Either way, if you’ve never been with an uncut partner before, it can be a little bit intimidating at first… after all, how can you give a blow job with foreskin? Is an uncircumcised blow job or hand job that different? 

For many American women, the uncircumcised penis is still uncharted territory. There’s nothing THAT different about cut and uncut penises besides a bit of extra skin at the tip. Like cut dicks, uncut dicks are each unique in their own way. Some have foreskin that pulls all the way back when they’re aroused and cover the head when flaccid. Some have a bit more foreskin, and others have less! 

Think of learning your way around an uncircumcised penis just like learning a foreign language, but like, a sex language. It’ll be new to give an uncut blow job at first, but totally worth it to be fluent in both types of dick languages.



How to Pleasure an Uncircumcised Penis

So, how exactly do you go about giving an uncircumcised blow job with foreskin? Or, an uncut hand job? If you’ve only encountered cut penises before, it’s natural to be unsure of what to do. First, keep in mind that the little bit of foreskin you see exists for a reason.

If you’re with an uncut partner, you can celebrate the fact that their foreskin provides you both extra pleasure and protects the glans (the head of the penis) from everyday friction, which can actually make your partner less sensitive. There are many reasons why the foreskin is useful.

The foreskin is often a little longer than the tip of the penis with a circular opening, like a “hood” for the penis. When your partner is aroused, the foreskin pulls back, revealing the sensitive tip of the penis. It might pull back just enough for the tip to appear, or it might pull back all the way, making them look circumcised or with just a smooth ring of skin at the base of their head. Every penis is different! Once you know your way around your partner’s penis, you’ll be able to work their foreskin with ease.


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Hold up – if foreskin is useful, why remove it?

Circumcision is a surgery that typically happens at birth to remove the foreskin, often for religious or cultural reasons. For those of Muslim or Jewish faith, it’s a religious tradition to circumcise newborn sons. For others, particularly in America, it’s more of a family or cultural “norm”, although this conversation is definitely shifting as it’s not a “necessary” procedure (except in rare cases).

Some studies have linked circumcision to reduced risk of some sexually transmitted infections like HPV. Although, many note that regular STI testing and use of safer sex practices are way more effective at reducing STI’s, rather than being circumcised vs uncircumcised. And some acknowledge that the benefits of being uncircumcised outweigh the risk when you incorporate harm-reduction practices and testing. 

Others say that being circumcised makes it easier to keep the penis clean. However, uncircumcised penises are super easy to clean! Just pull back the foreskin. This idea of “uncleanliness” is largely a leftover from puritanical culture, where parents didn’t want to touch the foreskin to clean it or teach their child how to clean it properly. In reality, it’s perfectly easy to keep clean as long as they know to pull their foreskin back to wash properly.



How to Give an Uncircumcised Hand Job

Giving a hand job to someone who is uncircumcised isn’t too different from giving one to someone who is cut, you just have to be aware of the foreskin. Actually, you can use it to your advantage!

Many folks with foreskin find the head of their penis to be very sensitive, so instead of pulling the foreskin back completely and lubing up, use the foreskin as a natural hand job tool. After all, there are pleasurable nerve endings in the foreskin itself, and it’s self-lubricating! Gently stroke the foreskin up and down over the glans, instead of moving it all the way off and back on. That stereotypical jerking motion with hand jobs? That must have been perpetuated by the cut D team because that can get pretty painful to the super-sensitive uncut penis! The key to a hand job for the au naturale dick? Gentle stroking. 

Everyone is different, and some partners may prefer to have their foreskin pulled back during play! Ask your partner what they prefer. If they like this method, use one hand to gently pull the foreskin back to reveal the tip of the penis, and gently massage the head (with lubrication is best). You can also explore the shaft with gentle stroking motions, and ask your partner which motions, speeds, and intensities they like best!



How to Give an Uncircumcised Blow Job

There’s no reason to be afraid of giving a blow job with foreskin – you can actually use foreskin to your advantage during an uncut blow job as well! Since it provides extra sensation and lubrication, you can use your mouth to glide up and down, with the foreskin serving as a natural part of the motion and sensation over your partner’s sensitive head.

Just like during a hand job, your partner may prefer to have their foreskin covering their glans or pulled back. Ask them what they prefer, and follow their lead. If they’re unsure, explore slowly together! 

If they prefer their foreskin pulled back, use a hand to pull the foreskin back to reveal the head. Then, glide your tongue slowly around their glans and the ridged part underneath the tip. Since the tongue is such a powerful instrument, make sure you keep your partner’s sensitivity in mind. Just like the clit, the head can be super sensitive when aroused, so your blow job will likely be more delicate than if your partner were circumcised. Foreskin and clit unite! You can also explore other sensitive parts during your blow job, like the testes or perineum to add different sensations.

While the tip of an uncut penis is far too sensitive for the power of a vibrator, you can also use vibrations to the shaft of the penis or perineum to add extra sensation and excitement to either a hand job or a blow job. Our favorite is the iconic Magic Wand vibrator, which has multiple speeds and settings to get the perfect purr going during play.



Sex with an Uncircumcised Penis

So now you’re all warmed up and ready to take the plunge with the uncircumcised penis! While sex is mostly the same, there may be a few differences. The gliding of the foreskin that you felt when giving them a hand job or blow job can also come in handy during sex! It can provide additional sensation as it glides within you. In fact, many partners of folks with uncircumcised penises find that they’re less likely to experience pain during sex. This is because the foreskin tends to soften the ridged edge of the head and make for smoother entry, thrusting, and gliding.

The most important thing, whether your partner is cut or uncut, whether you’re giving an uncircumcised blow job or hand job, is to communicate. Start slow and see what your partner enjoys, as you explore how to use foreskin to your advantage and have that added sensitivity as a bonus!

While an uncut penis might be new to you, exploring your partner and playing with new sensations and techniques multiplies pleasure for both of you. If you’re feeling nervous, just communicate, be open to learn as your partner gives feedback, and go slow and gentle. You’ll build confidence as you explore!