Why We Love It

To start, it rhymes. But why we really love Valentine’s Day Lingerie is because it gives us a chance to dress up and feel sexy for a special occasion. The best part about The Feast of St. Valentine is that it gives us the courage (or an excuse) to indulge in a sexual fantasy we’ve been dreaming up… and lingerie is all part of playing into our fantasies. Who doesn’t love to seduce while looking gorgeous? Wearing lingerie is a tool we can use to initiate sex, and make it all about us women.

Why Wear It?

Remember, ladies, wearing lingerie is just as much for you as it is for him, if not more. Lingerie can make us feel sexy, sweet, naughty, and even empowered… but the best part of wearing it is that you set the mood. Wearing lingerie is like throwing your own costume party, where all those involved must follow the dress code. Enhance your relationship or just spice up the night (or afternoon delight) by inspiring a sensual experience. Who would have thought you could set the mood in such minimal clothing?

Sweet as Sugar

Cupid may have shot you with an arrow, but you can take it easy on him by wearing some pinks and whites that will sweetly express your playfulness. Pieces such like playful baby dolls, lace nightgowns, and flowered teddies make you irresistibly lovable… and bring that “good girl” charm with a naughty streak right into the bedroom.

Bad to the Bone

I’m not talking whips and chains here (although I don’t judge)… but some “bad girl” talk is more up my alley. If you’re down for a little more kink this Valentine’s Day, bring a little more black and leather to spice and seduce your night away.

Cater To You

Although we should have this down by now, we must admit we may not feel comfortable accentuating every lady lump from head to toe. If we feel that way about our jeans, why would sexy undies be any different? If you’re self-conscious about your thighs and lower half – cover up your bum and accentuate your breasts. Or, if your itty bitties aren’t your favorite feature, wear something higher, like a corset, and opt for a thong to show off your best assets. There are so many combinations out there, you are bound to find something you feel beautiful in. Too embarrassed to try these garments on?  Order online and make sure to check for an accommodating return policy!

Our Favorites

Our top favorite places to shop from head to toe would have to be Lovehoney and Eden Fantasys, both of which have a range of delicious lingerie to fit every body and budget. Purchases from Eden Fantasy’s even come with a free gift and 3 free lube samples! If you’re looking for something a bit more non-traditional, check out Upscale Stripper and get ready to have your mind blown. If you’re looking for something totally kink-tastic, we’d recommend Pierre Silber, our favorite place to get seriously naughty.

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