August and September mean back to school season. This year, are you living with roommates or sharing a dormitory? While there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to using sex toys, it’s just not considered polite to use your loud vibrator that can be heard through thin college dorm walls. That being said, We can’t get enough of these toys! They’re either whisper quiet, designed to not look like a sex toy (so there will be no suspicion when you forget to put it away or leave it out to air dry after cleaning), or are so cute your roommate will want one too!

Quiet Toys

These vibrating toys are whisper quiet. The person in the next dorm room over won’t hear your toy buzzing at all, but you will still enjoy mind-blowing orgasms. It’s a win-win!

LELO Mona 2

This toy has a ton of variety – and the vibration speeds, patterns, and combinations would be fabulous for anyone looking to explore different sensations. From just one charge, you can get up to 2 hours of continuous use. You can also travel-lock this toy, so it won’t accidentally turn on in your bag. The entire toy is pretty quiet, and couldn’t quite be heard through a closed door. If you live with others, you’ll be safe to play with this toy!

Get it at LELO for $169.
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LELO Siri 2

This vibration would be perfect for nearly anyone, because it has a lot of power without being overwhelming. The vibrations are concentrated in the silicone portion of the toy, exactly where you want them to be, allowing you to get pin-point pleasure or a more broad sensation.

Get it at LELO for $159.
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OhMiBod blueMotion Nex 2

Physically, the Nex 2 is appealing and non-intimidating. Beginners will love its small size, while I really enjoy the fact that it’s almost phallic in shape. The curves and slightly githier tip make it great for G-spot stimulation once inserted. At 6.5 inches, four inches are insertable, and this toy is 4.5 inches at its girthiest. The Nex 2 is ideal for both external and internal use, especially given the curve along the shaft that can cradle your labia or clit. The size is manageable, discreet, and slim and the silicone that the Nex 2 is made from is completely body safe and phthalate free. Yay!

Get it at Peepshow Toys for $129.
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We-Vibe Rave

I love the Rave’s vibrations. They’re easy to control, and since I like a little more power, they really hit the spot. If you like less power, that’s an option, too! The vibes tingle throughout the entirety of the toy, making for a truly satisfying experience.

Get it at Lovehoney for $120.
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Though small, the vibrations coming from this toy are powerful. The flattened front rests comfortably against the clit, applying the perfect amount of pressure. Buzzy vibes travel through it and the rounded head, while the “beak” delivers pinpointed stimulation. I was even more impressed with how quiet this massager is – it was virtually silent when against my body. So, all of you embracing the dorm life or living with your parents, this toy’s noise level is ideal.

Get it at Vibease for $99.
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Clandestine Mimic

When I heard about Clandestine Devices, I immediately wanted to try out one of their toys. Their brand name says it all, and the Mimic did exactly as promised on the box; it’s my best kept secret. With mid-level buzzy vibes, this is the perfect handheld massager for beginners or those looking for a quiet, luxurious option for playtime.

Get it at SheVibe for $99.
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Fun Factory Darling Devil

The vibrations coming from the Fun Factory Darling Devil are deep and well-felt throughout most of the shaft. Paired with the added sensation from the textured ridges, it is nothing short of absolute pleasure. When used internally, the horns at the tip don’t make much of a difference, BUT their inward pointing shape works wonders on the clit during fully external stimulation.

Get it at GoodVibes for $90.
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We-Vibe Tango

It comes in either pink or blue, and looks very sleek and compact regardless of your color choice. I love how cute and compact it is. You could literally bring it in your clutch without a second thought, and could definitely travel with it with no fuss.

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Lovelife Cuddle

Being that I have a roommate and live some place with very, very thin walls, I like quieter toys and the Cuddle is just that. I don’t find the noise to be distracting, which is the case with some of the vibrators on the market these days and I like that the noise isn’t distracting if I am trying to watch porn.

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Screaming O Charged Positive

Despite it’s tiny design, this vibrator has satisfying vibrations that are fairly deep throughout the toy. They are powerful enough to please even experienced users, yet wouldn’t be overpowering for a beginner. I’d recommend starting slow, and working up to the higher settings. It’s not very loud, so don’t worry about waking up your roommates – even if they’re light sleepers.

Get it at SheVibe for $40.
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Rocks Off Bamboo Mini Vibe

This adorable little bullet by Rocks Off is small, but it packs a punch. The Bamboo Mini Vibe is small enough to fit in one hand, sleek, cool, and just about everything you want in a bullet vibe. It’s reasonably powerful, with 10 different vibration speeds and patterns, and is easy to use with a single button. The metallic finish and angled design makes this stand out in my toy drawer, and the power and patterns impress me enough to keep it on top. At just $25, this vibrator is the best bullet you can get!

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Toys in Disguise

What’s better than a sex toy? A sex toy hiding in plain site! These toys have unique designs so you can keep them on display without anyone suspecting what you really use them for.

Womanizer 2GO

Designed to be a go-to travel buddy, this luxuriously feminine vibe mimics the look of lipstick, just on a much larger scale, and features a nice selection of vibration intensities.

Note: Womanizer is a great product for anyone with a clitoris, regardless of gender.

Get it at Peepshow Toys for $70.
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Crave Vesper

Blurring the lines of public and private, this sophisticated, high-quality necklace is the perfect accessory, and also a powerful external vibrator aimed to fulfill desires.

Get it at GoodVibes starting at $79.
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LELO Mia 2

The LELO Mia 2 has a delicate, gorgeous, luxurious deign that is sleek, discreet, and just lovely. At just a few inches tall, it could easily slip into your clutch or purse and look totally nonchalant. It is black with sleek metal details that look elegant and refined. IF it were in your nightstand, no one would know this little toy was one powerhouse of a vibrator.

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Bijoux Indiscrets Vibrating Diamond

It is a quality vibrator with strong vibrations sure to please nearly anyone. I was so pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it was. The vibrations levels are way more than I had anticipated, the versatility of the design is amazing, and the cute, luxurious style just adds to the pleasure. In my opinion, this vibrating diamond is a girl’s (or anyone with a clit’s) best friend!

Get it at Bijoux Indescrets for $60.
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Big Teaze – I Rub My Duckie

After giving it a try, it’s easily one of my favorite toys – and definitely a fabulous cheap vibrator. Not because of its vibrations, but for its adorable design. It would be the perfect novelty gift for a best-friend, sorority sister, or a bachelorette or birthday party (they’re all under $30). For me, it’s found a perfect place on my nightstand, nestled right next to a massage candle, and will be staying out even when company comes over.

Get it at SheVibe starting at $20.
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Cute Toys

Leaving your toy on the charger on your desk while you’re in class or to dry after cleaning beside the sink? While we hope you don’t experience sex toy shame, there are no worries of that here. If your roommate spots your toy, they’ll think it’s so adorable that they’ll ask you where you got it and buy one for themselves!

Je Joue Mimi Soft

I had the joy of trying the luxury, highly-rated Mimi Soft, an external vibrator that makes for a tantalizing massage when applied to some of our most erogenous zones. Its smooth, flat body is easy to hold onto while gliding across the skin, whether it be your own or your partner’s.

Get it at Lovehoney for $95.
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Emojibator Shark

The Shark Emojibator is definitely a conversation piece sure to have your BFFs or bae laughing – and going out to buy one themselves!

Get it at SheVibe for $89.
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Vibratex Mystic Wand

While I went into playing with this toy worried that it was going to be a knock-off of sorts, once turning it on I was immediately reminded of Vibratex’s great brand. The Mystic Wand is anything but a knock-off and definitely packs a punch! I’ve yet to experience a glitch with it and this massager has definitely earned its place as my new favorite external vibe.

Get it at GoodVibes for $72.
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Lovelife Dream

The Lovelife Dream is by far one of my new favorite vibrators. From high-quality materials to strong, unique pulse patterns – this vibe has everything I could have asked for, all topped off with a cute design, rechargeable ease, classy carrying pouch, and cute box for storage.

Get it at SheVibe for $69.
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Luxe Collection Princess Vibe

The Luxe Collection Princess Vibe is certainly luxe, and its diamond texture and demure ivory color bring to mind royalty without a doubt. But not only is it pretty to look at, it also packs quite a punch despite its small stature.

Get it at Adam & Eve for $60.
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Rocks-Off Bullet Bunny

Rocks-Off 10 speed Bullet Bunny is the ideal rabbit vibrator for beginners, or those who prefer very light vibrations. It’s motored by a bullet vibrator and has a silicone rabbit sleeve over top, making it the perfect 2-in-1 toy whether you want the pin-point vibrations of a bullet or the dual-eared vibrations of a rabbit! The bullet itself features light to moderate vibrations, however, the do not travel all the way through to the rabbit, which gives the rabbit portion a light tickling sensation. It’s the perfect size toy, and it will get you in the rabbit habit, if you’re new to rabbits!

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Evolved Fleur-De-Lis Seduction

When I first saw the Evolved Novelties de Lis Seduction I was automatically drawn to its beautiful simplicity. Being so slender and smooth, I could just tell that this design was meant to get me off. One of my first thoughts when I saw the Fleur-De-Lis was, “This can totally fit in my purse and I can bring it anywhere!” Because let’s face it, some times we can’t help getting turned on, and to be able to bring along your own personal ‘get off-er’ everywhere you go is ideal! With it being purple (my favorite color), body safe, waterproof, and having 10 different vibration functions, the Evolved Novelties de Lis Seduction is a beginner getter off-er’s best choice! It would also be perfect for anyone who prefers light to mid-level vibrations.

Get it at Adam & Eve for $30.
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Adam and Eve Venus Butterfly

The Adam & Eve Purple Venus Butterfly is great for someone looking to get a little more experimental with toys, without spending too much hard-earned money on one that might not be used often. Once you get this unique toy, which straps a pretty powerful vibrator right to your body, you’ll be using it all the time.

Editor’s Note: This toy is made from jelly, a porous material that is not our favorite. Please be aware that jelly is porous (meaning that bacteria develops in the pores and the toy cannot be properly cleaned) and that jelly contains phthalates (which are known to be toxic and can cause various types of reactions with your body, like pain and rashes). We make exceptions for unique, external toys like this one, and our reviewer did not experience a reaction, but it’s important to be aware of the risk.

Get it at Adam & Eve for $30.
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Emojibator Banana

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a simple and fun first toy, or are just as obsessed with emojis as I am and need to have something so cute and hilarious in your collection, the Banana Emojibator is the toy for you.

Get it at SheVibe for $29.
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The Emojibator Original

I don’t normally think of vibrators as conversation pieces, but this one definitely is. If you’re thinking of gifting a beginner friend with her (or his) first vibe, look no further. The Emojibator is so funny that if your friend winds up being a bit prudish, they’ll at least laugh their ass off.

Get it at The White Unicorn for $29.
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B Swish Bgee Classic

I really enjoyed this toy, even though it definitely wasn’t intense. Those looking to try out their first internal vibrator would certainly enjoy the Bgee, as would anyone who needs a little help locating their G-Spot. Next time one of my vibrator virgin friends heads to me for advice, this slim, user-friendly toy will be the first I recommend!

Get it at SheVibe for $22.
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Rocks Off RO-80mm

The Rocks Off RO-80mm vibrator is a simple, small, bullet clit vibrator that is packed with light to light-moderate vibrations that can push you over the edge if you’re new to toys or prefer lighter vibrations. It produces mostly surface level vibrations, and is perfect for a beginner. If you prefer moderate vibrations, it won’t be the favorite toy that you reach for first, but would be a good asset to your toy box. If you prefer strong vibrations, look elsewhere! Rocks Off makes the larger, more powerful RO-160mm in a similar style!

Get it at Adam & Eve for $20.
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Blush The Collection XOXO

It’s cute and easy to use. I love that the material is body-safe and that this toy is so quiet. This is the type of toy I plan to share with a partner who is new the world of sex toys, or to recommend to someone who reveals they have never used a vibrator! Overall, for the price, I think this toy is worth a try!

Get it at SheVibe for $15.
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Adam & Eve Vibrating Silver Bullet 2.0

With the hustle and bustle of every day life finding some time to spend with you, yourself and I can be difficult, but with this little guy all you need is a few minutes. It’s an inexpensive toy that gets the job done with zero fuss. It’s a must-have!

Get it at Adam and Eve for $10!
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We hope you have an awesome school year full of self-love.


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