Crotchless, lacy, string – oh, the choices for sexy panties are endless. But which panties should you wear with that tight black dress, or with that flowy mini skirt? Should you even wear panties at all?

I never usually have a problem picking out a daily outfit, but when it comes to the ideal underwear for a sexy occasion, I stand naked before my mirror and get very flustered about what is suitable for the occasion. Finding the most comfortable and sexy (bonus points for sustainable) panties is a struggle. That’s why we’ve done some digging into the perfect panty pairings, and share the organic panty brand we’re obsessed with.


Three women wearing WAMA's black organic underwear.


Comfortable Bikini Underwear

With baggy jeans and maxi skirts being hot trends, we’re free to wear the most comfortable panties imaginable – bikini underwear. One of our favorite brands, WAMA, even creates ultra-comfy, sustainable, organic cotton and hemp panties you’ll want to wear everyday.

These are perfect for any loose-fitting clothing, whether that’s a flowy mini skirt or a pair of boyfriend jeans.


A pair of black lacy panties next to a donut.


Teeny Tiny String Panties

If you’re enjoying a tight flare jean moment or sporting a tight dress, a v-string is your best friend. These tiny tangles of string eliminate the fear of panty lines. Plus, ones your jeans come off, the minimal coverage the strings offer is crazy sexy. These are the perfect sexy panties for an intimate date night or casual romantic rendezvous.



Playful Panties

Tie-up ribbons, lace inserts, chains – they might even be crotchless panties. 

These are the knickers that you will most likely be able to pull off without them showing beneath your jeans, while being a most exciting option for when your pants come off. However, lace and chains might not be the best options for a bodycon.


A woman wearing nude seamless panties.


Seamless Panties

When wearing these sexy panties, you feel seamless and nearly naked – as if they just perfectly blend along your curves. They’re incredibly comfortable and are easily hidden under any bottom you might choose. Whether you’re opting for jeans or a dress, these will leave you without a trace of panty lines. 


A woman wearing lacy underwear with cut outs along the front.


French Lace Panties

Girly and erotically innocent, these panties are a sweet and sexy choice. Keeping the original white color will make your skin glow, no matter your tone. But for the color crazies, any color will do if you have a bra to match, or clash. A flowing skirt won’t show all the embroidery or pattern of the lace, and the coverage keeps everything in its happy place.


Women wearing black, lacy thongs.


Lace Thong Underwear

By keeping any obvious lines off the butt cheeks you place emphasis on the shape of your butt and the fact that it will be popping out later to say hello. I’d also without a doubt pick out the ‘nothing but’ lace thong – all there is to it is a thin lace. If they are a bit funkier they may have a charm stitched on the front. 

These are a safe option, wearable in any outfit choice, regardless of the fit of your skirt or jeans.. 


A woman wearing black underwear and a black lace garter belt.


Garter Belt and Stockings

To spice things up a bit, if you have gone for a dress, chances are, your dress was made to be ripped off. If ever you are feeling super frisky, I would opt for a garter belt and stockings: only if you can stand the idea of maybe having to adjust it every time you use the toilet. Although they are smokingly sexy, these kinds of things are high maintenance underwear, especially when worn under clothes in public. So, wear these with caution.




No Panties? No Problem!

Sometimes, the sexiest panties you can wear are no panties! Your date would be delighted to hear you’ve opted for no panties beneath your long, tight dress, or even under your mini skirt if you’re brave enough. 


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