Body-stockings seem like a popular lingerie choice – they’re tight, clingy, and show every curve. You can wear them with underwear underneath, or without. You can wear them under clothes for an extra-sexy insulating layer that will peek out from under your outfit of choice and add a little wow to whatever you’re wearing, or just rock them for fabulous bedroom adventures.

I see the appeal. I really do. But when I received the Hustler Long-Sleeve Floral Lace Crotchless Body-stocking from Lovehoney to review, I couldn’t help but be a little nervous. I favor floaty, filmy negligés that skim over my curves and don’t draw attention to themselves, and body-stockings are literally the opposite of that. However, this one is really pretty. Like, really really.

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend the Lapdance Crotchless Fishnet Bodystocking from Lovehoney instead.


This particular lingerie item is made from stretchy lace that is pattered with roses and leaves. It has a plunging V-neckline and a slightly scooped back, with sleeves and legs that end at the wrists and ankles like a floral catsuit. When I held it up for the first time, I briefly imagined going as Sexy Lingerie Catwoman to a fancy-dress party. The contrast made by the low neckline, sheer, tight lace, and demure sleeves was kind of a cool combination. It’s also pretty well-made, edged with slightly decorative elastic at the neckline, wrists and ankles. Even the crotchless area is hilariously well-constructed, making use of gussets to create some reinforcement and appearing to have been designed to cover salient areas until – surprise! – the proverbial moment of truth.

I will try this on, and I will look like a spy, I told myself. A classic Bond villainess, with exaggerated eyeliner-wings and somewhat dated hair. I will be sleek, fabulous, aerodynamic. I will be all of that in heels. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

In Use

Getting the body-stocking on is a little tricky, because it’s so tight-fitting on me. The stretch lace provides a bit of give, but it still takes some care to roll it up your body. Perhaps I’m a bit tall, but I found the arms didn’t quite extend to my wrists without pulling off the shoulders. The lingerie is just as clingy as I suspected, with the wide neckline clinging to my shoulders by a very skinny margin (yet miraculously staying up), and plunging down to below the line of my bra. The scooped back uncovers a nice swath of skin, which looks quite classy. The patterned fabric looks really good against skin, and it does look a little retro Bond. Seeing as there are seams running down both the front and the back, I’m fairly certain you could reverse this item so that the deep V is at the back, depending on how you want to work it.

I found I could move in it really easily, as it seems to stay put pretty well. This will be handy, because the crotchlessness seems to imply that many partnered activities involving movement were meant to be had in this outfit.

Final Thoughts

I felt a little self-conscious in the figure-hugging lingerie, and even though my partner lost his mind (“It’s like a sexy onesie!!” was his first response), I didn’t feel comfortable enough to work it. My dreams of looking sleek and aerodynamic were not to be. However, those who already know they like the look and feel of body-stockings will love this piece. And hey, do please go as Sexy Lingerie Catwoman to the next fancy-dress party – the world will thank you for it.

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