If you’re struggling to reach powerful orgasms with your partner, it’s not you – it’s likely the position or type of stimulation.

According to statistics from Planned Parenthood, 1 in 3 people with vulvas have trouble reaching orgasm during sex. As many as 80% of vulva-owners have difficulty with orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone, and most are only able to climax from clitoral stimulation. 

Every body is different, and masturbation is a perfect way to explore your body and learn what brings you to the edge of ultimate pleasure. Then you can take what you learned to the bedroom.

The key to transferring this new information into the bedroom is turning up the heat with new positions stimulating the right spots. Some can even pleasure your G-spot and clit at the same time.

Here are some sex positions that can increase your chance of reaching orgasm, because sex should always be orgasmic!

A woman poses on her bed with her face out of the picture, showing off her body and red bra and panties set.


The Best G-Spot Position

While laying on your back, try putting your legs on up and over your partner’s shoulders. This tightens your vaginal muscles, increasing sensation and giving your partner easy access to your G-spot. The tightening of your vagina is a plus for them, too! 

Are you thinking to yourself that you’re not living in a flexible, gymnast’s body? Don’t worry, you can still do it! Just bend your knees to give your leg muscles a bit of a break. 

The farther down your partner’s torso gets to your body, the deeper the penetration feels. You’ll feel their penis hitting against your g-spot, and adjust to make sure the sensation is just right to increase your chances of the big O!


Doggy Style for Deep Penetration

This one’s a classic. Although most people think this is a “guy’s position” because there is little eye and body contact, and a lot of thrusting – this position can be incredibly pleasurable for the person on bottom when done right.

Move your bodies and angles until you can feel your partner hitting your G-spot. While your partner hits your G-spot from behind, there’s easy access to stimulate your clitoris, speeding up your orgasm! 

Try bending your arms and putting your face on the bed for deeper stimulation. Be sure to keep your back arched for maximum pleasure.

For another good doggy style position – kneel on the bed and have your partner stand on the side of it. This gives them more control; which could mean quicker, deeper, and harder thrusts – if you enjoy that!

Check out our guide to doggy style for even more hot tips!

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Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl

You call the shots in this position. 

I like to think of this one as showing off how you twerk. Maybe you don’t really do it well, or don’t have enough ass (like me), but the rotation and speed of your hips really makes a difference for your pleasure here. And hey, it’s good practice! 

This position is a plus for your partner too, because they get to watch the action, which is a huge turn on for them (and maybe you!).

Even the regular cowgirl position can be beneficial for YOUR orgasm. The trick is to stay up, not forward. It might be a little uncomfortable at first because you don’t know what to look at or don’t want a new partner to see your O-face, but once you get over those body insecurities, it’s fabulous for your pleasure. You’ll get the hang of it! 

Prop yourself up on your feet, like you’re in a squatting frog position, and do it exactly how you want it, because you’re in control!


Make Missionary Position Hotter

Here’s a basic one that you might not believe is a fabulous position just for you

Shifting the position of your legs can feel so much better than standard missionary. For many people with vaginas, the farther your legs are spread, the better it feels because their partner can get a deeper penetration. You can even bend your knees and pull them toward you to angle your g-spot closer to their member. If you want a tighter feel, you can push your legs closer together and get a tight, squeezing sensation.

For even more sexy advice on this position, take a look at our guide to missionary!


A couple in bed, the woman laying over her partner.

The Flat Iron (or Downward Dog)

This one is my personal favorite. Like any position from behind, the Flat Iron intensifies vaginal pleasure and reaches your G-spot perfectly. 

Though a pillow is not needed for this position, it can be used to prop your body and provide more leverage. (If you don’t want a sore back the next day, I suggest you use one!) 

I like this position because you can do it for any mood. To start, simply lay flat on the bed. If you want to be up close, personal, and affectionate, have your partner lie down onto your back. Even soft and gentle thrusts enhance the likelihood of orgasm with this position. 

On the other hand, if you want rough sex, this position can be just as good. With your partner hovering over you while thrusting, they can easily place their hand over your mouth, or your neck, and they can pull your hair back to be leveled with their head, causing your back to arch more and increase G-spot stimulation. 

My favorite part of this position is that when your partner is resting their body on yours, the gentle kisses and nibbles to the neck or whispers in your ear can really intensify the mood.

Remember that masturbation is key. If you don’t have one already, you may want to invest in a vibrator. My first vibrator really helped me to learn what I liked and taught me how to master the orgasm during sex.