If you’re looking to buy the Hitachi Magic Wand, the “Cadillac of vibrators” or, as I coined it, The One Vibe to Rule Them All – it may be tempting to look for the best deal. As a girl on a budget myself, I totally understand wanting to go for the cheapest option. But in the case of the super popular Hitachi, the market is flooded with counterfeit, fake, knock-off Magic Wands that don’t even come close to the quality of the original. In fact, tons of websites, including seller-driven platforms like Amazon and Ebay, sell counterfeits under the guise of “genuine products”, misleading customers and providing disappointing quality. There’s a HUGE quality difference, and getting a low-quality toy isn’t worth the discount. It’s definitely disappointing to spend nearly the same amount for a toy – and have it be a knock-off.

So, to help our readers, I wanted to compare the REAL Hitachi Magic Wand VS a fake “Hitachi” Magic Wand. In this post, I’ll compare and contrast the quality of the real Original Magic Wand from fake version to show the differences in quality – as well a few key things to look for to recognize and detect a fake Hitachi Magic Wand before purchasing.


Real Hitachi is on top. Counterfeit Hitachi on bottom.


Fake Magic Wands are Lower Quality

On first glance, you can tell that the fake counterfeit Hitachi is super low quality compared to the real thing. My fake counterfeit “Hitachi” didn’t come in a box. It came haphazardly wrapped in tons of random packing materials so flimsy that it easily could have been damaged in transit (especially because it was coming from China). It was very clearly a sex toy. The outline looked just like a Hitachi, and you could see and feel the power cord through the bag. After cutting through several layers of bags, the Hitachi I pulled out was a bit disappointing. It looked similar to the original in the size and design – but felt light weight, flimsy, and had some scuffs and scratches throughout. In particular, the head smelled strongly like rubber (a porous and sometimes toxic material for sex toys), and the outer coating could easily pull off to reveal foam underneath (not at all true of the Hitachi). It was also incredible flexible, so much so that it felt like it might break off. I also immediately noticed that the counterfeit had a UK power cord with a flimsy US adapter (while the real Magic Wand is only sold in the US).


Real Hitachi on top right.


But the real mark of quality was within the vibrations themselves. To someone who’s never tried the Magic Wand before, the fake version may feel very powerful. In fact, it is more powerful than many bullet vibrators or insertable vibrators you might try at your favorite sex toy boutique. But, it’s not nearly as powerful as the real Magic Wand. Not even close. Even compared to other high quality massagers, the counterfeit feels weak and buzzy.



The real Magic Wand is rumbly and deep on it’s lowest setting, and if it’s sitting on the couch with me, it can rumble my butt from across the cushion. Rather, the counterfeit feels somewhat buzzy and light in comparison, and doesn’t have any vibration travel at all. Even when placed firmly on my clit, the vibrations feel dull and dispersed. They are not central, condensed, or earth-shaking like my Hitachi. They just fall flat. Even the higher setting is embarrassingly weak compared to the real thing. While the Hitachi nearly shocks my clit into instant orgasm, the counterfeit version would take quite a bit of rocking and work to bring me over the edge. It is also quieter than the real deal (likely due to its less powerful motor). Even in several blind clit tests (where I literally laid down blindfolded and had my man alternate between the Hitachi and the Faux-tachi), I could pick out the real versus the fake version. Every. Time.

Could I orgasm from the fake version? Probably. Would I reach for it before the real Magic Wand? Never.


Real Hitachi on top right.


How to Detect a Fake Hitachi Magic Wand

Often, it’s hard to tell which is the real Magic Wand, and which is a fake, cheap counterfeit or knockoff. Often, retailers and sites like Amazon and Ebay even use stolen photos of the real deal to advertise their product, when in reality, theirs is a counterfeit version. But, there are a few ways to tell if the Hitachi Magic Wand is real or not. Here’s some of the easiest ways to spot a fake!

  • If the toy has “Hitachi” anywhere on the toy body or the box. The official company retired the name “Hitachi” and changed it to “Magic Wand Original” in 2013. Some reputable retailers still use this name in marketing because it’s iconic and easy to recognize. But, a real Magic Wand will NOT have “Hitachi” anywhere on the BOX or TOY. Many fakes still use “Hitachi” directly on the product, box, or manuals. My fake Hitachi says it on the manual, toy, and Amazon listing.



  • The Original Magic Wand is made by Hitachi, and the official distributor is Vibratex. If it’s marketed as made by any other company or a mis-spelling of Hitachi or Vibratex, you can guarantee it’s fake. Yet, some fakes go so far as to use the Trademarked names. My real Magic Wand says “Vibratex” on the bottom, while the fake one has a nearly identical sticker without the Vibratex name. My real Magic Wand also has a Intertek certification sticker at the top.
    • Note: Some sites claim that authentic Magic Wands have an engraved number at the bottom, rather than a sticker. We bought this Hitachi from a verified seller, and it came with a sticker. So, we are doing more research and will be purchasing more wands at different retailers to confirm this.



  • The Original Magic Wand is ONLY compatible with US outlets. The version I got was a UK outlet with a UK to US adapter. That’s a clear mark of a fake.



  • Fakes often have a oval blue sticker around the controls rather than a square sticker. On my Magic Wand and counterfeit, both stickers are square. However, the fake sticker says “Hitachi” and has red and white dots on the buttons, rather than lines.



  • The fake Hitachi is much more light weight (300g) than the real one (500g). Unfortunately, this is impossible to tell until you get them in person.



  • This may vary from model to model – but my fake Hitachi has a very flexible head (rather than a somewhat flexible, mostly rigid head) and the head is very squishy (rather than hard). It smells and feels like it’s made of a rubber material, while the real Magic Wand feels firm and dense. The rubber coating can be easily removed to reveal a foam interior, while the real Magic Wand does not have a cover that can be easily removed (if at all). Again, this is hard to tell until you get it in person.



Make Sure You Get the Real Hitachi

Unfortunately, many counterfeit Magic Wands use the same imaging of the Original Magic Wand in the photos on site. Some even go so far as to use the real box and markings on the product itself, even though the product is different. So, it’s hard to tell what you’ll get when buying online – especially from retailers like Amazon and Ebay. However, there’s one sure-fire way to know you’re getting the real deal, aside from looking for the cues to spot a fake Hitachi.



First, definitely DON’T buy your toy on Amazon or Ebay, where you have basically no idea about it’s quality, where it’s coming from, no warranty, or easy guaranteed returns. Amazon and Ebay are the worst possible places to buy toys, as retailers are not verified as certified toy sellers, or held accountable for their actions. They can get away with selling counterfeit toys easily. Even if the retailer has good reviews, often these reviews are from fellow newbies who can’t tell the difference because they’ve never felt the real Hitachi.

Instead, go to a real sex toy retailer where their reputation depends on the quality of their toys – and where many positive reviews by industry professionals (including sex bloggers) have proven that the retailer is legit. When you shop at online retailers with stellar reputations, you can feel confident that you’ll get the real deal. You’ll also be assured that if the toy breaks for any reason, you’ll be covered by warranty – and if you don’t like the toy for any reason, you can return it in a reasonable time frame.

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