut Pineapple, Mediterranean Almond, Tahitian Sandalwood, and Tropical Plumeria. These candles are the perfect thing to take foreplay and any intimate massage to the next level. Read our full review.

Shunga Soy Based Massagle Candle
Get it at SheVibe for $17!

Ignite Me Massage Candle Nothing But Me
Get it starting at GoodVibes starting at $14!

Dona Kissable Massage Candle

It’s infused with aphrodisiacs and pheromones, which encourage a sexual response in the body and make people more attracted to you, respectively. The wax doubles as a lotion that you can use for massaging yourself or a partner, and it doesn’t get hot enough to hurt your skin, so you can pour it on gently without fear. If you’re looking for something cheap to spice up your self-care routine or life in the bedroom, this candle is a reasonable, sensual buy. Read our full review.

Sensual Tools and More

There are so many fun toys and accessories you can add to make your massage a truly memorable experience. We’ve included some kickass tools and massage kits that include more than one tool to really set the mood.


Désirables Adori Porcelain Massage Stones
Get them at SheVibe for $60!

JO All-in-One Massage Kit
Get it at Adam & Eve for $25!

Massages can never do me wrong – like, ever. The JO All-in-one massage kit is seamlessly a great addition to add to the repertoire of things to try in the bedroom. The glide can be used as multiple uses like a lubricant and/or tattoo conditioner. I would highly recommend this kit for anyone from beginners to even the students going to those massage therapy schools we see on T.V. all the time. Read our full review.

Jimmy Jane Contour M Massage Stone
Get it at Adam & Eve for $25!

he material felt great against my skin, it was easy for my partner to hold, and the design was absolutely perfect to sooth my muscles and get me totally relaxed. If you’re a fan of massages (and really, who isn’t?) you have to give this amazing, and surprisingly inexpensive, product a try! Read our full review.

Massage Table
Get it on Amazon Prime for $83!

Hot Stone Massage Set
Get it on Amazon Prime for $22!

Lovehoney Oh! Hot Massage Rocks
Get them at Lovehoney for $12!

Fuzu Massager Ball
Get it from Spencer’s for $13!

Lovehoney Oh! Purple Sensual Body Massager
Get it at Lovehoney for $7.99!

Rub Me Massage Bar
Get it at GoodVibes for $8!

Make It Kinky

Finally, gentle kink and other sensation toys are perfect for adding something extra to that luxurious feeling of being rubbed and pet down. Tickles, pinches, and other sensations can really highten the pleasure, as can removing sensations such as sight through blindfolds. And hey – kinksters deserve a sexy, perfect massage, too!

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Satin Blindfold
Get it at SheVibe for $12!

This is the perfect addition to anyone’s toy kit or playroom! Whether you’re vanilla and just want a little something different or a well-experienced kink-practioner in need of a new blindfold, this one’s for you! Read our full review.

Pipedream Wartenberg Wheel
Get it at Adam & Eve for $10!

If you or your partner is new to pain and sensation pay, definitely give Pipedream’s Wartenberg Wheel a try. It’s also great for vanilla couples looking to add a little light kink in the bedroom. Read our full review.

Ostrich Tickler
Get it at The White Unicorn for $10!

Have a sexy National Massage Month!


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