A foot fetish is one of the most common kinks. Simply, a lot of people are into feet! Like role play or BDSM, simply loving soles and toes is one of the most popular fetishes. I personally have had two partners who loved my feet, and was eager to learn how to give a foot job. But, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing (at first). Thankfully, I had a partner that was willing to teach me what to do with my feet during a foot job. Today, my method is a sure-fire kinky way to get your foot fetish loving partner off via foot job every time.



1. Lube, lube, and more lube!

I know that this seems like a weird thing to put as my first tip for a foot job, but I swear, it’s very important. Whenever a sensitive part of a body meets a part of someone else’s, friction is created. Trust me, friction on your feet does not feel good (let alone friction on your partner’s penis). I recommend a water-based lube as it will last a long time without getting your feet too sticky, and it will allow your feet to glide over your partner’s penis. Apply it liberally to wherever the friction is going to occur. The lubricant will make the experience much more pleasurable for both of you.



2. Keep your feet together.

The easiest way to give a foot job is the one where you keep your feet together. My man always seems to like it when I put his penis in the crook of my feet where my toes and the balls of my feet meet. There are other ways to give a foot job, but this way allows for plenty of toe wiggling, which is pleasurable and a beautiful sight to see. You can even use your soles and toes to cup your partner’s balls for extra sensation and pleasure.



3. Don’t forget the toe wiggling.

Toe wiggling is a sure-fire way of getting your feet-loving partner going. The men that I have been with who were into feet loved it when I wiggled my toes while giving a foot job. As you are moving your feet on their penis, wiggle your toes at different speeds, pressures, and intensities. It gives them a different sensation, and some extra visual stimulation too!



4. Move your legs too!

A good foot job is all in how you move your legs. If you move your legs at the hip versus the knee, it will give you a better range of motion and will allow you to be able to go at it longer. Try different speeds and tempos until you find what works for you both. You will get tired, but not as fast if you move from the hips.



5. If you get tired, have your partner help you.

If you get tired from moving your legs like this (I do pretty frequently), have your partner give you a hand. They can hold your feet and control the motion, pressure, and tempo themselves. This is also a great way to get started, so they can show you what they like. There is also something very sexy about watching their muscles tense as he goes to town on your feet. Letting them do it also lets them go at their own pace!



If you follow these tips, then you will be able to knock your first foot job out of the water. As with all play, communication is key. Simply ask them what they like, or have them show you. Your parnter should also always relay the same courtesy to you. Have fun, and enjoy those toes and soles!