Are you looking for a more intense and satisfying experience than your current vibrator can provide? Something new to stimulate your senses? If so, the Snail Vibe just might be the answer to all of your pleasure-seeking prayers.

This truly innovative toy boasts the vibrating power of a high-quality wand, the insertion depth of a deliciously girthy dildo, and the moan-inducing dual stimulation of a rabbit vibe — all in one elegant, snail-shaped package. 

And thanks to this snail’s unique Spiral Head design, you’ll also be spoiled with constant clitoral contact during penetration. Need we say more?

Bid adieu to your once-trusty, soon-to-be dusty bedside vibe. It’s time to reach new heights of erotic bliss.

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The Snail Vibe hot pink vibrator being held in low, pink lighting.


Exploring the Best Rabbit Vibrator

Discover a world of sensational pleasure with groundbreaking techniques created by two of the most celebrated sexologists of our time: Dr. Helen Kaplan and Edward Eichel. 

Unleash a new level of ecstasy with “The Bridge Technique” developed by Dr. Kaplan, which connects your erogenous zones in a whole new way. This innovative technique stimulates both the clitoris and vagina through a combination of movement and vibrations that you control with the touch of a button. 

The result? A mind-blowing experience where a clitoral orgasm turns into a vaginal one (or vice versa) with ease. With this powerful duo of pleasure, the Snail Vibe is the perfect sex toy for both internal and external stimulation, giving you complete control over your pleasure. 

Take your pleasure even further with the Coital Alignment Technique, a position created by the trailblazing sexologist, Edward Eichel. This powerful sex position prioritizes the clit, as waves of pressure and counter-pressure build inside through rocking strokes, just like the motion of the Snail Vibes’ flexible Spiral Head. 

With the Snail Vibe, you can recreate this position on your own with a toy, as you experience simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation and explore new depths of intimacy and sensation like never before.

So, why settle for less when you can experience the ultimate sexual ecstasy with the help of two of the most revolutionary sexologists of our time? Explore all the juicy details of the Snail Vibe in use below…


The Snail Vibe, curled for intense clitoral stimulation.


The Snail Vibe’s Design – Quiet and Waterproof Vibrator

Made from 100% body-safe and medical-grade silicone, this toy features two powerful motors that deliver targeted vibrations to your clitoris and g-spot, putting you in complete control of your sensual experience with just a simple button click. Plus, each motor can be used independently or together for blended stimulation — featuring a flexible spiral head with one motor and an insertable pleasure point with the other. 

With independent motor controls and an easy-grip handle, the Snail Vibe puts you in full command of your pleasure. Adjust the spiral head to unfurl and enhance the insertable length, while the smooth and solid shaft ensures seamless stimulation. Don’t forget to enhance your experience with the aid of a silicone-friendly lubricant, which will reduce friction and intensify sensations!

The Snail Vibe can also make a bath or shower increasingly more exciting as it’s waterproof, boasting an IP67 rating meaning it can be fully submerged. 

Additionally, its quiet operation at under 45db ensures that your use remains discreet, allowing you to focus solely on your pleasure without interruptions. So, whether you are enjoying some alone time or exploring with a partner, the only sounds you will hear will be your own or your partner’s sweet moans of ecstasy!


Snail Vibe vibrator in its hot pink case.


An All-Powerful Rabbit Vibrator

The Snail Vibe is highly customizable, offering two motors with over 600 combinations of robust vibrations, five modes, and five speeds, for a truly tailored experience.

Combining the features of a wand and a rabbit vibrator, its flexible spiral design graciously gives unwavering stimulation to both the clit and the G-spot at the same time – as Snail Vibe calls it, Syncro Stimulation

Upon penetration, the vibrating ball atop (which provides clitoral pleasure) remains in its place, allowing for constant contact. As you deepen the penetration, the flexible spiral gradually unfurls, while the clitoral ball maintains its position. 

Controlling the insertable motor and the clitoral motor is pretty straightforward, too, and each has its own set of buttons which you can find on the opposite end of the vibrator.


A woman's hand holding the pink and powerful rabbit vibrator.


How Intense is the Snail Vibe Vibrator?

Upon powering on the vibe, the vibrations will automatically start at a calm 20% intensity. This serves as the initial setting for all modes, and each mode can be increased to five different intensities. To increase the intensity, simply click the “+” button, and each click will raise the vibration intensity by 20%. So, you’ll start at 20%, then 40%, 60%, 80%, and the fifth click reaching the maximum intensity of 100%.

Mode 1: Constant and Steady Vibrations

In Mode 1, you’ll experience a consistent and unwavering vibration. The intensity can be adjusted as desired, providing a continuous sensation tailored to your preference.

Mode 2: Quick Buzz and Break

Mode 2 offers a unique pattern of quick vibrations followed by short breaks. This alternating sequence creates a pulsating sensation that adds variety to your playtime.

Mode 3: Plateau Pattern

With Mode 3, the vibrations follow a plateau pattern. They start off strong, gradually decrease in intensity midway, and then ramp up again. This pattern offers a delicious dynamic and changing experience that is sure to keep you begging for more!

Mode 4: Buzz, Break, and Steady Buzz

Mode 4 brings back the familiar buzz and break pattern but with a slight twist. This time, it includes a steady buzz in the middle before returning to the buzz and break sequence. The combination of steady and intermittent vibrations adds a unique element.

Mode 5: Intensity Peaks and Valleys

In Mode 5, the vibrations begin at a low intensity and quickly escalate, only to descend again. This fluctuating pattern creates peaks and valleys of intensity, delivering an incredibly arousing experience. 

By offering a range of modes with adjustable intensity levels, the Snail Vibe guarantees a fully customizable experience to perfectly suit your preferences and explore something new!


A close-up image of the Snail Vibe's rounded heads and multi-power control.


How to Use the Snail Vibe

  1. Insert the toy, aligning the spiral ball with your clitoris.
  2. Press and hold either of the upper (+) buttons to activate the vibration. Tap (+) to increase intensity (five levels available).
  3. To access different patterns, press and hold the (~) buttons. Choose from one steady-state option and four pattern variations.
  4. Employ the farthest ball (with the controls) as your handle and thrust the toy inward. If properly aligned and suitable for your body, the spiral ball should remain in contact with your clitoris during thrusting.
  5. To deactivate each motor, press and hold the corresponding (+) and (~) buttons.

After use, you can store your Snail Vibe in the accompanying discreet storage case that comes with every vibrator, making it perfect for a weekend getaway or checked luggage.

Adding to its convenience, it’s USB rechargeable, taking two hours to reach a full charge, which allows you approximately one hour of non-stop erotic entertainment. However, with the brilliantly quirky yet effective design, you’ll probably experience a mind-blowing orgasm in less than 15!

To get a better idea of how the Snail Vibe works its magic, you can actually try their interactive Snail Vibe simulator to control a 3D Snail Vibe from the comfort of your own bedroom. On the simulator on the bottom of their site, you can rock the slider from side to side to see the Snail Vibe’s fantastic range of motion and test out the independent motor controls to find the perfect combination of mode, intensity, and motion. It even simulates vibration sounds that correlate with each mode!



Versatile and Customizable Pleasure Experience

Whether you prefer external or internal stimulation, the Snail Vibe has got you covered. Use the flexible clitoral stimulator for an external vibrator experience, massaging your clitoris and labia with the vibrations. Or, use the vibrator on the shaft alone for internal sensation!

For even more pleasure, apply lube liberally to the shaft and clitorial swirl, and turn on both motors to experience the intense sensations of dual clitoral and g-spot stimulation. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try the Syncro Stimulation mode and revel in the exquisite sensations of a blended orgasm. 

Overall, the Snail Vibe is an ultimate pleasure tool for anyone who wants to experience mind-blowing blended orgasms and explore their sexuality. Its powerful motors, customizable settings, and innovative design make it a must-have toy for anyone’s collection. 

Gone are the days of struggling with multiple toys or trying to awkwardly maneuver one toy to “do it all”. With the Snail Vibe, you can tailor your pleasure and enjoy the experience without any limitations. So, if you are ready to take your sensual experiences to the next level, I’d say it’s the perfect new toy to help you achieve that!

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