Many folks fear that sex toys can negatively impact their relationship. or view vibrators as competition, rather than a welcomed companion. Yet, introducing toys into your relationship can increase pleasure and intimacy for all partners involved. Sex toys can help you build arousal, heighten sensation during foreplay, and ultimately intensify your orgasms. It also supports deeper connection, communication, and intimacy between partners as you explore new ways to be intimate, and build more desire and passion in your sex life long-term. If you’re nervous to introduce toys into your relationship, or are wondering how to broach the topic of toys with your partner, keep in mind how sex toys can benefit your relationship.


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1. Sex Toys Enhance Foreplay

Often, couples tend to skip past the foreplay and get right to penetration. But, when we forego all the warm-up or try to rush the process, it reduces our overall sexual satisfaction. After all, we all need a little warm-up! Toys help make sex even better by increasing arousal, supporting erections, and providing sensations that bodies alone simply can’t replicate. Get creative with toys by using them across your erogenous zones – use a vibrator on your nipples, trail a feather along your neck, a spiked wheel gently down your sides, or have your partner use a gentle, pulsing suction on your most sensitive spots. When you play with sex toys all over your body, the possibilities to increase arousal are endless!


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2. Sex Toys Increase Intimacy

Sex toys improve your sex relationship, enhancing communication, connection, and creating more playfulness and experimentation. As you explore sex toys with your partner, you’ll learn more about what turns you on, what gets your body aroused, and the specific sensations you like during sex. It also opens the door to communicating more about sexual fantasies and desires, and how you can incorporate new roles or erotic scenes into your sex life. The more you learn about your body, the better you’ll be able to talk about what turns you on with your partner and incorporate more of those sensations into sex. It can also encourage you both to become more sexually adventurous, and explore new kinks or ideas along the way!


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3. The Right Sensation = More Orgasms

At least 70% of folks with vulvas need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Penetrative sex simply doesn’t hit all the right spots for most folks! There’s nothing wrong with you if you can’t cum from traditional PIV intercourse or need a vibrator to orgasm. All bodies are different, and genital anatomy varies. Incorporating a vibrator is a welcome addition to bring you over the edge of pleasure and reach orgasm. There’s nothing to feel ashamed about — the clitoris has 8000+ nerve endings, and stimulating this sensitive spot is most likely to make you orgasm! G-spot toys can also help, as they stimulate the internal clitoris with rumbly, deep vibrations. Slip a vibrator between you and your partner during sex, or get the best of both worlds with a toy that uses clitoral suction and g-spot vibration at the same time!



4. Feel More Comfortable Talking About Sex

Many people are shy or unsure about how to talk about sex with their partner. Whether they want their partner to go faster, slower, or a little to the left – asking for what you want in bed can make many folks feel nervous. When you introduce toys into the bedroom, you open the door to communicating about your sexual preferences and desires more broadly. You can show your partner what you like and the kind of stimulation you need to get off. Sex toys open up new possibilities — whether you’re trying your first vibrator or playing with a blindfold. You can also explore new sensations together, with a variety of toys like those from Tracy’s Dog that can seamlessly slip between you during sex, or vibrators that can be worn during sex to bring pleasure to you both!


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5. Sex Toys Increase Arousal and Relieve Pressure

Just like how sex toys support foreplay, they can also increase arousal by supporting an all-over sensation and warming up the pleasurable nerve endings throughout the body. Simply bringing out a toy can start to get your neurons firing in preparation for play! Aside from increasing arousal and supporting more orgasms — toys can also help partners who might have mismatched libidos, or if one partner feels worn out before the other is finished. With sex toys, you can play side-by-side or solo after one of you is worn out, or use a toy on your partner to keep their pleasure rolling until they’re weak in the knees. Toys like cock-rings can also enhance erection strength and duration, so you can delay ejaculation and have sex longer. Toys are useful tools to increase pleasure for both partners and ensure that everyone leaves the encounter feeling fully satisfied.



Sex toys are welcome companions in the bedroom — not competition. They support more intimacy and communication, more pleasure, and more orgasms for everyone involved! Introducing sex toys into your relationship welcomes more openness and satisfaction. The only question left is – which toys are you most excited to try first?


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