Whether you’re looking to tease your partner while they’re away or take some playful flirting to the next level, sending a seductive, sensual picture is an easy way to break the ice, heat things up, or add a little spice and keep you on your boo’s mind.

If you’re looking to get that flirtatious vibe out there with a new potential partner without coming off too strong, sending a simple text or Snap should be your go-to tool. It’s personal, discreet, and totally casual.

For those wanting to play with your partner, sexting is a fun and exciting way to make the foreplay last all day long. When it comes time to finally reconnect, you’ll be aching for each other.

Before you go ahead and send that full frontal (jk… you should never do that.) read up on the best practices of making your sext as sexy, sensual, and seductive as possible. (Don’t worry, we’ve outlined all the details below!)


A woman's naked legs and butt stretching out across a couch in black and white.


Who Are You Sexting?

Before you go about sending pictures, ask yourself if the connection feels secure (between you and the recipient, that is — not your wifi). Do you trust this person? Do you know them well enough to answer that?

If you’re sending these to your partner, hopefully the answer is a resounding yes. If you’re still in the talking stage, or maybe if you met online and haven’t even seen each other in person first, be cautious of what you’re sending. You may want to keep things anonymous (aka; no face, identifiable tattoos, or background details).

Pictures can be saved through a simple screenshot. Replaying can be turned off in your Snapchat settings, but unfortunately, there’s no block for screenshots or screen records on any platform. Even those that claim to block it, have workarounds. 

Be aware that anything you share could end up elsewhere. Sexy shots of you in the tub could be totally PG, and if you’re okay with something naughtier getting out there, then go for it! But be aware that photos or videos might not always stay private, no matter how much you trust your bae in the moment. Screenshots and leaks can, and do, happen – no matter how much you trust the person you’re sending to.


A woman laying naked in bed with her legs and feet stretched out.


Flirting to Sexting With Someone New

If this is a new flirtation, start the conversation with a friendly “Hey, what’s up?” message to break the ice. Keep the conversation playful. If they ask what you’re up to, maybe send a picture to show them to get the photo-shares rolling. We’ll get into sensual photo ideas in a second!

If you don’t want to start the direct pics just yet, share to your Instagram or Snapchat story if they’re following you. It’s not guaranteed that they’ll even look at your story (maybe they’re not even active) but if they DO respond, you’ll know they’ve been curious and thinking about you… which is a good sign! Start up that convo, and see how it goes.

If you send them an initial text (or two), and they don’t respond (ever) it’s time to ditch! Maybe they’re still into you and want to chat in person, but if they’re not returning your Snaps or DMs, don’t waste your time. If they’ve responded to your Snaps before, but all of a sudden don’t reply… maybe they’re busy. Try again another time. If it starts to become a habit, take the hint – and make sure they get bumped off your favorites list.


In black and white, a woman lies across her bed in bra and panties.


Sending a Sexy Snap

With every seductive picture comes great skill behind the camera. Taking a sensual picture doesn’t take a lot of work (although it can be a full-time job for some), it just takes the right angle and editing. Flaunting your best assets in a casual way is the ultimate opportunity to capture their attention without being overly obvious. Here are some of the poses that will attract their eye, and keep your body lingering on their mind!




A woman posing for a sexting picture and showing off her cleavage in a pink, lacy tank top.


Posing Cleavage in Nudes

For those with breasts, the go-to, basic cleavage shot is always a winner. It’s working with what people know and love, and it’s easily accessible without coming off sleazy or attention seeking. 

It’s simple enough to seem natural, yet risqué enough to leave them wanting more. Don’t make it obvious by pressing your boobs together with your elbows, or wearing a ridiculously low cut shirt. Just pick a nice push up bra, a normal shirt, and get your cleavage in the picture. Simple, casual, and effective.


Legs stretched out in a milky bath filled with flowers.


Casual, Lounging Nude Poses

You can easily get a conversation going with a lying in bed, jacuzzi, or bathtub picture. This hints that you wouldn’t mind if they were there and that you’re happy to give them a little sneak peek. 

Rest assured, they’ll be interested in seeing more of you. Tease these shots with your legs, body covered in bubbles or sheets, or your hand caressing your hip, stomach, or collarbone. This is a low-risk way to be super sexy and leave them wanting more.


Relaxing on her bed, a woman reclines for a full-body sexting picture.


Taking a Full-Body Nude

Another low-risk option is the full-body mirror shot. This especially works great if you’re already in a kick-ass outfit and are ready to go out. You’re casually sharing your hot look while giving him something to think about that night. 

It’s all about the angles. Try an arm stretched over your head or a hand resting on your hip. Maybe you lean forward and flash a bit of cleavage or twist to show your curves. Snap away until you find the perfect silhouette.


A woman's naked legs and butt stretching out across a sofa in black and white.


The Booty Shot

If you’re looking to really pull them in, and aren’t too concerned about appearing “casual”, go with the laying down butt shot. This is best when done in yoga pants or your favorite pair of jeans… but hey, if you’re a risk-taker, go with those lacy boy shorts! It will definitely catch their eye when they open up a random Snap to see a perky butt waiting for them. But beware, this shot is totally obvious that you’re beyond DTF.


A woman's feet with red-painted toes tucked under white bed sheets


Posing Feet for Nudes

If you’re looking to explore your partner’s love for your feet or test the waters with a new fling, a simple sext is a perfect way to introduce the idea.

You might be surprised by how sensual and enticing a foot pic can be. Get creative in the bath or in your bed. If you really like taking pictures, you can even sell feet pics on Feet Finder and make a decent income.


A woman poses on her bed with her face out of the picture, showing off her body and red bra and panties set.


Snap Away!

Seductive pictures can help both single sluts and the sluts in relationships, as it keep things interesting and adds a unique spark that you can’t get from sexting alone. Experiment with your angles, know what you’re comfortable with, and know what you’re looking to portray. Have fun, and flaunt what you got!