Traditional strapless bras have never done much for me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve avoided wearing them, and the constant readjusting that usually comes with it. So, when the opportunity to try out a strapless adhesive, push-up bra came up, I was excited to give it a go.

Offered in cup sizes A-DD, the Kissbobo bra has impressively lasting stickiness (promises over 40 uses!) and is designed to give your boobs a boost.

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The Details

The Kissbobo bra comes in a plastic, purple tote bag that’s perfect for storing in between uses and packing in your suitcase. Strapless and backless, these bra cups are semi-translucent nude and made of thick, firm silicone. Their outer sides are smooth, while the other contains sticky, skin-friendly adhesive that is designed to last. The cups snap together in the front by a clear closure.

Wearing It…

Before applying the cups, make sure to wash and dry your skin thoroughly. Following written instructions for putting on a bra was slightly more difficult than would have been with a video, but after a little trial-and-error I figured it out.

Decide which cup to put on first and remove the protective film. Then, standing in front of a mirror with the cup slanted, clasp downward, at about a 45 degree angle, flip it inside out and place over the center of your breast. Now, position by cupping the bottom under your boob while pushing up and smooth the rest into place. Repeat the same steps for the other adhesive cup and clasp the closure together. To make sure they are securely in place, press down on both cups for a few seconds.

It created the illusion of more cleavage and was extremely comfortable to wear out. There was no having to adjust it throughout the night, and it felt as natural as not having anything on.

Cleaning & Care

To remove, unclasp the closure, and starting from the top, gently peel off each cup. After each use, gently rub warm water and mild soap on the cups, rinse, and let air dry. Hanging them on a hanger or over some type of horizontal bar works great, as any access water will roll off. Just make sure to clasp the cups together and flip so the adhesive sides are facing away from each other… otherwise you’ll spend a while trying to carefully separate them.

Once they’ve dried completely, re-apply the plastic films and place in the tote bag. And the adhesive is just as strong after being washed!


The Kissbobo bra is a great accessory for every girl to have in her drawer. Smooth silicone cups and strong, reusable adhesive give it the support of a wired bra. Though the push-up abilities aren’t quite like a bra (because there’s no straps), the pull-together abilities are perfect. So, this bra is perfect for those cleavage baring tops and dresses where you need something strapless and backless!

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