People might argue that a vibrator can’t keep you warm at night like a partner can, but let me tell you, they’re wrong. And even if you do have a partner, a little warmth can’t hurt during solo play! I’ve definitely got the warm fuzzies for Lava by Intimate Melody, a powerful vibrator with all the design qualities and features to keep even this seasoned vibrator user coming back for more.

Note: This toy is no longer available! We recommend SenseMax SenseVibe Warm instead.

Name: Lava
Type: Vibrator, Bullet
By: Intimate Melody

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 1-2 Bees

Materials: Silicone, Metal
Special Features: Multi Speed, Multi Function, Quiet, Rechargeable

The Components

Packaged in a square box, Lava comes with four parts. There’s the base of the vibrator, which controls it, and there are three attachable heads: a metal bullet and two silicone vibrator heads. The two silicone parts are unique. One is hot pink, with a curve and ridges, while the other is purple and sleek, with a more bulbous head. The package also comes with a user manual, USB charger, and discreet travel-bag.

Care & Cleaning

The user manual provides all of the tidbits of necessary info about this toy, including battery life, charging time, and how to keep it clean and store it. Some basics that you need to know for all silicone toys: Stay away from silicone-based lubes and clean up with antibacterial soap and warm water.

The Handle & Vibrations

Let’s start with the basics: Lava’s handle. It’s lightweight with three buttons: a power switch that is also used to flip between modes (press and hold for power), a back button to return to the last mode, and the temperature toggle. While the interchangeable vibrator heads are my favorite aspect of Lava, the temperature control is probably what really makes Lava stand out from other toys. It mimics human body temperature, leading to a feeling that’s unique when it comes to vibes, and authentic in the sense that it feels more naturally sexual.

A red LED light indicates whether the heating option is on. Pressing the thermometer button turns the heat option on or off. There’s only one mode of temperature. It might be interesting in the future to use a toy with a “warm” and a “warmer” option, perhaps. In my experience using the toy, I’ve never felt like the toy got too hot. It’s definitely meant to mimic human body heat. At one point things felt a little warmer than I wanted from a vibe (when using the metal bullet), so I simply turned the option off. The vibrator remained warm throughout the rest of my use, but not as hot as it had been. It’s all remarkably safe and user-friendly. Bonus – it’s waterproof, which could lead to some fun temperature play in the shower or with ice.

As for the vibration modes go, the level of the vibration definitely depends on with attachable head you’re using. In my opinion, this is a mid-level to powerful toy, though those who like extreme power could possibly still crave more. (There wasn’t a mode I couldn’t handle or found clit-numbing – which I love, but also means someone out there is going to want more.) The modes are as follows:

  1. A continuous buzz
  2. A stronger continuous buzz
  3. The strongest continuous buzz
  4. False pulses that get more powerful as they continue
  5. A strong steady pulse
  6. A faster pulse
  7. Three quick pulses followed by a longer pulse

In my opinion, for the most part the bullet and the pink vibrator are the most powerful, while the purple one feels a little less strong. The vibrations radiate throughout the entirety of the bullet and shafts, as does the heat. No matter the level of the vibe, they’re all fairly quiet!

At the bottom of the toy is the charging port. The top of the handle is pretty obviously where the vibrator attachments go. Simply pop the attachment of your choice on and twist to tighten it and you’re ready to go. Make sure the head is secured tightly. If it’s not angled the right way, Lava won’t vibrate or heat. That probably isn’t the safest bet once water gets involved, too, so if you plan on taking it in the shower, make sure everything is secured.

The Bullet

Lava just became my new favorite bullet vibe, and the best part is it isn’t just a bullet! The added heat sensation feels fabulous on my skin, while the powerful vibrations are exactly what I want in a bullet. So often I feel like the only clit-focused toys that pack that extra powerful punch are wands. While some power queens might crave even more, the combination of the vibes and the heat on this compact bullet are perfect for me. It’s on the smaller side as far as bullets go, so those who like internal play definitely want to use one of the other attachable heads, but it’s perfect for paying attention to your clit or nipples!

A wire attaches the bullet to the base of the head, which then screws onto Lava’s handle. The length of the chord is perfect, in my opinion. I keep it wrapped up for solo play, while a partner might enjoy unraveling it to use during foreplay, or those with different anatomy might need a little extra wiggle room.

The Shafts

Let’s start with the similarities between the two attachable silicone heads, and then get into individual detail. I imagine some will definitely crave more girth when it comes to the shafts. Furthermore, both of the internal vibes aren’t particularly lengthy with a little over five inches insertable. If you have a deeper G-spot, you might want to look elsewhere. For me, the length was perfect, though the inflexibility was less than ideal. That being said, both are unique toys in and of their own, and the heating option makes internal use feel much more intimate.

The pink shaft is the more powerful vibrator, with curves and ridges that are meant to pack an extra punch to G-spot stimulation. For my anatomy, the pink attachment wasn’t perfect, but did have some wonderful aspects. This one feels great with the heat since it’s somewhat similar in shape to a penis. I would’ve definitely loved more flexibility with this toy – for me, it would’ve made things go from pleasurable to perfect – but I understand that with the awesome addition of the heating technology, I’m going to have to give some things up.

The purple shaft is somehow a little less intense when it comes to the vibes, but for my anatomy, its unique shape was perfect. While it’s slim, the bulbous head creates the illusion of girth that totally works its magic on my body. I usually crave stronger vibes, but something about the shape of this particular attachment works its wonders on my body.


What’s better than finding a new favorite vibrator? Buying one vibrator and getting three new faves total! The purple and bullet vibes with the heat completely sell me on Lava. I feel like I always say I’ve found my new favorite toy when I write reviews of products I love, but Lava is, like, my soulmate. If I could marry a vibrator, it would be this one – it can even keep me warm at night! Expect a wedding invitation soon.

Note: This toy is no longer available! We recommend SenseMax SenseVibe Warm instead.

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