This might just be one of my favorite things I review this year… this gorgeous, pink glass butt plug is adorably cute and perfectly pleasurable! Indulge yourself in the world of glass toys with this inexpensive intro to anal play. This pretty plug is everything you could ask for. It’s perfectly designed for comfort and pleasure, with a cute flowered base that makes it seem much more innocent than it is… it’s also easy to clean, fabulous for temperature play, and exceedingly comfortable (even for a beginner). If you’re looking for the perfect plug to add to your collection, with a touch of girly bliss, this is a must-have.

Note: This Item is Out of Stock, We Recommend the Icicles No 47 Beaded Glass Butt Plug with T-Bar Base Instead!

Perfect Plug Design

This glass plug is perfectly designed to be petite and pleasurable. It would be incredibly comfortable and easy to insert for a beginner, yet even as someone who’s dabbled in anal play, this plus was big and weighty enough to feel incredibly satisfying. The slender, sleek teardrop design is easy to insert and remove, and the flowered base makes it look dainty and sweet when inserted. The total insertable length of the plug is 3 inches (with a total length of 3.5 inches). The circumference of the bulb is 4 inches (1.6 inch diameter), with a tapered tip that makes it easy and comfortable to insert, and a gentle introduction to anal exploration. The smaller portion before the flared base is perfectly sized and very comfortable, and the base is perfectly flared to ensure safe wear. Overall, the plug is very comfortable and would even be easy to wear for longer periods of time.

Material, Cleaning & Care

The plug is made from a high-quality hand blown glass. The material feels fabulously smooth during insertion, and interestingly, glass toys even look sexy while being inserted. Since the toy is a clear pink throughout, it reflects light perfectly. This plug can be used with either silicone or water based lube, and easily cleaned up with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. You can also boil it, bleach it, or put it in the dishwasher.

Temperature Play

As an added bonus, this plug is also great for temperature play! That means you can leave this toy in hot or cold water until you’re ready to use it, and the glass will absorb the temperature of the water, making a fun warming/cooling sensation. Explore these new sensations in your most sensitive spots for a completely unique (and obvi, pleasurable) sensation.

Pros & Cons


  • Adorably cute
  • Can be sweet or kinky (or both!)
  • Plug is nearly perfect
  • Great for beginners, or anyone!


  • None!


Overall, I absolutely love this butt plug, and will use it over and over and over again. In fact, I can’t wait to! It was comfortable, pleasurable, and incredibly sexy. Basically, everything you could want in a toy… plus, added bonus that it’s easy to clean and can be used for temperature play!

Note: This Item is Out of Stock, We Recommend the Icicles No 47 Beaded Glass Butt Plug with T-Bar Base Instead!

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