The thought of Pour Moi’s Intensity truly intrigued me: something that could be used both as an outrageously powerful sex toy and an electric stimulation Kegel exerciser. Undoubtedly, this toy is a powerhouse of vibration; and while the internal stimulation didn’t quite work for me, I’m sure that anyone who regularly enjoys electric stimulation would enjoy it. It’s still a quality sex toy and sexual health device that’s completely unique and might be right for you, especially if you like e-stim, have issues with prolapse, incontinence, or weak pelvic floor – or who wants to train with kegels for stronger pelvic muscles and more intense orgasms.

Note: This toy is no longer available! We recommend the Electric Eric instead.

Name: Intensity
Type: E-Stim Vibrator
By: Pour Moi

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 1 Devil
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Unique, Buzzy,  5 Multi-Speed, Multi-Function, Battery operated, High Quality

About Intensity

For those who came here without the notion of what a kegel exercise is, that would be exercises that strengthen a person’s pelvic floor, which contributes to stronger orgasms and tightness and sensation for penetrating intercourse. Also, issues with incontinence, prolapse, and some forms of sexual dysfunction can be avoided by being proactive with strengthening your pelvic floor through kegel exercises. I’m by no means a kegel expert, which was one of the reasons I opted to try out the Intensity. When I received the large pink and white box, I was surprised and excited to see it. The Intensity is a large silicone device with a large shaft and a good sized rabbit. The shaft vibrates, has stimulation sent directly to those metallic pads, and gets pumped with air and inflates to the user’s desired fullness, while the rabbit aligns with the user’s clit. It takes 4 AAA batteries to use this device; replacing/inserting batteries and cleaning the Intensity are both very simple procedures. Although it has a lot going on and sounds complicated, it’s a very easy device to use.

Design, Size, & Materials

While the Intensity itself is large at a whopping 11.5 inches (29.21 cm) from end to end, and a bit bulky to use, all of the usable parts are the right size. Covered in soft magenta silicone everywhere except the stimulation pads, the material is soft, body-safe, comfortable, and easy to clean. Only about 5 inches (12.7) of the shaft can actually be inserted, and there’s a bump toward the base of the shaft which contains a vibrator for the outer portion of your vagina. The shaft’s pump-inflateing and deflating design left room for a part of my inner vaginal walls to get pinched, as it’s got an accordion-like design for the shaft to make it possible to pump it full of air. So, you have to be very careful when pumping it up and deflating it. The rabbit is flexible, but the shaft could stand to be a bit more flexible. The rabbit is made up with three pointed prongs, which worked well for me but might be uncomfortable and poking for some users.

The Intensity is fairly easy to clean, as it’s made of silicone but unfortunately not waterproof. The instruction manual recommends to use mild soap and water, isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide (less than 10%) or sodium (less than 10%). We’d recommend against alcohol or peroxide, as it could degrade the material. Soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner or wipes would be best. To clean, power off Intensity, inflate to the fullest extent, then wipe clean using a cloth with one of the previously mentioned cleansers, rinse and dry thoroughly, then store in a clean dry place – like the box it came with.

Intensity in Action

In the instruction manual, it’s made very clear that one cannot turn on the Intensity without it first being inserted. Intensity comes with its own e-stim gel, which must be rubbed onto the tip and the stimulation pads. Its consistency is more like hair gel than lubricant, without the stickiness, but it’s a necessity for this device: the provided gel is a conductive, salt-free, bacteriostatic gel that is supposed to enhance the muscle stimulation feature, with special polymers in it that conduct the muscle stimulation. It goes on the stim pads and on the tip. After you’ve rubbed the gel on the necessary bits, it’s time to slowly insert “a minimum of 4 inches” inside yourself. Inserting the Intensity would be difficult for someone who’s not used to insertable toys, but any person who enjoys penetration would likely have no problem inserting it.

Once inserted, the user can then pump the shaft full of air. It’s recommended that it be pumped to be “comfortably snug” so that the stimulation pads can work their magic against your pelvic walls. Given that the device is so large, it made it somewhat difficult for me to be able to reach the controls – I had my partner pump the shaft for me as well as turn it on. The idea of pumping the shaft full of air is very interesting to me, and I think could be expanded upon and improved – with a design that would be less pinchy or an automatic pump feature rather than by hand. For me, even when pumped one time the shaft had a noticeable fullness to it, and when properly inserted the rabbit aligned perfectly with my clit. To get to full girth, it takes about 20 pumps.

Vibrations & E-Stim

Once you’re in a reclined position with your knees up and a pillow behind your head, have your Intensity inserted and pumped to your desired fullness, it’s time to turn it on. There are 5 buttons on this device: the power button and two sets of arrows, separately marked “V” for vibration and “S” for stimulation. After pressing the power button, the user can turn on vibration and/or stimulation. Using the up and down arrows for both settings, the user can adjust between 5 vibration settings and 10 e-stimulation settings.

The vibration in the rabbit is moderately strong and buzzy, while the vibration in the shaft is less strong and slightly more rumbly. They are slightly more intense as  you go along. There aren’t any patterns. I’m a big fan of how strong the vibrations are for this device, and the vibrations in the rabbit would be pleasurable to most users, but the internal stimulation left some to be desired for me.

The stimulation setting should be increased until the user feels a muscle contraction, a feeling as if your pelvic muscles are pulling upward and inward. The stimulation pads emit their own electrical sensations when turned on, ranging from a gentle tingle to an extremely strong shock that will shock your hand if you touch it. There aren’t any patterns and there wasn’t a decipherable difference between the stimulation settings. For me, I went up level by level until I felt those sharp electrical shocks. When I used it, slowly increasing the level by one each time, I had gotten to the 3rd or 4th increment when I felt uncomfortable – and somewhat painful – electrical shocks to my pelvic muscles.

While pain should never be a part of using Intensity, I didn’t feel the upward and inward pulling sensation, so much as discomfort and pain. When we wrote the manufacturers about this, they noted that many people are more comfortable placing the device so the contacts are in the East/West direction instead of North/South, for a more comfortable full contraction. But I didn’t have any more luck in the East/West positioning, either. Unfortunately, in the East/West direction, the vibration obviously doesn’t line up so you don’t get both sensations at once. For me, the e-stimulation just wasn’t the right fit.

Health Concerns

Because of the e-stim nature of this device, there are certain health concerns mentioned in the instruction manual that are worth noting.

  • If you have a copper IUD, confirm with your doctor it’s properly placed before using Intensity
  • Do not use if you’ve had recent surgery (must be 6 weeks post op) or suffer from undiagnosed pain
  • Do not use if pregnant or trying to become pregnant; must be 6 weeks post partum to use
  • Do not use if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator, or implanted electronic/metallic device
  • Do not use on irritated skin or with an active vaginal/urinary infection
  • Do not use if you suffer from extraurethral incontinence, overflow incontinence, history/symptoms of urinary retention or severe retention of the upper urethra

Pros & Cons


  • Strong vibrations
  • High quality silicone
  • Aligns well with my anatomy


  • Not waterproof
  • Could be more flexible
  • Shaft pump could be improved
  • E-stim pads may feel like shocks on some settings
  • Shaft’s design is prone to pinching


While the Intensity didn’t work out for me, it’s still a quality sex toy and sexual health device that’s completely unique and might be right for you, especially if you like e-stim. It is easy to use, and has easy to follow instructions that should be read fully. While it’s not rechargeable or waterproof, it has very strong vibrations and could bring intense orgasms, and unique internal shocks that might be perfect for someone who enjoys that sensation. It might especially work well for someone who has issues with prolapse, incontinence, or weak pelvic floor – or who wants to train with kegels for stronger pelvic muscles and more intense orgasms.

Note: This toy is no longer available! We recommend the Electric Eric instead.

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