Unbound is back with another stunning, curated package just in time for Valentine’s Day – their Ovaries Before Brovaries box! Filled with over $90 of stunning jewelry (one of which doubles as a sexy BDSM accessory), plus a cheeky sticker and pheromone infused lollipop, this box glamorous and a total steal for just $28. We can’t get enough of Unbound’s sexy, sleek style plus commitment to high quality. Want to check out more from Unbound? Try their Galentine’s Day Box, which we reviewed here and LOVED!

This box is no longer available, but you can still
get some of these products at Unbound here!

Sexy, Chic Accessories

Unbound wants you to “shower the women you love with gifts” – including, obviously, yourself. So, they created this sexy box for someone who might not want toys, per se… but certainly loves good fashion with a sense of feminist, sensual spark.

First up is a piece of sexy, feminist fashion (did you think that was a thing? We didn’t… until we found this necklace!) The Venus Necklace is an 18K plated gold necklace which delicately rests a charm in the shape of the female “Venus” symbol at the bottom. Designed by Unbound, this empowering charm subtly displays your feminine power. The necklace is light, thin, and beautifully dainty – with a 30 inch chain and a 1.5 inch long charm. You could dress it up or down, as part of your everyday wear or as a sleek statement piece.

Also designed in house, Unbound’s Bangle Handcuff is a simple, sexy statement piece that doubles as a sleek BDSM prop. You can stack them to wear on one wrist, or utilize the chain for some light BDSM play. These handcuffs are delicate, though, so aren’t meant for rough play. They come in silver of 18K gold plated stainless steel, and are just the right size to fit most wrists.

Also included is Unbound’s signature “Feminist as Fuck” sticker to show your pride, and a pheromone infused lollipop, with delicious aphrodisiacs to give your libido a sugar rush.

Btw, let us just mention that Unbound’s packaging is also totally sexy. This box would be perfect to give as a gift, as it’s all wrapped in red and designed to make anyone’s jaw drop upon opening. Including yours when you treat yo’self for V-Day!


Unbound’s Ovaries Before Brovaries Box is undeniably gorgeous. The selection of products is simply lovely, with a chic yet sensual feel that’s rarely found in fashion. Plus, the handcuff bangles are totally functional! We can’t get enough of Unbound, and with $90 worth of beautiful products in this box, you can get some of their most coveted items at a steal, just in time for V-day.

This box is no longer available, but you can still
get some of these products at Unbound here!

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