As a very mild kinkster, I always enjoy adding new toys to my set. Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Satin Blindfold is perfect for those in the scene or for vanilla couples looking to add a little light BDSM play to the bedroom! This blindfold is smooth, comfortable, easy to use – and affordable!

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Look, Feel, & Use

If you need a blindfold in a cinch, any old thing will do, from an oversized headband to the sort of eye cover you use for napping on a plane. If you’re really enjoying sexy time, role play, or a BDSM scene, though, you’re probably looking for something sexy and fitting. Cue Pipedream’s Satin Blindfold. Silky smooth and black in color, it’s perfectly sexy, chic, and easy to use.

The satin ribbons are used to tie the blindfold behind the wearer’s head. You can adjust the tightness easily due to their length, which is awesome. The mask itself is pliable and just as comfortably smooth. I do have a little bit of a big nose, and I had just the slightest bit of “gap room” available, where I could see just a little bit beneath the mask. I’m sure if myself or a partner tied the mask a little tighter, all would be dark. However, it’s up to your level of comfort – or lack thereof, if that’s what you crave – for sure in a situation like this. Overall, this blindfold will work on any anatomy.

Why Use a Blindfold?

Blindfolds like this one are great. With a lover, removing the sense of sight means everything else is intensified, particularly touch! You can’t tell exactly what’s coming, meaning your partner either has to tell you verbally (hot) or leave you guessing, which can also be exciting and arousing! A black blindfold like Pipedream’s really enhances the darkness. This can also be a benefit during alone time. It makes a good face mask for sleep, while still giving you the same sexy feel your favorite pair of underwear does.


This is the perfect addition to anyone’s toy kit or playroom! Whether you’re vanilla and just want a little something different or a well-experienced kink-practioner in need of a new blindfold, this one’s for you!

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