We have all heard of (or had) one night stands. The expression stands for having a bit of bedroom fun for the one night only. For some it’s a fantasy; for others it is a temporary phase; and yet for others it is a lifestyle. The idea of having a partner just for the one night might seem a bit shallow to those looking for a long-term meaningful relationship, but to others, it is a great, no-nonsense way to get to know people and a pure expression of freedom, as well as an appreciation of the human body in all its glory and splendor.

Having some fun

Life is short and it should be fun. Having a good time doesn’t mean we let our desires getting in the way of being a good caring person. In fact, enjoying our life and all the good things it has to offer can make us really happy, making us less stressed and therefore making us more pleasant and agreeable to be with. In fact, those of us who are not having fun can often end up frustrated, unhappy and bitter; making us often short tempered and unpleasant to others. Our modern lifestyle sometimes means that we are too busy working to maintain the responsibilities involved in a long-term relationship; and sometimes it is better to just have a bit of fun when we can rather than taking on responsibilities we cannot hold onto.

No strings attached

One of the most convenient aspect of going for one night stands is the idea of no strings attached dating, where we do not have to take on other people’s personal baggage into account before sleeping with them. We do not owe anything to a person just because we have decided to have a bit of fun. This idea is very liberating and can really increase the pleasure we get from having that one adventure with someone. When in a relationship, the emotional baggage we carry for our partner can often limit our enjoyment of sex; making us scared to try certain things and putting too much pressure on us to get it right. One night stands can be as naughty or as romantic as people want them to be; after all there is nothing more sensual than recalling that one night of passion we have had in the past.

Playing it safe

For those of us who have many one night stands, safety is a paramount aspect. One of the best things to do is to use as many precautions as you can, including using the right protection, as going from one partner to another is not without any risks to your health. By going on different dates with total strangers, you do run the risk on encountering dangerous people who might not be as positively minded. No one wants to air out their dirty laundry, but it is in your best interest to tell our friends and acquaintances so that someone knows where you are and what you are up too. We can all benefit from friends’ advice, and it also means that they know where we are just in case anything happens.