Foreplay is way more than just getting ready for sex. It’s about creating a deep connection with yourself and your partner, exploring the many ways our bodies can enjoy pleasure, and it’s often not an appetizer, but the main course for many!

There are endless foreplay ideas that can heighten your play to new levels, by simply exploring new sensations and desires with your SO. If you’re just learning how to give a blow job or eat someone out, you might want to incorporate some of those techniques into your play – or you might be wondering how to up your game with new techniques, or what the best foreplay sex even looks like!

Whether you’re giving or receiving (or both), here’s how you can make foreplay something you and your partner crave every time.


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Try It Yourself

If you want to be comfortable with foreplay, you have to be comfortable with yourself. That’s right. This means touching yourself. Like really touching yourself. There are even benefits to masturbation that you can really enjoy if you let yourself do it. 

Simply start by gently touching yourself, and then move from there. If you become comfortable with this, you can do this as a method of foreplay. There’s something sexy about someone touching themself, so if you’re not confident in what you can do to them, think of what you can do to yourself to turn them on.


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Indulge in Lingerie

Lingerie that helps you feel super sexy and turned on can go a long way if you’re unsure or uncomfortable about foreplay. Open cup bras, lingerie sets, and the like will certainly make an impact and heighten your arousal before you even get to the bedroom or between the sheets. 

Buy yourself something special from our favorite lingerie shops and show it off to your partner, or simply gaze at your reflection to take in what a babe you are. You’ll be amazed at how seeing you in something so skimpy is enough to turn them and yourself on.


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Use Erotic Props

If you want to step things up slightly, consider props to enhance sensation. There are a variety of toys, from more vanilla items like feathers, massage oil, and sensual bath bombs, to kinkier accessories like paddles, restraints, and blindfolds, you can bring to the bedroom to enhance your sensations and build anticipation. 

Take some time to peruse a sex toy website and see what piques your interest, and then go from there.


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Practice makes perfect, and your significant other will be more than happy to help you if you need to. If there’s something you want to try, tell your partner. If it doesn’t work, move on. There’s no shame in that!

For many, the idea of toe sucking and foot rubbing is a huge turn on, and there are so many ways you can explore this common kink. Foreplay doesn’t need to start in the bedroom – try sending cheeky feet pics to your partner while they’re at work to test the waters, then see what they’re into later.


Take Sensual Lessons

Strip club fitness and dance studios are popular all over the US, so grab a few friends and take a pole dancing class. These classes are designed for beginners, and it can be enough to give you the confidence you need to make an impact on your lover. Even if you don’t bust out the moves in the bedroom, simply getting in touch with your body’s sensuality can help you feel like a sex kitten when you slink across the bed.

There are even lessons on foreplay itself and how to pleasure your partner with your hands or mouth.

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Do a Little Research

As mentioned above, sometimes the hesitation with foreplay comes with a lack of knowledge. If you truly don’t know what to do, do a little research. If you feel uncomfortable because of something that you or your partner likes, like roleplay, look into it more. 

There is always more information out there to help you learn exactly what to do as well to find other people who enjoy similar activities. Sometimes just knowing that there’s nothing to be ashamed of is enough to make you more comfortable with the act.


Talk to Your Partner

It may not sound like a conversation you would enjoy having, but communication with your partner is always key. If you are unsure about the type of foreplay that would interest you or your partner, talk with them about it. Express your interests. This way, you can find out what it is that they like and how exactly they like it. 

You can also talk about things you like and dislike to ensure you’re both on the same page. When you openly communicate about your thoughts and fears in the bedroom, you’ll have a more enjoyable and confident boudoir experience.

Foreplay is meant to be exciting, pleasurable, and enhance build-up and sensation, whether you’re giving or receiving it. It’s an opportunity to explore your desires (and your partner) and one another’s bodies as you heighten all your senses. There’s really nothing to fear about foreplay sex – just saying you want to try something and giving it your best shot can be insanely sexy to your partner!


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