You’re at a bar, club, or party, just owning the room with your awesomeness and friends, when you hit it off with a guy. A few shots later, you’re outside of the event, then in a car, and then in his apartment, both really turned on and ready to do the deed. All of a sudden, your drunk and horny bubble bursts and you realize something isn’t just right. What do you do?

1. He Wants More Than You Do

Whether he wants to go all the way while you don’t, or he’s just into some stuff you’re not, it doesn’t matter. Just because you’re easy doesn’t mean you’re sleazy… and it doesn’t mean you want it all the time, or want him at all! We all have limits we don’t want to cross, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s your right as a human being to get out of any situation that makes you even the least bit uncomfortable. You’re allowed to have regrets. After all, we all have them (even though we rarely want to admit that). But some regrets may haunt you for lifetime if they leave a mental or physical scar. Be bold and honest with things you’re willing to do, and with the ones you wouldn’t even do in a fantasy. If your selected fun buddy of the night can’t respect that, he’s not worth your time. Say your goodbyes and wish him luck with his blue balls.

2. He’s Not a Good Lover

But he is so gorgeous, how can this be possible?! Well believe that it is, and it’s a very sad situation and waste of potential. You never know when you might find yourself in a situation like this, but it’s not always the poor guy’s fault. Maybe he just got out of a long relationship with someone who was incredibly boring and predictable in bed. Maybe he’s just very inexperienced. Or maybe he’s just too selfish to take care of your needs. There are numerous reasons why he might come across as bad in bed, but the best thing you can do in this situation, besides leaving, is to openly give him directions as to what pleases you… and get him away from what doesn’t. You can guide his hands or do it verbally, but kindly. It’s kind of a mood kill, but it usually works.

3. He’s Not Who You Thought He Was

You had a few too many sips of pure liquor and, since your friends were already exchanging saliva with someone, there was no one around to tell you that the guy you’re grinding against isn’t as delicious as your drunk self thinks. In the middle of the action, you experience a moment of clear vision which completely sobers you up . You realize your Prince Charming possesses certain unpleasant features that the alcohol in your system deleted just like Photoshop. What’s done is done. The worst you could do right now is back away in disgust and leave the guy humiliated, which would be bad karma. Instead, gracefully walk away with a kind excuse, and decide to drown your regrets tomorrow, hopefully in the arms of someone more attractive.

4. He Wants to See You Again

But you don’t share the same idea. He’s okay, but that’s all he is and frankly. It will be a miracle if you remember his name the next morning. However, you obviously put a spell on him because he’s already getting his phone out of his pants (after he put something else back in them) and asking for your number. Now, you have two options: you can either be a bit bitchy and, in order to avoid all the explaining why you don’t want to see him ever again, give him a false number. Or, you can be straight out open and tell him that he was just your boy toy for the night and you can’t be tamed… or something like that.

5. You Want to See Him Again

You broke the promise you gave to your slutty alter ego that you’ll never get attached to a one night stand. But this guy is something else. You actually managed to spend some time getting to know each other, not just your bodies… and now you’re swooning. If he’s someone you see often because you move in the same circle of people and places, you can let it be and hope you’ll have more encounters like this. Or, you can be the modern and ballsy woman of 21st century and ask him out. The worst case scenario is he’ll say no, but then again, who cares? The world’s full of equally slutty men to have fun with. True love can wait.