Babydoll-style lingerie is a hit with almost anyone, and it’s easy to see why. Babydolls are cute, flattering, and sexy without being uncomfortable – it’s like the perfect choice for those who don’t want to bother with the hassle of thongs and an incomprehensible mess of straps that you can’t quite figure out how to get into, let alone how to get out of when the moment of truth arises. Lovehoney has you covered with a really lovely babydoll negligé that is adorable and easy to slip out of when you need to.

Note: This product is no longer available. Find similar pieces at Lovehoney!

The Look

This is definitely some good-quality stuff. I like the way that everything looks perfectly finished, from the ruffled lace trip on the hems and cups, to the lace detail on the straps. The primary material is a light, floaty black mesh that has a soft velvety flocking detail in abstract organic shapes. It just adds a little extra texture and overall embellishment to the whole piece. What I really liked was how soft and tactile everything felt – it’s really great to have lingerie that feels just as good to touch as to look at.

I got this babydoll in a size M, which should suit many bodies depending on your bra size, which the label neglects to list. You should be able to eyeball it and estimate if it would fit your body, but I would guess it’s around a C. Fear not, the padded push-up cups would probably add lift and fullness to even B-size breasts. The rest of the babydoll is pretty adjustable otherwise, as it ties in the front and should be a great fit on most torsos.

The Fit

Actually getting this babydoll on was trickier than initially imagined. The ribbon ties really complicate things – satin ribbon is notoriously slippery, so even a secure knot tends to slip a bit. The effect of slippage is that the cups travel away from each other, creating an unflattering-looking gap. The best way to avoid this was to smoosh the cups as close as possible so that I could tie a bow (the grownup way) to keep things together and in place. It’s easy once you know how, but initially I was frustrated with the weird cleavage-gap created by separating cups. While I understand the appeal of front ties (pull a ribbon and release your glorious cleavage to the world! Easy! Convenient! No awkward bra-unhooking required!), the lack of structured support in the form of a band also meant that the push-up effect wasn’t as dramatic as it would have otherwise been. I’m a D, and never wear push-ups in real life, so the fact that I didn’t notice any difference made me feel like there just wasn’t enough of a foundation provided by the elasticated backing.

However, once it’s on it’s a really comfortable piece of lingerie. It doesn’t itch, or dig into your skin, and the super soft fabric feels lovely. The ribbon-ties make an empire waistline that cascades elegantly downwards in two swooshing curtains. It’s sexy, but not too revealing – almost like a really fancy nightie. I could imagine wearing it around the house, floating from room to room just trying to get on with my own business as my partner followed me around with a mesmerized expression.

The only thing I lamented was that it didn’t really flatter my almost invisible waistline. I’m an apple-shape, so my hips are not exactly fit for birthing a new generation, and this babydoll hung in a straight line down from the bust, thus removing any illusions of curves I thought I’d had. If you have a little more padding on the lower bod, this will definitely flatter your waist and flow over your hips and butt exactly like it did not on mine.

The Verdict

While I did enjoy trying this Sheer Lace Babydoll, I don’t feel it was the right fit for my body. However, I loved the design, embellishments and general prettiness of the piece. My final thoughts? Would recommend! But I think pear and hourglass-shaped bodies will be best flattered with this particular cut.

Note: This product is no longer available. Find similar pieces at Lovehoney!


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