Another year of sex toy exploration has come to a close, and many of our writers weighed in a variety of different lovely toys (including lots of toys for the brave, adventurous men in our lives! On the past year, there were some toys that we really fell in love with, toys that would be lovely mostly for beginners, toys that would haunt us in our dreams, and toys we wished we hadn’t tried.

Sex toys are really fucking awesome – and a must-have for every girl’s bedside drawer. They are a wonderful way to explore new sensations, and get pleasure from something other than your hand or partner. After reviewing the best, worst, and weirdest sex toys on the market – we’re positive that one good toy can change your sex life. (But personally, for us, the more toys, the merrier!)

At the bottom of each review, we list where to get each toy at the lowest prices, and even have some special coupons for our readers. Enjoy!

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Top 10 Best Sex Toys

The Top 10 Best Sex Toys is now broken up into “Top 10 Best Vibrators” and “Top 10 Best Other Toys”… because we simply couldn’t pick just 10. 🙂

Top 10 Best Vibrators

These are the vibrators that came close to perfection… you just can’t get better than this!

1. Doxy Die Cast Massager

The vibrations of the Doxy Die Cast Massager are incredibly pleasurable, and I love the variety, especially because I can set it to lower settings before going all the way with it’s highest intensity. I think it’s a fabulous toy for a gal that craves power, but also wants some more variety than a simple two speeds. I can’t say it’s more powerful than the Hitachi, but it’s definitely more pleasurable for me and the vibrations feel like a much higher quality. I haven’t tried all the personal massagers out there – but this is definitely one that will stay up there in my favorites for a long, long time! If you have the cash to spare and love some powerful vibrations, the Doxy Die Cast Massager is a wonderful choice!

2. Vibratex Rechargeable Mystic Wand

With a curved, user-friendly design and range of vibrations, the Mystic is great for all levels of sex toy users and power-seekers. Its modern look is matched by a soft feel that brings about wondrous sensations while in use. Whether to arouse or simply relax an area of the body, this external body wand is a must-have in your collection!

3. WeVibe Classic

One of the latest additions to We-Vibe’s unique line of couples vibrators, the We-Vibe Classic, combines all the features of the We-Vibe 4 Plus (their newest model) with the classic shape and fit of their older model.  This means that this vibe is compatible with We-Vibe’s app, but still super flexible like the original shape.. Where it really excels is the We-Connect app (which is compatible with all of We-Vibe’s newest toys). Ultimately, the choice between the Classic and 4 Plus will boil down to personal preference in regards to the design, as both have all the same features.

4. WeVibe Rave

I love external stimulation, but internal stimulation can feel amazing, too. When it comes to vibes, I have to admit that I find the simpler and more powerful, the better. The WeVibe Rave really lives up to my expectations of what the perfect vibrator should be: simple, powerful, and perfect for beginners and those who need an extra oomph, too. The Rave is my new best friend with benefits. Its curves, variety, and user-friendliness will keep me coming back for more, and probably keep me coming, for quite some time.

5. Jimmy Jane Intro 2

Any girl or couple looking for a powerful, easy-to-use clitoral vibe needs to add the Jimmyjane Intro 2 to their collection. It offers intense vibrations that can be felt throughout the toy, especially at the tips of its ears. And although it’s body isn’t flexible, the dual-motored ears stretch just enough for wondrous stimulation.

6. Palm Power Mini Rechargeable Wand

When it comes to the Palm Power Mini Rechargeable Wand, the best thing I can say is BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! This is one of the best toys I have ever used, and I think it would be perfect for everyone, from beginners to experienced toy users. It is incredibly powerful, rechargeable, well-designed, and has interchangeable attachments for a variety of intense experiences. This toy has become my go to toy, whether I’m using it for solo play or with a partner.

7. Womanizer Pro W500 (Deluxe)

To this day, the original Womanizer vibrator remains my favorite toy to date. With its unique suction and indirect vibrations, it soon became a toy I found myself reaching for again and again. So when I heard there was a newer version of my favorite vibe, the Womanizer Pro, I was ecstatic to try it out and see how it compared. While it was definitely a great vibrator with several updated features, I found that I just didn’t love it quite as much as I loved the original. It’s still great – but I’d recommend checking out the features of each to see which one would likely be the better choice for you!

8. Fun Factory Tiger G5

The Tiger G5 by Fun Factory is a powerful G-spot vibrator that offers a range of strong vibration patterns and speeds (some are so strong your body will literally be shaking with pleasure). It’s ideally sized, with a girth that’ll give you a full feeling when inserted, and has a wide base for added clitoral or perineum stimulation. I’d highly recommend this toy, especially if you love g-spot stimulation and serious power!

9. Je Joue Nuo

The Je Joue Nuo is a quiet, body safe anal plug sex toy for couples play. With five speeds and seven different patterns, as well as the ability to be controlled by your partner by remote or through the smart phone app, the Nuo is perfect for anyone looking to take the next step in the world of anal play. It also has two motors, so you can have internal and external stimulation at the same time! This is an amazing toy for anyone looking to explore anal play further, or get a pleasurable upgrade to their anal toy collection.

10. Ovo A1 Cock Ring

All I can say is, where has this cock ring been all my life? The absolute sleek and stunning design of the Ovo A1, followed by the amazing intense vibrations, and long lasting battery life have me head over heels. This product is an absolute must, and anyone looking to get maximum pleasure from a small innovative product, needs to add this to their collection.

Honorable Mention – We Vibe Nova

We-Vibe’s Nova is nothing less than the superstar it’s said to be! Aimed at fixing a common problem other rabbit vibrators share- clitoral attachments that don’t quit maintain contact during play- the Nova has a flexible, widely curved arm that applies the perfect amount of pressure to the clit while moving with the body. Combine that with its variety of patterns and speeds, this toy has something for everyone from those craving low, buzzy vibes to quick and intense throbbing sensations.

Top 10 Best Other Toys

These are the toys that came close to perfection… you just can’t get better than this!

1. Njoy Pure Wand

The Pure Wand by njoy quickly became one of my top-toys. It’s sleek, beautiful design makes it appealing to both the eyes and our most inner erogenous zones. Njoy is known for their attention to quality and pleasure, and the Pure Wand exemplifies both. With a curvature designed for optimal G- and P-spot stimulation, this toy lives up to its promise of delivering orgasm after orgasm. However, due to its larger size and design, I would recommend it to more experienced sex toy users – or those who prefer a larger girth, and don’t mind a serious g-spot massage.

2. Njoy Pure Plug

Njoy, the company known for its absolutely gorgeous Pure Wand, is the premier maker of stainless steel sex toys, an amazing toy material that is beyond fabulous and high-quality. Their Pure Plug’s beautiful, sleek design begs to be used on your more intimate areas, and is especially fabulous as a small yet weighty and incredibly pleasurable plug. Known for their attention to quality and pleasure, nJoy knocks it out of the park with this curvy toy perfect for anal play or P-spot stimulation. This toy lives up to its promise of quality, while delivering unparalleled pleasure.

3. WeVibe Tango Pleasure Mates

I’m obsessed with the WeVibe Pleasure Mate Collection. I can’t stop raving about it and can’t think of a single friend I wouldn’t recommend it to. With so many options for stimulation, it’s enough to make me come… and keep me coming back for more! This is definitely, hands-down, an A+++ toy not only in my personal collection, but out of all the toys ever reviewed on site.

4. Crystal Delights Faux Cheetah Tail

The Crystal Delights Faux Cheetah Tail butt plug is designed to look incredibly sexy all while being pleasurable. Simply put, I love this toy. It was incredible playing with it and channeling my inner sex kitten. While it had a few downfalls, it is probably my favorite toy I’ve played with all year. Not necessarily because it was intensely pleasurable, but just because it was so much fun to play around with. It expertly walked the line between deliciously kinky and adorably cute, especially when paired with a collar…

5. Liberator Wedge

Every once in a while, we all could use a little help to get us into that perfect position. Whether it’s getting the angle of doggy style just right, or propping your hips up just enough to perfectly hit your g-spot… you don’t need to have yoga-style flexibility or want to do contortionist-inspired moves to benefit from some sex furniture. And I’m not taking sex swings or bondage chairs (though all of that is lovely…) I’m talking about little pillows and props to help make sex not only more comfortable, but more pleasurable, especially when you’re holding positions for a bit longer than you expected. For that, we have the Liberator Wedge, the perfect piece of sex furniture to get you into just the right position.

6. Realdoe Feeldoe Double Ended Dildo

The Realdoe Feeldoe Double Ended Dildo is by far one of the most unique toys I’ve seen, especially for partnered play, and especially in regards to strap ons. While the design might not be right for everyone, it worked really well for my partner and I, and I especially loved using it with a harness for extra control and comfort. It gave me the additional sensation I crave and made our experience feel even more connected. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s into strap-on play, or even someone who’s looking for their first partner toy!

7. Wand Essentials

While the powerful vibes of my magic wand do it for me, more than just my external bits often need attention. Wand Essentials has a variety of options for those looking to add a little something extra to their Hitachi experience. I was lucky enough to try out four of their attachments, and while some were up my alley and others weren’t so much, it’s definitely clear that there’s a body-safe, easy-to-use attachment from this brand for everyone.

8. Tantus Uncut

Tantus is well-known for making incredible silicone toys, and while we’ve reviewed tons of Tantus toys in the past… nothing quite compares to the Uncut #1 and Uncut #2 (review of both here) – the first line of uncircumcised dildos I’ve personally seen, and quickly came to love. With a realistic shape and dual density silicone (featuring a firm interior and soft exterior, just like the real thing) Tantus changed the traditional circumcised “realistic” dildo to a version more natural (and to our European friends, much more common in real life). While uncircumcised dildos may exist out there, they’re certainly not popularized. So I’m more than thrilled that Tantus upped their game by bringing this peen to the mainstream. I totally love it! If you’re looking for an ultra-high-end dildo that will last a lifetime, definitely turn to Tantus, and give this one in particular a try!

9. Unbound Box

Created with us gals in mind, Unbound is a subscription service and online retailer helping women and couples bring more excitement into their sex lives, skipping the sometime awkward in-store and overwhelming online shopping experiences. This company has a passion for liberation, especially from sexual confinements, and embracing and owning one’s sexuality, which we love! Their subscription box offers the ideal way to get top-notch adult items on a continual basis (or whenever is best for you) for much less than retail value. You can get their traditional subscription box, or our custom curated SGP exclusive box (reviewed here)!

10. Kama Sutra Massage Oil

Every night stand should have at least one good massage oil, ready to heighten the sensuality of any intimate encounter. That’s exactly what Kama Sutra, a company dedicated to bringing more luxury and joy to romance, strived to create with their line of Naturals Massage Oils. With soft, silky textures and sweet scents derived from natural ingredients, these massage oils are perfect to use during any relaxing massage, and even work as everyday body oils, leaving the skin nourished throughout the day. I had the pleasure of trying their Massage Oil in Coconut Pineapple, a deliciously fresh melange of tropical flavors, which has become an instant fav!

Top 5 Best for Beginners

These are toys that are under $50, reasonably high-quality, with moderate vibrations and functions that will probably please a beginner. There were so many fabulous low-cost toys this year, we couldn’t stop at just 10! Here’s our top 20.

  1. Adam & Eve Vibrating Silver Bullet 2.0 – This simple, low-cost bullet was my first toy, and an amazing one at that! It’s still one I reach for when I want something simple, portable, and sure to get me off.
  2. Lia G-Kiss – This versatile toy makes masturbating comfortable, fun, and incredibly pleasurable – especially for a beginner.
  3. 50 Speeds of Play Grey Steele – This toy has an amazing amount of variety and power for a relatively low price.
  4. The Heavenly Heart C-Ring – With light vibrations and a pretty design, I found myself having some of the most intense orgasms of my life, and one of the best sex sessions me and my partner have ever had.
  5. The Body Wand Mini – This little fella was perfect for a beginner, and enticing enough to capture our attention. We definitely weren’t disappointed!

Top 3 Worst Sex Toys

  1. Deeply Love You Throat Relaxing Spray – The effects of the spray started to wear off within minutes, but never completely disappeared which caused for a very unpleasant sensation of partial numbness. Being only half able to feel my throat made me gag… A LOT.
  2. Screaming O Double O Cock Ring – This cock ring is made of a porous material, had one weak vibration setting, and made my clit sore!
  3. Durex Play Pina Colada Lube – From the super-sweet, chemical-like taste to the low-quality ingredients and sticky sensation – there was much better choices out there for a flavored lube.

Best 5 BDSM

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey Beginners Kit – This kit is perfect for someone who is looking to take a step into the kinky world. The kit includes restraints, a blindfold, and a paddle, all outfitted in black and grey silk. If you’re interested in BDSM, I would highly recommend this quality beginner’s kit to start (or add to) your journey!
  2. Sportsheets Expandable Spreader Bars and Cuffs – This bar is designed to keep your legs bound and spread beyond your control. The experience is incredibly sexy, restraining, and can help keep you all tied up even in tricky positions.
  3. Fetish Fantasy Bed Restraint System – This system works with any mattress, adjusting and fitting snugly, and features an attachable ball gag and metal cuffs. Its ‘all black with silver accents’ coloring adds to the deviant provocativeness associated with that of dominance and submission.
  4. Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Bondage Chair – With strong cuffs for restraining the wrists, arms, and ankles, it’s like the all-grown-up version of those oh’ so popular blow up chairs I had as a teenager.
  5. Pipedream Wartenberg Wheel –  While it can cause some pain, the wheel is smaller than many others, with spikes that will not break skin, while more high-quality wheels tend to have sharper spikes for more intense play.

Lube of the Year

Uberlube, the premier silicone lubricant on the market, comes in various sizes – one of which is an adorable little vial. I thought it was adorable, but when I opened it up to use it, it proved to be so much more than that. The lube enhances the feel of skin-to-skin contact, and is so silky smooth that is feels entirely natural. Surely, it’s the most incredible high quality lubricant I’ve ever tried.

Toy Company of the Year

We were consistently blown away with the high quality and powerful vibrations of WeVibe’s toys this year. So, we have no hesitation naming WeVibe our favorite toy company of the year. Their products live up to their quality promise, delivering power and pleasurable designs, topped off with luxury accents – like rechargeable features, couples vibes, waterproof designs, interactive apps, nice quality packaging, and more. We’ve reviewed the Tango (a powerful bullet, our #1 best toy of 2014, and still a top favorite), the Touch (a handheld clitoral vibe, and our #2 best toy of 2015), the WeVibe Classic (their original couples vibrator, and our #3 best toy of this year), the WeVibe 4 (the redesigned couples vibrator, and our #7 best toy of 2014), the Rave (an internal vibrator, and our #4 best toy of this year), the Nova (a rabbit vibrator, and our honorable mention this year), and the Tango Pleasure Mates (attachments to the Tango, and our #3 best non-vibrating toy this year) – all of which were perfection, or very close to it!

Lingerie of the Year

Every slutty girl needs a bit of lingerie. Whether it’s something flirty and girly – sensual and stunning – or scandalously show-stopping… lingerie can set the mood and bring your deepest fantasies to reality. The right lingerie can transform you into an irresistible sex kitten, with a boost of confidence that will stay with you throughout your session (and beyond)! Yet, buying lingerie isn’t always as simple as slipping on the perfect piece. It’s important to find the right lingerie for your body, a fit that flatters your curves, and a designer that uses high-quality materials to keep your lingerie lasting beyond a few light wears. Beyond that, there are very few in-person stores that carry quality lingerie – so we’re often left sorting through online retailers, unsure if their quality meets our high standards, their sizing is flexible, and their customer service is helpful.

We strayed away from traditional lingerie this year, and instead picked something irresistibly cozy to feel sexy and comfy in, whether you’re with your bae or just lounging around the house. For that, turn to Ginch Gonch, the makers of creative undergarments that are as comfortable as they are cute. If you’re hoping to turn up the heat with something sexier, check out our entire lingerie collection here!

Toys that Gave Me Nightmares

We had a lucky year, and NONE of the toys we reviewed were this horrific! Whew!

My Favorite Review

OMG Yes, the interactive site to enhance your orgasmic pleasure, was by far the coolest thing we reviewed this year. I brought five virtual women to orgasm in 15 minutes… and learned all about my body, and how to make MY orgasms even better, with one amazing, must-have thing for every woman and her partners. OMG Yes, the ultimate resource for learning about the practical application of female pleasure. It has pro-tips on improving communication about intimacy with your partner, as well as developing your own orgasmic potential, with an interface that’s beautiful, classy, intersectional, and includes virtual vulvas.

The pro tips are the result of a compilation of over 2000 interviews and surveys performed by The Kinsey Institute and Indiana University to find out more about female pleasure. Basically, a group of researchers, filmmakers, engineers, designers and sexologists identified taboos present in the way we are socialized to discuss female gratification, and wanted to create a ‘vocabulary’ that would better describe the way in which women experience pleasure and orgasm.

Seriously, you need to check out OMG Yes – right now!

Most Unique, Innovative, & Creative

Kiiroo’s Long Distance Couples toys combine technology and toys in an amazing way to bring long-distance couples remote, interactive pleasure. With new “teledildonic” technology, Kirroo produced Pearl (a female vibrator) and Onyx (a male masturbator) which allows couples who aren’t together geographically the ability to get it on. They also work in male/male or female/female combinations!

Best Novelty

We didn’t review any novelty or humorous toys this year… but we’ll be looking out for double the trouble next year!

Romance Product

If you want to dive into the world of champagne, roses, bubble baths, and massages… look no further than Kama Sutra, the beautiful pleasure products designed to inspire desire and intimacy. From massage candles and oils to luxurious bubble baths and beauty products, Kama Sutra has thought of it all!

My Man’s Favorite

My partner loved the Aneros Vice, and I especially loved joining the experience. If you are looking for a toy that is specifically designed to target your prostate, the Vice is ready to please. Partners, if you’re looking to get in on the action, get a little more intimate with your partner, and learn more about the levels of their pleasure — time to give the Vice a whirl. The vibrations aren’t for beginners, but you can always leave the vibrator off and let the silicone toy massage your prostate all by itself. I strongly suggest this toy to anyone in search of a prostate stimulator and definitely plan on using this in the future with my partner. Enjoy!

There you have it! A quick guide of all our favorites and most hated’s of the last year.

What about you? Did you discover an incredible toy in 2016? Which toys did you want to throw out of a moving car?? Share with us in the comments below!