I brought five virtual women to orgasm in 15 minutes with OMGYES.

I learned all about my body, and how to make MY orgasms even better, with one amazing, must-have thing for every woman and her partners. OMGYES is the ultimate resource for learning about the practical application of female pleasure and the science of orgasms. It has pro tips on improving communication about intimacy with your partner, as well as developing your own orgasmic potential, with an interface that’s beautiful, classy, intersectional, and includes virtual vulvas.

The pro tips are the result of a compilation of over 2000 interviews and surveys performed by The Kinsey Institute and Indiana University to find out more about female pleasure. Basically, a group of researchers, filmmakers, engineers, designers, and sexologists identified taboos present in the way we are socialized to discuss female gratification and wanted to create a ‘vocabulary’ that would better describe the way in which women experience pleasure and orgasm.



A New Perspective of Pleasure

Traditional sex research is typically concerned with either biology (the physiology of what happens within the body) or general behaviors (stats and percentages; like how many women use vibrators), rather than the ways in which women reach orgasm. During new investigative processes, researchers discovered that there were certain commonalities in the type of stimulation women prefer, however, these behaviors didn’t yet have identifying names that might aid partners (and the women themselves) in better understanding and explaining what works for them. 

The goal of the research was to develop a common language that categorized and described the various techniques that were identified while examining how participants preferred to masturbate, without resorting to overly pornographic or scientific terms that might alienate some people. OMGYES brings this information to women and their partners in an easily accessible, intuitive way – using real women to both discuss and demonstrate the techniques and their experiences.



Why is understanding your orgasm important?

So imagine trying to explain to someone how to make your favorite meal. You can ask them to sauté some vegetables for ten minutes or to add a cup of broth, and they’ll know what to do and just do it. And it will come out pretty much the way you like it, because we all understand what the terminology signifies.

Now imagine if you’re with a new partner, and you tell them you’re a fan of continual edging but you prefer starting out with some hinting around your clitoris, and when you’re ready to climax they should focus on accenting the 3 o’ clock sort of position with strong downward strokes. And imagine if they actually knew what that meant. Wouldn’t it make such a profound difference in the way we communicate in our relationships? In the way we experience pleasure?



So how does OMG Yes do it?

OMGYES breaks up pleasure into twelve rough categories: edging, hinting, consistency, surprise, accenting, framing, layering, staging, orbiting and signaling. Each section begins with a video of a woman describing the technique, along with informative graphs and statistics that help explain why this method works for them. You can see the techniques demonstrated by various women on themselves while explaining everything in very thorough detail.

It may be a little shocking at first to see their complete unselfconsciousness in both touching themselves on camera (vulva closeups included), and explaining what they are doing so graphically. But this only goes to show how much we need the website. It’s honestly just these intersectional babes getting comfy on their couches with some really great lighting while they point out different spots they find enjoyable and the motions they use to touch them. Nothing nefarious. Just some cool ladies hanging out with you as they teach you about the glory that is orgasm, and nobody needs to feel uncomfortable about that.

Beyond that, the range of races, ages, and bodies is a refreshing reminder that all vulva-owners can experience and enjoy pleasure and sexuality, and you don’t have to fit inside the limited stereotypes of how to embody your sensuality, as portrayed in much of mainstream media.

But that’s just the beginning. After you’ve watched the demonstration, you can actually try the techniques on the subjects themselves. Get out your touch screens, because you’re about to be confronted with an interactive vulva.



How I brought five virtual women to orgasm in 15 minutes

So, part of the teaching process of OMGYES involves one of the subjects metaphorically sitting you down and guiding you into replicating the motions she uses to get herself to orgasm. I don’t know who animated the tactile labia that respond to your every prod, but that person is a wizard. Skin moves, women breathe, the clitoral hood squishes in response to increasing pressure; it’s marvelous. The feedback provided via voiceover is absolutely stellar as well – soft-spoken but clear, not overly sexy but managing to convey a kind of patient intimacy.

The women are incredibly precise; asking for a clockwise capital D-shaped motion going down and alongside the clitoral hood or a sweeping side-to-side arc just above it. I was actually pretty inspired. Is it that easy to ask for what you want? I guess so if you know what language to use.

The simulation will inform you when you’re touching the clit too directly when to go faster or slow down, when to stop while edging or keep doing exactly as you’re doing. You’re rewarded with a sigh and a fade-out rather than squeaky porno moans, which only emphasize the pedagogical nature of the whole shebang. We’re only here to teach, the sim women seem to be saying. Get your jollies on with your own partner.



Also works for non-vagina owners

A male friend of mine visited me while I was watching a demonstration, and after a few moments of staring at close-ups of labia being stroked interspersed with shots of a smiling, beautiful woman reclining on a couch, he commented: “This is awfully well filmed.”

“Want a go?” I asked, selecting the Rhythm simulation. “I need official boy reactions.”

“Oh goodness,” he said. “I didn’t expect to see one of these today.”

We came to the conclusion that this is a great guidance tool for partners. Both the simulations and the text/infographics accompanying the main videos are really engaging and eye-opening. But, his Official Boy Response also mentioned that the interactives were a little unnecessary for anything other than oral sex because you wouldn’t see a woman’s anatomy so clearly during fingering, for instance. 

There is also a recognizable “video game” feel to the simulations that run contrary to the site’s overall emphasis on spending quality time with a partner and just going on an explorative journey together, rather than seeing orgasm as the goal. As I watched the screen fade out after a successful training session, he exclaimed: “I won!” — which is probably not the intended takeaway reaction. 

He also noticed that try-it-for-yourself aspect was meant primarily to illustrate the techniques described, rather than act as a substitute for the responses and preferences of an actual partner. Circling a virtual clit according to a virtual woman’s feedback won’t guarantee you’ll immediately be able to circle your real-life partner’s clit to explosive climax. 

When everything you’ve learned contradicts the naked person in your bed, always trust the naked person. 

However, he did remark that the feedback would make real-life situations go a lot smoother, and laughed when I couldn’t get the Surprise tactic right.

“I tried to do everything she said but I just couldn’t get her to climax,” I complained. “It’s just all so unfamiliar to what I’m used to.”

He looked at me, eyes becoming haunted voids, “Welcome to being a boy.”



So… does it help?

By this time, I’d text-spammed another friend who shares my interest in all things sexuality with so many glowing accolades, she decided to try the free trial out herself. 

Unfortunately, her technologically-disadvantaged tablet didn’t support the interactive touch feature, so she did the sensible thing and went straight to beta-testing (on herself) – with resounding success. As one who depends on vibration to ensure a good time, she was a little shocked to get so close without any additional help, remarking that the videos were more useful than any other practical sexuality book she’d tried, let alone porn. 

She also loved the natural way in which diverse anatomies were presented, saying that it did a lot to normalize variation and improve self-confidence.

“Whatever angel decided to create this website needs twenty medals,” was her final comment. Twenty medals indeed.



Should you get it? OMG, YES!

However, if you’d like to learn some really effective communication techniques, or otherwise explore your sexuality, I feel that a subscription to OMGYES is completely worth it. 

The price per session is $49, which is like the cost of a couple of books, and the video format may actually help you learn more than bland text ever could. It’s based on real orgasm science and is presented in an amazingly effective, fun way that’s easy to get through and share with a partner. In fact, this site should be required material for any sex-ed class, and definitely for someone who wants to have more pleasure in their lives!

Get ready to discover your orgasmic potential with OMGYes.


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