Seven ‘Til Midnight is every lingerie aficionado’s dream come true. Home to an extensive collection of intimate wear, this brand is based on the ideals of quality, attention to detail, and appeal. While the pieces range in design, they all have one thing in common- they are chic and flirtatiously tempting.

This is absolutely true for its Double Dare Sheer Basque and G-String Set, a merrywidow-inspired chemise that clings to the body, accenting all the right areas. Its high stretchability means it is able to hug each curve and move freely with your body, and the combined floral lace and fishnet design offers a see-through view to what’s underneath.

Note: This Product is No Longer Available; We Recommend the Lovehoney Empress Red Satin and Lace Basque Set Instead!

Name: Double Dare Sheer Basque and G-String
Type: Lingerie, Chemise
Designer: Seven til Midnight

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils

Material: Nylon, Spandex, Elastane
Qualities: Form Fitting, Black, Elegant, Sheer, Bows, Slim Figure, Bows, One Size

Light Materials

Made entirely from nylon and elastane, more commonly known as spandex, the Double Dare Sheer Basque is comfortable, durable, and form-fitting. It has a great amount of elasticity which causes it to hug your figure in the most enticing of ways. While durable, high-quality materials do make up this piece, it still needs to be treated delicately when it comes to washing and care. Like most other lingerie and intimate wear, you should either wash it by hand or on the lightest machine cycle, both using cold water and sensitive detergent. Also, remember to let it air dry rather than popping it into the dryer.  

Look & Feel

I absolutely love how breathable the Double Dare Sheer Basque is! Everything about this piece gives it a barely-there feel that makes it super easy to move in, and more importantly, out of.  

Floral lace and fishnet details work together to give this piece a sexy, picturesque design. It is made to fit most sizes, and other than the small bits of skin that peek through, it is solid black all over. This chemise starts with a triangle shaped bra that covered most of my boobs, leaving the tops exposed with two bondage-like straps to accentuate each. There are adjustable straps, making it able to be altered to the individual, and in the back, a hook eye closure. And I am so appreciative for the underwire, which connects in the middle of the chest. It seems like such a minor thing, but I was initially worried that the bra lining wouldn’t do anything for my boobs, but it actually provided decent support.

The same lace design covering the breasts trails down the center of this piece. It starts out in between where the underwires meet and widens as it makes its way down. On both sides there is a fishnet pattern that wraps around to the lower part of the back, leaving the majority of it uncovered. This is where one of my favorite parts of the Double Dare Sheer Basque comes in… the three pairs of crisscrossed elastic straps that mark the bottom portion, and fall somewhere on your lower back or butt, depending on your height. I’m 5’5”-5’6” and they came about midway down my derriére.

Small, satin bows at the start of both bra straps and meeting point of the underwires add to the beautiful detail. There are also garters that hang from the bottom, waiting to be hooked to a sexy pair of stockings- or removed, if you prefer. And don’t forget to put on the nice V-string thong that comes with this piece. It’s made of the fishnet detailing, and covers the vagina, while leaving the butt revealed.

Pros & Cons


  • Absolutely gorgeous
  • High quality materials
  • Beautiful design
  • Comfortable


  • One size
  • Might not work for all body types


Seven Til’ Midnight’s Double Dare Sheer Basque should be in every girls lingerie collection. With a beautiful lace and fishnet design, this piece features an all-over sheerness that is designed to make any onlooker unable to take their eyes off you, and it does just that. The exposed back turns into a seductive criss-cross of straps that mark your lower back and butt, adding to the beauty of this piece. And it even has underwire lining the bottom of the “bra cups,” which many other pieces of lingerie completely forget about, to help keep boobs supported and standing at their best. Double Dare Share Basque is the perfect way to start any sexscapade, or something you can put on to feel sexy while you’re alone (because if you’re anything like me, sometimes lingerie is just about indulging yourself).

Note: This Product is No Longer Available; We Recommend the Lovehoney Empress Red Satin and Lace Basque Set Instead!

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