Somehow, cheetahs and sexuality are nearly completely linked in our culture. From cheetah-print bedspreads to sexy lingerie… it’s hard to see cheetah print and not think of being on all fours. Sexy and strong, cheetahs embody something primally sensual in all of us. That’s part of why I loved the idea of the Crystal Delights Faux Cheetah Tail butt plug… designed to look incredibly sexy all while being pleasurable. Simply put, I love this toy. It was incredible playing with it and channeling my inner sex kitten. While it had a few downfalls, it is probably my favorite toy I’ve played with all year. Not necessarily because it was intensely pleasurable, but just because it was so much fun to play around with. It expertly walked the line between deliciously kinky and adorably cute, especially when paired with a collar…

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend the Faux Fox Tail plug instead.

Perfect Plug Design

The glass plug is perfectly designed. It would be incredibly comfortable and easy to insert for a beginner, yet even as someone who’s dabbled in anal play, this plus was big and weighty enough to feel incredibly satisfying. The total length of the plug is 3.4 inches, with the insertable length being about 2.8 inches. The diameter of the bulb is 1.3 inches, with a tapered tip that makes it easy and comfortable to insert. The smaller portion before the flared base is perfectly sized and very comfortable, and the base is perfectly flared to ensure safe wear. Overall, the plug is very comfortable and would even be easy to wear for longer periods of time (so long as you’re cool with having the tail!)

The plug is made from a high-quality hand blown borosilicate glass. The material feels fabulously smooth during insertion, and interestingly, glass toys even look sexy while being inserted. Since the toy is clear throughout, it reflects light perfectly, and the plug starts to turn pink as it enters you, which can be super sexy to your partner. This plug can be used with either silicone or water based lube, and easily cleaned up with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. Unfortunately, the fur tail is not detachable, which makes clean-up a bit more difficult. The fur tail is not supposed to get wet, but it was really hard to do that during cleaning, especially because it’s natural for lube to get on the area of the tail closest to the plug. So, to clean it, instead use a damp cloth or baby wipe, and be sure to wipe gently in only one direction, with the fur of the tail.

Sex Kitten Tail

At nearly 2 feet long, this tail feels incredibly sexy and sensual from the moment you hold it in your hands. It’s incredibly soft and feels great against the skin. It’s also irresistibly cute, and can foster some hot kitten play if you’re feeling adventurous. The tail is made out of a high-quality synthetic hair and comes in a variety of different colors and varieties. The cheetah print tail alone has several different colors of fur to make it look natural and more realistic. Unfortunately, the tail sheds quite a bit, and while you might not notice a ton of fur in your bed, I definitely noticed that small pieces of fur stuck to the lube and got all over me. So, you’ll need to wash up before receiving oral if you don’t want a ton of little fibers in your mouth. I also wish that tail was detachable for easier cleaning. But overall, I would definitely use the toy again despite the cons, because it was super sexy and a ton of fun to play with.

Pros & Cons


  • Adorably cute
  • Can be sweet or kinky (or both!)
  • Plug is nearly perfect
  • Great for beginners, or anyone!


  • Difficult to clean without getting the tail wet
  • Lube tends to get stuck on the tail
  • Sheds everywhere, and the fur sticks to the lube


Overall, I absolutely love this Faux Cheetah Tail and will absolutely use it again. In fact, I can’t wait to! It was comfortable, pleasurable, and incredibly sexy. Basically, everything you could want in a toy… especially one with so many creative role-play uses as this one. I’d be willing to bet that most partners are down for the adventure, too. Mine certainly found the tail to be pretty sexy. My boyfriend summed up this toy perfectly. “Sheds and not easy to clean. But, super cute.” Well said, boyfriend.

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend the Faux Fox Tail plug instead.


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