I’ve heard lovely things about Jimmy Jane – the sex toy designer responsible for the entire “Form” line of vibrators, massage candles, and even a luxury private jet, who’s flight is perfect for bringing you and 3 friends to the several-miles-high club. They’re well-known in the sex toy world for their high-end appeal and luxuriously sleek looking products. So, when I was offered the Form 3, I was thrilled to give it a try!

This vibrator greets you with “Hello Sensation”, and has an award-winning design that is unique, flexible and hand-held. The vibrator is entirely waterproof and fully rechargeable via a simple A/C adapter. The toy has a silky smooth silicone exterior with a matte finish. The controls are intuitive and easy to use, to deliver moderately strong, buzzy vibrations throughout the toy. Despite it’s strong motor, it’s surpassingly quiet, and would be a great toy for a gal living at home or in a dorm. Although the vibrations weren’t powerful enough for me, they would be wonderful for anyone who’s new to toys or prefers a lighter to moderate, buzzy vibration. Even so, I love the high-quality design of this toy. It’s easy to use, wash, travel with, and charge – and is totally luxurious for the gal who demands something more from her toys!

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend Fifty Shades Darker Delicious Tingles instead.

Name: Form 3
Type: Clitoral Vibrator, Vibrators
By: Jimmy Jane

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 2 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: High Quality, Beginners, 5 Speeds, 4 Patterns, Buzzy Vibrations, Quiet, Travel Friendly, Rechargeable, A/C


The design of the Form 3 is unique, yet surpassingly simple and elegant. It has a round base with a smooth, slim, curved top that is flexible and thin. This design allows the toy to gently bend to caress your curves. This design allows you to focus the vibration exactly where you want it. On the flip side, this changes the power of the vibration on various surfaces of the toy. Because the motor is in the center part (behind the controls, where you hold the toy), the vibrations are must strongly felt along the base and sides. As you move up to the contoured upper edges, the vibrations become more light and buzzy. This is wonderful if you like more moderate vibrations – but for those who prefer something more strong and rumbly may find themselves using the base of the toy instead!

This vibrator is made of a gorgeous, silky smooth, matte finish silicone, which is one of the best materials on the market for toys. The design is also entirely waterproof, which makes it easy to clean with soap and water, and use in the bath or shower!


I love the variety of vibration settings of the Form 3. You’re able to adjust 4 different patterns to 5 different speeds, giving you a total of 20 different playtime options. The vibration speeds start from a low level vibration which feels a bit like an iPhone’s vibrations, to the higher speed which is much faster and more powerful. As you ascend the speeds, they become more buzzy and fast-paced. The patterns are very easy to cycle through using a button on the base of the toy, and the speeds can be adjusted up or down using up and down arrow buttons. Surprisingly, all of the speeds are whisper quiet – and could not be heard through a closed door!

The patterns are:

  1. A steady vibration
  2. A low to high roller coaster style vibration
  3. Same vibration style as above, but faster
  4. Quick pulses

The battery is fully rechargeable via a simple A/C adapter, which has a charging base where the vibrator can inconspicuously rest. Have no fear if you live overseas. The toy has a universal power adapter. It runs up to 7+ hours per charge, and has a 3 year limited warranty if you have any issues at all.

For me, the vibrations feed light to moderate, depending on the setting. The strong setting is definitely powerful, and would be my favorite setting… but because the motor gets buzzier and faster, it is hard for me to reach orgasm without concentrating on the sensations. I prefer something more rumbly, so I was a left a bit unsatisfied. Even so, a beginner would find these vibrations absolutely perfect for their preferences – and so would more other toy users who prefer standard vibration speeds. My vagina has just gotten way too picky! I would have loved this toy if it were one of the first 25 I tried – but after getting comfortable with some powerhouses, it’s hard to go back. The vibrations would also be great for anyone who prefers a middle level vibration.

Pros & Cons


  • High end materials with smooth silky silicone
  • Easy to use and charge
  • Easy to clean
  • Interesting design


  • Vibrations are relatively weak, light, and buzzy


The quality of this little vibrator is absolutely top-notch. It’s made of silicone that feels fabulous against my skin, and is easy to clean because it’s waterproof! It also has a great variety of settings and speeds, with an easily reachable base. It’s hand-held, easy to travel with, and even easier to keep in your nightstand for instant pleasure. I also love the design, which looks sleek and unique, although it may not hold vibration strongly in the tip. This would be a fabulous vibrator for a beginner or anyone who prefers lighter to mid-level vibrations, and is looking to experiment with some patterns!

This product is no longer available. We recommend Fifty Shades Darker Delicious Tingles instead.


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