If you’ve been following my columns, you know I have a love for anal sex, and not just with a penis. I’ve graduated sizes in butt plugs, and I’m happy to say I recently bought my first set of anal beads. That being said, our lovely editor knew I’d be the right girl for the job to review JO H20 for MEN – a water based lube that is marketed towards gay males for anal play and sex. While I’m not a gay male, my proclivity for ass play is comparable enough to make me an appropriate reviewer for this lube. After a late lunch and a good two tweets about how lucky I am to masturbate for my job, I got down to business reviewing this product. Happily, I can say I was not disappointed! While it’s not necessary to have a different lube for anal play, I would personally suggest it. JO H20… Jo pulled through!

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Wicked Sensual Care instead.

Name: JO for Men H20
Type: Lubricant, Water Based Lube, Anal Lubes
By: JO H20

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Devils: 3 Devils

Features: Water based, Latex Safe, Not Sticky, Long Lasting, No Residue, No Taste, No Smell

Ingredients: Glycerin, Water, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben

The Experience

As a lover of all things anal, I was super excited to try this lube! I got out a towel (hey, ya never know!) and picked out a porn and lubed up my favorite butt plug. The consistency was normal for lube, yet not so slippery that it slid off my toy and made my hands a mess. It was the perfect mix of sticky and slippery. Though I was lying down, none of it got on the towel. As the minutes went on in my porn choice, I never had to reapply. It was really long-lasting! While it was perfect for my butt plug, it also worked wonders on my clit! None of that rub, rub, spit on your fingers crap that can happen with sub par lube. This one was top-notch.

For Anal Explorers

This lube is marketed towards gay men, which means it’s unofficially an anal lube. If you’re used to anal play, you know that a sticky asshole is absolutely no fun, and that’s definitely not a problem with this lube! It’s silky enough to coat the entrance to your asshole while rubbing a toy on it, but sticky enough that there is a good amount left for the actual entry. Once it’s in, it’s thick enough that you don’t have any out leakage, even if you push the toy out, so there’s no awkward clean up there. I would totally recommend this lube for anal foreplay and anal self play, but would need to actually have a partner with a condom use it before I could wholeheartedly recommend it for partner use.

For Pussy Pounders

If you and your partner like rough and fast sex, this would be a great lube for vaginal use. While I do love rough sex, it does have the down side of friction-ing off lube rather quickly. The same goes for vagina havers who like faster internal play with their toy of choice. This lube is great for internal use, but if you’re more of a “dip and flick” (Can I coin that? I’m coining that) clit rubber, you might find this lube to be a little too much for just surface play.


Clean Up

If you’re an anal lover like me, you know that there is definitely some discomfort in the anal clean up process. While yes, I had some slippery farts afterwards, it was nothing like the mess and absolute hell that the aftermath of letting someone cum in your ass is. It didn’t stain, didn’t leave any sticky mess or weird residue, and washed off my toy with regular soap and water. It also didn’t leave a strong lubey smell like some do, even after a good washing.

Pros & Cons


  • Not sticky
  • Not too slippery
  • No taste or odor
  • Long lasting
  • Easy clean up
  • Minimal post anal-play-lube-farts (you know what I mean)
  • Good for rough and fast play


  • Left a wet looking mark on yellow towel (though it washed off)
  • Marketed to men
  • Too intense and thick for just clit play


Anal friendly, masturbation approved. Honestly, I love this lube. It has all the things you want in a lube: durability, silky not sticky texture, no smell, and cute packaging (. . . except the fact that it says for men). While I was a tad disappointed that it left a mark on my towel, the stain came out perfectly in one wash, so no real harm done. I would definitely recommend JO for Men H20 for anal play beginners, as it’s easy, works well, and doesn’t give you overwhelming cleanup and care like silicone lube. I’ll definitely order this product for my toy chest.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Wicked Sensual Care instead.

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