Let’s face it, we live in a digital world! We used to only be able to talk in person or on the phone… but we can spill our fantasies whether we’re at work or at a family dinner without anyone even knowing what we’re talking about. Sexting is sexy and erotic – and a way to share your fantasies and spark eroticism wherever you are in the world. Here’s 10 tips to up your sexting game to the next level!


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1. Details, details, details!

Don’t skimp on the details! Don’t say “I wanna give you head tonight” instead, try something like “I can’t wait to feel your big hard dick in my tight wet mouth tonight.” The more details, the more interested your partner will be and the more your partner will play along! Would you rather hear your partner say “I want to eat you out” or “ I want to lick your sweet, wet pussy until you cum all over the bed”



Details definitely make a difference! Give it all to your partner with as many details as you possibly can and when you think you’ve added enough details, add some more! It’ll be super hot and you’ll both be glad you did!


2. The raunchier, the better!

Get raunchy! Get nasty! Some of you may have to step out of your comfort zone a little bit but after one or two of these raunchy texts and seeing how your partner replies, you’ll be a naughty, raunchy, sexting star!


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Forget the words penis, blow job, hand job, vagina, coochy, boobs, etc. and instead learn to use the words dick, tight little pussy, tits and use phrases such as “I want to suck you.., I want to grab your…, etc.” They may not want to admit it but they like it dirty, hot, raunchy and nasty!

Imagine this, you’re sitting at a restaurant and you can either text your partner “I want to give you a hand job under this table right now” or you can text them “I want to reach under this table, rip your dick out of your pants and stroke your dick like you’ve never had done before until you cum all over my hand.” Get nasty and learn some raunchy new words to take sexting to a whole new level!


3. Tease your partner

Teasing your partner over text can be just the amount of foreplay they need! If you text your partner during the day and tell them what you want that night, they’ll be teased until they get home later that night! Here are a couple of tease sexts you can send your partner:

  • Tonight, when you walk through the door I’m going to pull your pants down, get on my knees and suck your dick until you cum in my mouth and I swallow what you give me.
  • I can’t wait to ride you hard and long tonight while you watch my tits bounce.
  • I want you to do whatever you want to do to me tonight.



These tips let your partner know that something is happening tonight and lets them know just what to expect when they get home so that’s going to be all your partner thinks about. Why is teasing important? Because just like foreplay, it’s important and makes sex hotter. Everyone likes to be teased and doing it over text creates anticipation even before you’re physically together!


4. Don’t say it, if it wouldn’t really happen


This is a very important one, don’t say “I want you to cum in my mouth and I want to swallow what you give me” if you really aren’t a swallower. This will just get your partners hopes up. Think about if your partner is texting you saying they are going to throw you on the bed and eat you out like you’ve never been eaten out before and make you cum more times than you can count. Then at bedtime, your partner eats you out but not even long enough to get you off once. Your hopes are gonna be up. You may resent your partner a little bit and you definitely don’t want to make your partner feel that way! You want your partner to get whatever you tell them you’re going to do!


5. Tell a story

Do some research and ask your partner what their fantasies are and make them come to life through texting, then in person. If you have fantasies tell your partner yours with stories over text which will make them their fantasies also because just like you want to bring their fantasies to life, your partner wants to bring yours to life too.

Say your fantasy is to be dominated by your partner but they’ve never been much of the dominating nature in the bedroom… Well, they’re about to be! Send your partner several text messages throughout the day to keep them turned on all day long. It will make them anxious to get home to you that evening and make your fantasies come true.



Not all at once! Don’t text everything in one message, spread it out every few minutes and send the details in several messages. For example, you could send one text that says “I want you so bad. I want to suck your dick and then I want you to bend me over the bed and fuck me hard until you cum all over my back.” Or you could send several messages throughout the day that says something like these messages below.

  • I want you so bad…..
  • I want to start by kissing your lips, I want to move to your neck, down your chest, I want to kiss all along your waist and then I want to…
  • Lick your balls and suck each one of them into my mouth slowly and I want to hear your gasps of pleasure…..
  • Then I want to slowly slide my tongue around the head of your dick until I taste your drops of cum at the head of your dick…
  • I want to suck just the head of your dick to get the cum that’s waiting in there for me to taste….
  • Then, before you can even blink I want to wrap my tight lips around your dick and suck it hard and fast, all the way to the bottom….
  • Just before you cum in my mouth I’m going to pull back….
  • Then I want you to slam me down on the bed and flip me over on my hands and knees…
  • and I want you to fuck my tight wet pussy…
  • until you cum…
  • but when you cum I want you to pull out of me and watch it land all over my back.

This way keeps stimulation going all day long, it teases him all day long, and it’s sexy!


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Don’t wait too long to reply. You want to keep your partner Interested, not wondering for hours on end. 10-15 minutes is a good time frame, it keeps them in the moment but teases them just enough!


6. Do it when it’s least expected

Try doing it when they least expect it! Example: say you’re at a wedding and you’re both terribly bored. Start sending dirty messages and watch your partner squirm in their seat. Say things like “This wedding blows. If I had it my way, we’d be in the car right now… not just driving” or be more direct and say “I can’t wait to get you home and fuck you.” But again, make it happen! Be sure to give that release after all the teasing.


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7. Get your partner to play along

Ask your partner questions; say “what do you think about that?” And “what do you want me to do to you?” Now, if you get a reply from your partner that says “I want you to bend over and let me stick it in your ass” but you typically don’t have anal sex because you don’t enjoy it, don’t completely shut them down even if you know it won’t happen but don’t tell them it will happen either. Just redirect the comment and say something like “I want you to bend me over and spank my ass while you fuck my tight wet pussy.” You basically told them it’s not happening, but offered another option without breaking the sexual tension for either of you.



8. Pictures

Don’t do this if you don’t trust the person you’re with, but people are visual! Take pictures the night before in your lace panties, and send them to your partner the next day while they’re at work! Your partner will be dying to get home to you and take them off of you!


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9. Tell your partner exactly what you want

Tell your partner what you want and exactly what your fantasies are. Just like you want to bring their fantasies to life, they want to bring yours to life too! So going back to the “tell a story” tip, tell your partner what you want them to do to you, and share your fantasies so you can make it a reality!


10. Compliment your partner

Has your partner ever done something you absolutely loved and it drove you wild – but they never did it again? Well, did you tell them you liked it? If you did, that’s why! If your partner knows you like it, chances are they’ll do it again and again just to please you! So remind them by texting “Hey, remember when you……..” and then tell your partner exactly what you liked and why you liked it. I bet you can count on them to do it again very soon!


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When you get home, make it happen! This is so important! You’ve teased your partner all day long and now it’s time to give them a release! Don’t tease your partner all day long just to go to bed in silence at night. It would be a disappointment for you if your partner said they were going to fuck your brains out and then did nothing at bedtime.



Sexting can be fun, exciting and erotic for both you and your partner if you know how to do it. It opens up many new possibilities and brings more excitement by sharing fantasies with each other and having virtual sex all day long. Sexting during the day can make the bedroom an even hotter place to be! Keep your sex life hot and remember to ask your partner to play along so you can be on the receiving end of these sexts as well!

Happy Sexting!