I’m still pretty new to the whole G-spot area of things, but when I had the opportunity to review the Cuddle by OhMiBod, I just had to try it. I’ve never used anything by OhMiBod and I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about their products, so I was curious! The sleek design and fact that it is rechargeable makes the Cuddle an easy pick for someone who is just looking for a toy to add to their collection. The Cuddle works well and anyone, from a beginner to an expert, could find joy with it, once they got used to it.

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Name: Cuddle
Type: G-Spot Vibrator
By: OhMiBod, Lovelife

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 2 Devils
Vibrations: 5 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Body safe Silicone and Plastic

Special Features: Curved Design, Rechargeable, 6 Intensities

First Glance

The first thing I noticed about the Cuddle was that the design of the box was simple and cute. It was a sleek, pink box, that had a cutout of the vibrator’s design on the outside. Inside, the box contained the vibrator itself, which wasn’t charged, the silk bag the vibrator goes in, and the charging cord for the Cuddle. The vibrator itself is very well put together and smooth to the touch. I really liked the fact that it fit in the palm of my hand. You can use any adaptor to charge the Cuddle and even plug it into your computer to charge. I noticed that it took about two and a half hours for the Cuddle to charge and that gave it about two hours of play, depending on which intensities I used. That did get really annoying when I used one of the higher settings for about 45 minutes and I could tell it was losing its intensity as the time went on. Don’t plan on using it for extended periods of time, at least not on high settings.


This is the perfect vibrator for women looking to get in touch with the G-spot. It nestles itself right into the perfect spot and there isn’t much more we, as the user, have to do besides go along for the ride. During play the fact that it fit snugly inside me, against my G-spot, made it easy to sit back and enjoy the full throttle ride that I was on, once I got it in the right spot. The first few times that I used the Cuddle I had to maneuver it into position, but once I realized what I liked and where to position it, I was able to reach climax a lot faster.

To get the Cuddle to sit against my G-spot, I had it flipped over with the curve pointing up, against me.  The Cuddle has a total of three buttons that are located in the same area, inside of a heart on the bottom of the toy. You press and hold the ~ button for 3 seconds to turn the toy on and off. The ~ button also changes the patterns. There is also a plus and minus button on the toy. The + intensifies the vibration and on the flip side, the – weakens the vibration. Being that I have a roommate and live some place with very, very thin walls, I like quieter toys and the Cuddle is just that. I don’t find the noise to be distracting, which is the case with some of the vibrators on the market these days and I like that the noise isn’t distracting if I am trying to watch porn.

Patterns & Vibrations

There are a total of seven vibration patterns and six levels of intensity. The patterns are pretty generic, something along the lines of buzz/stop/buzz, heart beat, etc. I wasn’t so impressed with the patterns. It was the intensity that officially sold me on the toy. I’ve always needed something stronger when it comes to getting to climax. The intensities are perfect for someone like me that is getting her first tour of the G-spot. I even found the final intensity to be a little too much for me, mainly because it became painful after using it for too long. I thought that maybe I was getting too dry, so I used some lube, but it got to the point after extended use on the high setting that I was becoming more numb than riding it out in glorious bliss.

Pros & Cons


  • Pretty, easy to use design
  • High-quality, sturdy materials
  • 7 patterns
  • Body safe materials
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Quiet


  • Painful last vibration intensity – but power queens may enjoy!


The Cuddle is a great toy and for someone who usually prefers a toy with strong vibrations, though the Cuddle can be a little too strong, for even me. I do not recommend the Cuddle for someone who is prefers easier vibrations or who has no issue getting to climax with toys that are not strong. I do feel, however, that the Cuddle would suit any beginner or expert in the sex toy field, mostly due to that fact that there are six different intensities and you can find the right one for yourself. The Cuddle is easy to use and is very user friendly.

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