Embark on an exploration of pleasure and presence as we dive into the visionary world of Frank Lawrence and his creation, Vibrating Tarot. This unique twist on the timeless practice of tarot takes us on a pleasure-forward journey like no other. In this episode, Lorrae engages in a mesmerizing conversation with Frank, where they venture into a realm where spirituality, divination, sex, and love intersect.

This interview is part of our Erotic Artistry series, spotlighting artists who embolden others to embrace their erotic expression by infusing sex-positive ethos, imagery, and messaging into their art. Through captivating conversations, we explore art’s powerful influence to shift cultural paradigms and narratives — normalizing the diversity of erotic experiences, supporting sex-positive activism, and empowering others’ sexual expression.

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The Vibrating Tarot deck card collection designed by Frank Lawrence.


Finding Inspiration in Spiritual Visions and Magic Wand Vibrators

Lorrae: Your project really spoke to me because I’ve been using tarot cards for so long and so often we’re asking questions about our love lives, our sex lives, and there hasn’t really been like a sexually themed or toy themed set of tarot cards, but it goes so well together because often when we’re looking at the cards, we’re asking for information about how to bring more pleasure into our lives or more connection or passion. So, where did you get this inspiration to start creating this deck and seeing that intersection?

Frank: Well, I think these signs are in front of us, and I agree with you. I think that sexuality and spirituality go hand in hand. I think they’ve gone that way for centuries. And I think there is a lot of ground to uncover at that intersection.

And I’m glad to be stepping forward with this project to just talk about it in my own little way and to offer this as a conversation piece along the journey towards sexual awareness, sex positivity, and how that intersects with our own individual spiritual practices.

The project actually came to me in a way that I think a lot of people might describe it as being spiritual unto itself. I get a lot of my ideas from dreams, from dream space, and it’s an area of focus that I’ve had in my work for a long time. During a very sort of tumultuous time in my life, when a lot of things were sort of all over the place, I was drifting off to sleep, and I had this vision. I can’t really describe it in any other way other than it was sort of like that time when you’re half awake and half asleep. And I had this vision of a We-Vibe chorus up in the sky amongst the clouds in like a culturally iconic sort of situation that we’ve seen through art and film throughout our lives, this angelic presence in the sky. And in my vision, it was set upon the lover’s card in the tarot deck. 

There was a time in my life when I didn’t have much. I lost a lot in an apartment fire. And after I had purchased back, you know, some of the essential things in my life, I looked to see what all these things were. And amongst the collection was a Magic Wand vibrator and a tarot deck. And I think that is what planted the seed for years later for me to have that vision in my mind.

Really the Magic Wand being there in my life and the WeVibe chorus coming to me in that vision was the inception of this project. And I got up from my dazed, falling into a dream state and I wrote down the idea immediately. And I didn’t stop there.

Lorrae: That is really such a powerful testament to our own intuitive abilities and what speaks to us. I always feel like I have the best ideas when I’m in the shower, kind of in that twilight space. It’s like these liminal spaces of transition and the unknown.

Frank: That’s so absolutely true. That’s how the creative process works. You need to work on something with all your might and all your passion, but then you also need to step away from things and to let everything sit on the back burner, to let your subconscious work through these ideas.


Frank Lawrence, the creator and designer of Vibrating Tarot.


The Creative Process Behind Vibrating Tarot

Lorrae: When you were choosing the pairings of the cards, you mentioned the We-Vibe and the Magic Wand. What was your process like to start exploring which cards intuitively felt linked to the products or the energy behind each product and starting to sync those up?

Frank: There’s so much thought, there’s such a mature standpoint that I want to project from being behind this project. And I never wanted for me to be in a position where I’m just sort of throwing any product on any card just to get the project done or to get a new image out there to share with people. I never wanted to rush the process. 

I wanted to build as much meaning behind the mythology of the tarot deck as I possibly could. To be quite honest, when I started sharing these images to begin with, the first criticisms that came back to me were that the deck of cards will lack nuance, they’ll lack meaning because all these toys are just going to look the same on the cards. I started thinking to myself, no, no, that’s not true at all.

The landscape of pleasure products is just enormous. There are so many different types of toys made from different materials, made for different purposes, made for different types of people, made of different colors, different shapes and sizes. And so all of these became factors in deciding what products would land on what cards.

Lorrae: I think that’s so powerful because it’s so true. Each deck that I have, the card might have a slightly different nuance or meaning to me personally because you attune to the deck and you start to create your own interpretations of the imagery, but by and large it’s similar meanings across decks.

The Magic Wand featured on the World card of the Vibrating Tarot deck.


The Iconic Magic Wand in Exploring Cycles of Highs and Lows

Lorrae: I wanted to ask you specifically about the Magic Wand taking the world card, because that’s just like such a big card in the deck. And the Magic Wand is this historical icon of pleasure. So, did that just stand out to you as the right product for that card?

Frank: It really did. I spoke of that moment where I had that vision of the We-Vibe chorus. But then when I had that idea and I actually put pen to paper thinking “okay, well now I got this, but what’s the second idea gonna be? Like what’s the follow-up thing?” I didn’t even need to think about it. The Magic Wand just hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew right away that it would need to be on the world card.

People have asked me along the way, why didn’t you put it on the Magician? Magic Wand, Magician, could have easily been on the Magician card. I’ve seen a lot of other iterations with the Magic Wand being on the Ace of Wands. Why not put it as the Ace of Wands, right? But I knew right away it would need to be the World card. 

When I thought of the Magic Wand, I just thought of the biggest, most important, most iconic product in the industry. And then when I had to think of what card it would go on, I immediately thought what is the most important, highest attainable, most mature, most developed card in the entire tarot deck. And so it was a very natural fit for those two to go together.

We’re always going around this wheel of life experiencing highs and lows. And the World card is the highest point in the apex of that cycle. There’s nowhere to go, there’s no higher place to go. The only place you can go after the World card is back around to start the cycle again. And so I needed the most important, most iconic product to be sitting in that most iconic and important spot. I described the World card of any tarot deck as the crown jewel. And so the Magic Wand, in many ways, is like the crown jewel of the Vibrating Tarot deck.

Lorrae: I totally agree. And I love how the World card cycles back to the beginning of the journey, because so often in my own sexual awakening journey, I’ll overcome one thing, maybe like, some cultural shame around sexuality in general, and then I find out I’m kinky, or polyamorous, or that I want to do sex work. And then there’s all of these additional layers of shame and cultural narratives to start to strip away.


A side by side of the traditional World tarot card next to the Magic Wand version from Vibrating Tarot.


Personal Sexual Awakening and Stripping Away Shame

Lorrae: Have you found through this project that it’s given you awakenings or insights on your own journey as you’re expressing yourself creatively?

Frank: It’s opened a whole new world for me in terms of sexual awareness and awareness of the landscape that exists within our culture surrounding sexual themes. I always wanted to have this project be driven by feedback from others because coming to this project myself, I came to it from a predominantly design standpoint. I’m a professional designer and an artist. Secondly, I came to it from a tarot perspective because I’m familiar with the cards and have been for a long time.

I knew that I would need to tap into the culture to ask for feedback, to ask for recommendations, so that the project could be guided by the very people who would be consuming it. I didn’t want to only put my preconceived notions down in the art just because I had to come up with something. I really wanted to uncover what was most important to the people who already exist within this culture and who would be the first in line to purchase a product like this.

Speaking to this community and learning so much along the way has really opened my eyes, and so much of it has made it into the project. I’m eternally proud to have taken so much new and honest information and included it in this in this project.

Lorrae: That really comes through for me in the deck. You can tell that there’s so much intention behind the cards and that you’ve really worked to have them be inclusive and body-safe, so that all genders, orientations, the kink community, it’s all welcome and so inclusive in your collection.

Did you notice any trends as you were getting this community feedback? And have you found that having this project and opening these doors has started to create more openness about sexuality or starting to clear some of that shame and stigma by intersecting these two industries and projects?

Frank: it’s really interesting that I came up upon this project now in my life, because both these industries are booming as we speak. The pleasure product industry is seeing record highs and seeing growth into other sectors like it never has before. Tarot’s been around for a long time and it sort of enjoys these resurgences every once in a while. So bringing these two platforms together, I think provides a big springboard.

As for trends, I’m trying to follow a lot of what I see in the pleasure product industry right now. You know, sex tech is becoming a big thing. Being able to use these products that are new to the industry and give them a home within the tarot deck, I think gives people a home within the tarot deck. And that’s what I wanted. I want people to see their own tastes reflected. And in the tarot deck there are 78 cards. Vibrating Tarot will actually have 90 cards. So there’s a lot of room for everyone to be involved. There’s a lot of space for people to see themselves within the deck and to see shades of their own collections represented within the different cards.

Lorrae: I’m so excited to see and eventually get my hands on the whole deck. When I first thought about the deck and earlier in our conversation, I was thinking about it as a tool in relationships and pleasure, but as you mentioned, how this industry is really booming right now, I was like, man, these are a symbol of abundance as well. 

I do a lot of sex magic practices in my business. I have a sex magic ebook and welcome in that manifestation energy. I use it loosely, but it is really powerful, and the more pleasure we bring into our lives the more it has this snowball effect.

Frank: Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. You might just pull a card at the beginning of the day and set it on your nightstand or on your dresser and let it sit there all day. And it might cook on your subconscious and you might think about it when you’re in the elevator or when you’re standing in line at the grocery store. And you know, it could bring some meaning into some facet of the day that you couldn’t foresee it being based within pleasure. I think, in a small way, this allows us to carry that sex positivity theme throughout our day and to always be recognizing it and observing it, even just within the background of our mind.

Lorrae: It really is that unfolding journey, whether we’re on a journey with our sexuality or our spirituality, and especially when having an intersection of the two, there is this process of diving into the unknown. When we think about exploring kink or non-monogamy or whatever it is that we want to explore, even sexuality for the first time or something new, there’s always this precipice of the unknown where you’re nervous and you’re like, is this going to fit my personality? Is this going to feel good? Am I going to feel awkward?

Frank: So often the anticipation of what’s created in your mind in a lot of ways is more powerful than the actual act itself. And so preparing for it, understanding it, questioning it, experiencing it, it’s all part of the overall picture.

Lorrae: In a way I feel that tarot cards are a way of us processing and trying to deal with the unknown. It’s trying to bring a sense of understanding. We’re trying to make sense of it.


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