Why do we act like missionary sex is boring? While it might seem basic, it’s a tried-and-true method that can work wonders for lots of people. Or, maybe you do like missionary sex and are looking for some new positions to switch up this seemingly “old-fashioned” position. Here are eight spins on the missionary position that will keep you coming back for more guy on top.


1. Missionary With Legs Up

My absolute favorite position and inspiration for writing this article. Simply get into missionary and throw your legs over your guy’s shoulders during sex. This is a great position for guys operating with XL equipment as it opens you up further and allows him to go deeper inside you. It’s also fabulous for hitting your G-spot while still allowing clit contact during thrusting. My partner and I climax at the same time from this position just about every time.


2. The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

This technique is slow and sensual and is almost guaranteed to make you orgasm. While our guide provides the best details, it’s all about intimate contact. If you add a pillow and raise your hips to meet your partner, you’ll definitely get plenty of clitoral stimulation from his pubic bone.

3. Add Some Kink

While missionary is definitely considered a vanilla position, that doesn’t mean it can’t be kinky. It can also provide a non-threatening, familiar way for vanilla couples to try out kinks that interest them. Use a scarf to bind your hands above you. After discussing it first, try some light choking. Spank your guy’s ass or, with his permission, use your position to give him some love bites. Adding even a little something to the missionary position will add some sprinkles to the vanilla position.

4. Take Things Into Your Own Hands

Since missionary means you get to basically just chill out on your back, use that to your advantage. With your hand or favorite vibe, stimulate your clit while your guy pumps in and out. It’ll make things that much hotter for both of you and add to the probability of you reaching orgasm.


5. Lock And Load

Once in the missionary position, press your legs together. This is an ideal position if your guy is on the smaller side, but no matter his size, you’ll definitely feel like he’s filling you up this way and he’ll be less likely to slip out. Roll your hips for some added intensity and control.

6. Star Crossed Lovers

This is a great position if your guy is a little too big for you. He won’t be able to enter quite as deep. Once in missionary, have your guy turn about 45 degrees. You’ll lie diagonally from one another, and even if this position doesn’t work well for you, it gives a great opportunity for eye contact and a fabulous view or your partner’s back and booty as he does his thing.

7. Have Him Stand

Relax at the end of the bed or whatever surface you’re lying on and bring your thighs to your chest. From there, have your partner enter you. He can use this as an opportunity to move your legs however he pleases, to really control how deeply he enters you.


8. The Dirty Dangle

Lay your head at the opposite side of the bed for this position. It’ll definitely be better when you’re sober since the whole point is to get your head spinning even more than it already is! Carefully dangle your head over the back of the bed, resting your arms on the ground if you are able to in order to provide extra support. Then proceed with missionary from there! If you hate feeling dizzy or lightheaded, this position is definitely not for you.


The missionary position might seem like your typical hot position, but it’s so much more than typical. The comfort and intimacy makes it perfect for your first time, the relaxed stance makes it perfect for marathon sex, and the positioning, with a twist, is ideal for orgasms. Whether you need a break from your days of doggy or you’re just trying to change up your regular old missionary or spooning, give one of these positions a try tonight!

Do you have another favorite spin on missionary? Comment below!