There’s nothing sexier than seeing my man cooking breakfast for me in the morning… standing at the stove with his cute butt in a nice pair of boxer briefs, and when he turns around to grab and sip his cup of coffee, I catch of glimpse of his bulge. Maybe he’s sitting down at our table reading the paper, and I reach over to touch his thigh, feeling the soft edge of his underwear as he turns and smiles at me.

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This isn’t just a fantasy sparked by hot pics of jacked guys that somehow find their way into my Pinterest feed. This dream became a certified reality when my guy and I tried Obviously underwear, the Australian line of luxury men’s undergarments that turned my guy’s standard cotton underwear into drool-worthy eye candy.

About Obviously

Obviously Apparel offers an incredible selection of premium men’s underwear and undershirts. Although they’re an Australian-based company, their products can be found across the world, including the US, Canada, the UK, and Russia. Comfort comes first to this world renowned brand, and their quality is apparently from the moment you open the package. They also put a high value on sophisticated design, with all their apparel meticulously designed to both fit a man’s anatomy and flatter it. They have three collections of underwear, one collection of undershirts, and additional seasonal fashion collections – all of which are designed to cater to different men’s tastes. They also have a reward points program, allowing you to get money off future purchases. In all aspects of their design, branding, and execution – Obviously represents nothing less than complete perfection.

Quality Promise

Obviously is dedicated to using exclusively fine, natural fabrics – including Bamboo Rayon and Licensed Lenzing Modal – to add to the comfort and quality of their products. We had the chance to try out five different products from Obviously – the trunk, boxer brief, bikini brief, thong, and jock strap – and can definitely confirm that the material is incredibly soft, yet durable and supportive. Obviously also mentions that their materials have significant health benefits over regular cotton and synthetic underwear fabrics. They are highly UV resistant, non Genetically Modified (GM), sustainable and environmentally friendly. We also found each of the products to be incredibly well-designed, true to fit, and somehow, magically made my dude as hunky as an underwear model. (Seriously!)

The Trunk

This fabulous boxer-brief “trunk” style is completely classic and perfectly fitted for the male form. It is made of a soft, comfortable material throughout that just begs to be touched, and looks incredibly hot whether your guy is lounging around the house or about to pounce on you in the bedroom. The extra room is comfortable for my man, and the design is incredibly form fitting and sexy. If you’re looking to start with a good staple piece for your man’s new luxury underwear collection, this is the place to start! This particular version is the Downtown AntoMAX Hipster Trunk.

The Boxer Brief

The boxer brief, which comes in both 3 inch and 9 inch leg lengths, is perfect for the guy who craves a little more coverage, yet still likes the luxury feel of a high-end material, and a cut that perfect accentuates his package and assets. My man thought this particular pair would be perfect for working out or wearing in the winter. But really, with a design and feel this good, I know he’ll be wearing them all year long. This particular pair is the AntoFREE Boxer Brief 9 inch, but no matter which style you get, both the wearer and starer will be pleased (we promise!).

The Bikini Brief

I can’t get enough of seeing my bae’s package as highlighted as possible, and this sexy bikini brief was definitely on the way to barely there. As with all of Obviously’s undies, the bikini brief was incredibly comfortable for my man – but my favorite part is the straps along the hips that give my man’s thighs a front-and-center view. There’s no hiding his muscles in these babies! I also love how the butt is slightly cut away to show his assets. You’ll love how this pair looks, especially after your man’s been at leg day at the gym, showers up, and comes home with his muscles pumped up more than usual. Don’t just thank us for telling you – thank Obviously for making a girl’s dream come true! This particular pair is the Downtown AntoMAX Bikini Brief.

The Thong

Okay, here’s where things really get sexy. If your man is down to be a little adventurous, a men’s thong is seriously irresistible. I mean, I love them when the male dancers at my favorite bars are sporting them… but my own boyfriend? Come on… I’m totally obsessed. I mean, after all – I not only get to look, but I get to touch! Luckily, my man will indulge me on occasion… and I can tell you, that bulge is totally worth it, and your man will agree that the attention he gets while wearing it is worth it too. This particular pair is the Downtown AntoMAX Thong.

The Jock Strap

Truly for the most adventurous souls, the jock strap is what wet dreams are made of. I’m not sure what makes this type of underwear so hot to me… maybe it’s my fantasies of wet football players smacking each other’s butts in the locker room… but regardless, something about this underwear just drives me wild. If you’re like me, and your man is willing to indulge you, you won’t be disappointed at all with this sexy sport piece. This particular pair is the Basics AntoMAX Jockstrap.


Once your man has tried luxury underwear, he won’t be looking back… but you’ll certainly be looking at his backend more. Obviously’s premium materials and designs create an irresistible combo that’s sleek, smooth, and irresistibly sexy. Turn your man onto luxury, and you’ll be turned on in return. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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