Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend this cute glass dildo by Icicles!

I was a huge Sailor Moon nerd growing up. I can still sing the theme song and name all of the Sailor Scouts – by first name, not the planet, duh. So when I saw the super kawaii wands, based off of the original Sailor Moon Wand at one of our affiliates, I was obsessed. I’ve never played with a glass dildo before, and I knew that the star-topped Sailor Moon-inspired Premium Star Glass Wand had to be my first! I was not disappointed at all.


Picture from Butt Plug Expert.


Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 2 Devils



I have heard great things about glass toys, and I was not disappointed in my first foray into the world. Beautifully crafted from medical-grade glass, this wand won’t cut or chip. I love the thick star at the base, which makes a cute handle. Glass is also great for temperature play. You can easily heat it using warm water or cool it by placing it in the freezer or in some ice. When I first got this toy in the mail, I was tempted to start playing right away because it picked up the freezing temperature from outside!




This wand is perfect for beginners or those who enjoy slimmer toys. It’s about ten inches long, but only a littler over an inch around at its thickest, such as at the tip and along the wider ridges. This play of ridges makes the toy feel like it’s feeling you up even though it’s relatively slim. Glass also has the effect of feeling heavy once its inside you, even when it comes to lightweight toys such as this one. Again, this makes you feel fuller than you are. When it comes to solo sex, I am the opposite of a size queen and prefer slimmer toys, but sometimes want that feeling of being “filled up”. Here I had the best of both worlds.

As for kinksters, this wand also has a certain appeal, and not for temperature play. Those into the DDlg (Daddy Dom, little girl) scene will enjoy the cutesy aspect of this wand. Littles will love taking naughty selfies with this wand to send to Mommy or Daddy.

I used this dildo to stimulate my G-spot with ease. I normally have clitoral or vaginal orgasms, and it’s harder for me to achieve G-spot ones. I used a very light vibe on my clit while playing with this toy and was able to have a fabulous orgasm contributed to by G-spot stimulation from this toy!


Picture from Butt Plug Expert.


Care and Cleaning

Glass is so easy to care for! Just be gentle with it. You can wash the Premium Star Dildo with just about anything. My favorite toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and warm water is my go-to, but you can also boil glass toys to get them extra sanitized.




My toy came in a secure box with a luxurious satin-like cushion. I recommend using this or another secure case to cradle your toy so that it doesn’t break. Though this glass is high quality and strong, even medical-grade glass is fragile when dropped or handled poorly.



I loved how cute and feminine I feel playing with this toy. The homage to Sailor Moon is awesome, and my kinky side loves how “little” yet sexy and grown-up I feel when using the Premium Star Glass Wand. This has become a bedroom staple for me and I plan to combine it with the use of my favorite clitoral vibrators for fun again and again!

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend this cute glass dildo by Icicles!

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