Sex toys are a must-have for any slutty girl’s bedside drawer. Here at Slutty Girl Problems, we make an effort to provide honest, useful reviews for the best, worst, coolest, and most unique toys on the market. We also review BDSM toys, intimacy products like condoms and lubricant, lingerie, and unique health and beauty items.

In 2018, we reviewed plenty of sex toys and accessories. Whether our reviews are positive or negative or somewhere in between, they are always honest and detailed. Think of it like sharing the deets with your BFF over cocktails or coffee.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best toys and accessories of 2018, from vibrators to BDSM toys to lube and more. We link to our reviews where you can learn more as well as our trusted affiliate retailers where you can purchase these amazing items. At the bottom of each review, we share links to where you can buy these items at the lowest prices, plus exclusive coupons just for our readers. Enjoy!

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Top 10 Vibrators

1. We-Vibe Tango

I am in love with the We-Vibe Tango. It makes my clit happy. It makes my knees shake. It soothes my soul. It’s the strongest, rumbliest, most high-quality vibrator I’ve found for that size. You can also use it inside any dildo that takes a small bullet vibe, to turn it into a vibrator.

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2. Classic Rabbit Limited Edition Crystalized

If you’re looking for a high-quality rabbit vibrator to get you off time after time, this toy may be your match! Made from body-safe silicone, it features a sizable shaft in terms of girth, two independent motors, a variety of patterns, and unique “whiskers” for added sensation. Plus, it’s pretty design and blinged out handle gives it an even more high-end feel. I’d recommend The Classic Rabbit Crystalized to any experienced gal!

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3. LELO Mona 2

The LELO Mona 2 is truly a lovely luxury vibrator that I would recommend to absolutely everyone. The design absolutely divine, plus it’s sleek, discreet, easy to use, waterproof, easy to charge, and comes in a chic box with a lube, warranty, and satin storage pouch. The vibrations are rumbly and powerful, and the curved design is perfect for hitting your g-spot without any discomfort. The variety of speeds and patterns is a fabulous treat, and will please beginners and experienced toy users alike. With the Mona 2, LELO has crafted a gorgeous toy that’s luxurious and pleasurable all in one.

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4. LELO Siri 2

The LELO Siri 2 is absolutely divine, and much more powerful than I was expecting. It’s sleek, discreet, easy to use, waterproof, easy to charge, and comes in a chic box with a lube, warranty, and satin storage pouch. Surprisingly, the vibrations are incredibly rumbly and powerful for their small package, and the variety of speeds and patterns is truly exciting. They are very rumbly and high-quality, with a lot of variety, plus a nearly silent motor. This vibrator is really the complete package, and truly the mark of luxury! It’s gorgeous and perfect in every way, and I definitely expect that it will be among my favorites for this year.

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5. Sense Max SenseVibe Warm

I’m obsessed with the Sense Max SenseVibe Warm. This heated toy is perfect for self indulgence, and it’s become my new favorite. It’s quiet, discreet, and so luxurious. I can’t imagine getting over it any time soon.

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6. Zumio

Whether you’re looking for a vibrator that can make you climax in a matter of seconds or one your partner can use to tease you in the best of ways, the Zumio is perfect! With a unique design and intense vibes, this toy promises a variety of sensations for each external area of the vagina. This is one I’d recommend EVERY girl have in her collection!

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7. Hot Octopuss The Queen Bee

The Queen Bee is totally a next-level, luxurious clit stimulator with a totally unique piston-motion thats very powerful. Hot Octopuss has stepped up their game by making a toy so unique and easy-to-use, all with high-end features. I definitely feel this high quality toy is worth every penny!

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8. Clandestine Mimic

I love Clandestine’s Mimic. It’s gorgeous and, well, clandestine. I love that no one will find out that I’m enjoying some “me time” when I use this toy!

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9. SVAKOM Cookie

If you’re looking for unique external vibe to add to foreplay of simply enjoy alone, Cookie is a perfect choice! This high-quality toy has an enticing design, is easy to use, and sure to satisfy most power craving levels, from mild and diffused to quick and pinpointed. SVAKOM has done it again, with yet another amazing product!

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10. Vibratex Rechargeable Mystic Wand

With a curved, user-friendly design and range of vibrations, the Mystic is great for all levels of sex toy users and power-seekers. Its modern look is matched by a soft feel that brings about wondrous sensations while in use. Whether to arouse or simply relax an area of the body, this external body wand is a must-have in your collection!

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Top 5 Other Sex Toys

1. Njoy Pure Plug

The Pure Plug is by far my favorite anal toy that I’ve ever tried. It’s really a wonderful toy for all types of anal pleasure, regardless of the sensations you enjoy. Njoy did an amazing job with the design of the Pure Plug, whether you like thrusting, rocking, or a massaging motion. This toy is the perfect addition to any avid sex toy user’s pleasure chest, and I would absolutely highly recommend it!

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2. Fun Factory The Boss

The Fun Factory Boss is an incredible dildo in all respects. High-quality materials, fabulous design, and a suction cup base. Who could ask for more?! The curves of the head are designed perfectly for maximum pleasure, and the material is simply divine. It’s a great toy for thrusting and fullness, which is a hard combination to come by. I’d absolutely recommend this toy to anyone looking to explore their g-spot with a toy that will easily rival your most well-endowed partners. It’s beyond fabulous – and quick to become a favorite in my personal naughty drawer.

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3. Wet for Her Fusion

Overall, this is an amazing addition to anyone’s toy box. From its elegant curves to its sumptuous velvety finish, I love everything about the Fusion. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, it’s sure to please anyone’s preferences.

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4. Tantus Sport

The Tantus Sport blows my g-spot’s mind in a way that I haven’t experienced since my first rendezvous with a curved penis… it was beyond delightful. It was knee-shaking, sheet-gripping, bed-wetting orgasmic. It gives me the kind of orgasms that fraternity brothers rumor about and porn stars brag about. It’s a fabulous option for anyone who hasn’t found their g-spot yet, or girls who have, but are looking to finally have the mythical orgasm that accompanies it’s stimulation. It’s a great starter toy, explorer toy, or every day toy for a gal who likes penetration, but not to be stretched beyond her means. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!

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5. Broad City Butt Plug

YAAAAAS Queen, there is an official Broad City butt plug. It’s called the Ass Of An Angel Silicone Butt Plug. It made me say “Carpe DAYUM” like Ilana’s thought bubble on the packing! It was soft, smooth, easy to clean, and relatively easy to insert.

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Best Oral Sex Simulators

1. LELO Sona Cruise

I’m obsessed with this oral simulator. I can’t wait to play with it again and again! If you don’t already have an oral simulator in your toy chest or are looking to upgrade to something newer, sleeker, and more powerful, than the SONA Cruise is for you!

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2. Womanizer Pro W500 (Deluxe)

I loved the two new levels of vibration and suction intensity in this updated version of the Womanizer, and the fact that the second head is now larger is fantastic. If you don’t already have a Womanizer original, need the option of a larger silicone head, or crave the added power of additional settings, I would recommend this toy as its unique sensations can’t be matched!

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Top 5 for Beginners

1. PicoBong Transformer

The entire toy is also very high quality. It’s rechargeable, waterproof, body safe, versatile, and usable in any position and with any partner! It’s the most unique toy I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I seriously believe that any person could experience pleasure from this toy. Even if you prefer stronger vibrations, you may love how versatile this toy is, and that it can give you a variety of experiences. I’d definitely recommend it, as it’s completely unique and leads to so many exciting possibilities!

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2. OhMiBod blueMotion Nex 2

This toy is great for keeping the intimacy alive in a long distance relationship, and it’s even just a lot of fun for solo play. I love that I can create my own patterns of vibration.

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3. Lovelife Dream

The Lovelife Dream is by far one of my new favorite vibrators. From high-quality materials to strong, unique pulse patterns – this vibe has everything I could have asked for, all topped off with a cute design, rechargeable ease, classy carrying pouch, and cute box for storage. It is absolutely worth every penny. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced toy user, it’s always wonderful to have a nice high-quality vibe in your naughty drawer. I’m definitely glad that I added the Lovelife Dream to mine!

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4. B Swish Bwild Deluxe Bunny

I love the concept, the materials, and look of the toy. It’s made with safe, waterproof, hypoallergenic silicone and ABS plastic in the handle. It’s a bit loud, but very strong, especially if you prefer light vibrations. This toy is perfect if you love mid-level to intense vibration or like toys that can be used both internally and externally. Overall, it’s a great high-quality rabbit vibrator, especially at such a reasonable price!

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5. The Emojibator

The Eggplant Emojibator might give off “For Novelty Use Only” vibes, but it’s made from high quality materials and is so much more than a bit of fun. It makes the perfect gift, whether that’s for yourself or someone else. In my opinion, it definitely lives up to the hype, at least for the price point. I enjoyed a few laughs and mild orgasms with this toy, and while those who crave power or size need to look elsewhere, I’ll be more than happy to use this toy again and again.

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Top 5 BDSM & Kink

1. Tantus Beginner Ball Gag

This is a fabulous ball gag for beginners who crave an into to gags without full surrender. This gag allows you to have your words and protests muffled to a in-discernible “mmmffffm MMMFFFMM!” language, without fully silencing your ability to communicate, breath, or moan.

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2. Tantus Wham Bam Paddle

With a caring partner and a good warm up, this paddle would be an exciting challenge for anyone in love with pain. I absolutely LOVE this paddle, and it’s now my go-to favorite for all spanking occasions. If you’re a pain princess and want a paddle that will test your limits, definitely go with the Wham Bam Paddle!

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3. Sportsheets 5-Piece Hog Tie and Cuff Review

If you’re looking to spice things up with some bondage play or already experienced with it, Sportsheets’ Hog Tie and Cuff Set is a must-have. The adjustable cuffs fit comfortably around your wrists and ankles, and can be connected in numerous ways, which make for limitless possibilities. And its durability keeps you secure even when you pull, in pleasure, against the restraints.

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4. Sex Kitten Silicone Ball Gag

This Sex Kitten Ball Gag will definitely be put to good use to keep me ultra quiet during even the roughest sex. It perfectly muffles noise, looks cute, and best of all, is comfortable, adjustable, and durable. If you’re looking for a ball gag to start or add to your collection, I’d definitely recommend this one! We’ll certainly be putting it to good use, over and over again.

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5. Fetish Fantasy Feather Nipple Clamps

The feathers are soft and long enough to tickle, but not long enough to get messy. They are securely fastened to the rest of the clamp, and can take a bit off pulling and tugging without breaking. Yet, they’re delicately placed to tickle and tease your most intimate areas with ease. They look beautiful during wear, and can be used as a warm up to excite your nipples or other sensitive areas with a light sensation. They are nice quality feathers that don’t fall off or get disheveled during wear or play.

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Cutest Lingerie

Bijoux Indescrets Magnifique Waist Chain

My waist chain is in the classic luxe gold and consists of two different types of chain – a delicate pearl chain (think of the dotted chain on your bathplug) that makes up most of the swirls and dangles of the primary decorative part, and a normal linked chain that actually fastens around your waist via a lobster-clip. The pearl-style chain is secretly awesome, because the little ‘pearls’ aren’t quite spherical – they actually have flat facets that assist in catching and reflecting the light to maximize the twinkle. Classic Bijoux Indiscrets and their excellent attention to detail and design.

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Seven ‘Til Midnight’s Double Dare Basque and G-String Set

Seven Til’ Midnight’s Double Dare Sheer Basque should be in every girls lingerie collection. With a beautiful lace and fishnet design, this piece features an all-over sheerness that is designed to make any onlooker unable to take their eyes off you, and it does just that. The exposed back turns into a seductive criss-cross of straps that mark your lower back and butt, adding to the beauty of this piece. And it even has underwire lining the bottom of the “bra cups,” which many other pieces of lingerie completely forget about, to help keep boobs supported and standing at their best. Double Dare Share Basque is the perfect way to start any sexscapade, or something you can put on to feel sexy while you’re alone (because if you’re anything like me, sometimes lingerie is just about indulging yourself).

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Baci Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit

The whole outfit is just really great, making me feel really cute. I love to wear this with my over-the-knee socks and an unlined bra that lets lace poke out through the open part of the blouse. It’s also a really good excuse to wear your hair in a lazy ponytail and still be on-brand. It’s comfortable, nothing rides up, there are no itchy seams or uncomfortable tightness, and most importantly, it makes me feel fabulous and confident in the way I look. If you’re looking for a roleplay outfit or some lingerie that is both adorable and sexy, I would highly recommend Baci’s Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit.

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Lube Company of the Year

Yet again, we have chosen Wicked as our lube company of the year! Wicked also won last year and in 2015. We love this versatile lubricant company. This year, we reviewed the following lubricants from Wicked:

  1. Wicked Ultra, a silicone-based lube.
  2. Wicked Ultra Heat, a silicone-based lube with a warming effect.
  3. Wicked Ultra Chill, a silicone-based lube with a cooling effect.
  4. Wicked Aqua, a water-baed lube.
  5. Wicked Aqua Sensitive, a water-based lube designed with sensitive skin and health conscious users in mind.
  6. Wicked Aqua Chill, a water-based lube with a cooling effect.
  7. Wicked Aqua Heat, a water-baed lube with a warming effect.

Condom Company of the Year

We didn’t review many condoms this year, but one company we have reviewed and consistently enjoyed is, well, One Condoms! This year, we reviewed One Vanish Condoms. We loved these ultra-thin condoms that aren’t too tight and really add to sensation.

We’re excited to review more condoms next year!

Best Arousal Product

We loved Please Cream Arousal Lubricant. This lube creates a unique tingling feeling that’s perfect for added sensation. Even better, it smells fabulous, feels amazing, and doesn’t leave a sticky mess after use.

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Toy Company of the Year

We were blown away by LELO this year. (Three of their toys made the Best Toys of 2018 list!) Overall, we reviewed eight products by LELO in 2018:

  1. LELO Mona 2: This toy made our Best Vibrators 2018 list!
  2. LELO Siri 2: This toy made our Best Vibrators 2018 list too!
  3. LELO SONA Cruise: This toy made our Best Oral Sex Simulators 2018 list!
  4. LELO Mona Wave: This version of the Mona features a “come hither” motion for G-spot stimulation, but has less powerful vibes than the Mona 2.
  5. LELO Lily 2: A lightly scented vibrator that we loved.
  6. LELO Mia 2: A powerful, classy bullet vibrator.
  7. LELO Only You Gift Box: This product is no longer available, but you can still get the toy and lubricant included in it!
  8. LELO Alone Together Gift Box: This product is no longer available, but you can still get the items included in it!

Toy Line of the Year

Lovehoney introduced a Broad City-inspired line that we are completely obsessed with. Not only is this line an homage to a great show, but the products are high quality and affordable. We reviewed two Broad City toys this year, but there are a ton more that you can check out at Lovehoney! Here are the toys we reviewed from this line:

  1. Broad City Butt Plug: This made our Top 5 Other Toys 2018 list!
  2. Broad City Rabbit Vibrator: The Vulvarine encompasses self-pleasure.

Favorite Review

loved our review of Club Vibe 3.oh Hero! With an intro like this, I knew that this toy would be amazing and that our reviewer has an awesome sense of humor and creative mind. It just goes to show how versatile and awesome sex toys can be.

I want to get this out of the way up front, I put this in my vagina initially, with the tail tickling my asshole. I don’t know if I was hornier vaginally or if I wasn’t thinking, but it didn’t occur to me that the OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.oh Hero was a butt plug. The good news is, it’s very versatile! I came both ways once I figured it out. Hear more about how it worked for me (and how it’s supposed to work) below.

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Most Unique, Innovative, or Creative

Hands down, Uprize 6″ AutoErect Vibrating Dildo takes the cake! Maybe you’ve looked at your favorite dildo before and thought, “Hmm not realistic enough, it’s never flaccid.” If so, then this is the toy for you. This toy is fun to play with, fun to Snapchat, and fun to ride. It even coordinates with a harness made especially for this brand of toys. How cool is this dildo?!

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Best Novelty Toy

How cute is the I Rub My Duckie like by Big Teaze? These toys are definitely novelties, but also would be perfect as a first sex toy or gift for your beginner friend. While this vibration setting isn’t right for me, I can imagine it would be perfect for someone who is just starting to try out toys. Personally, I would have loved to have had this as my first toy – something sweet, innocent, and totally discreet – rather than awkwardly and blindly picking out a shitty toy at my city’s sex shop. The vibration setting is high-quality and strong for the price, and this cute design certainly makes up for what it lacks in power.

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Best Romance Product

We reviewed Candiland Sensuals’ Kissable Love Dust, an edible treat that is paraben and sugar-free, vegan friendly, and non-caloric. So even though this dust will inspire sensuously wicked thoughts and satisfy sweet cravings, you won’t feel guilty about indulging. This shimmer body powder is great for enhancing intimacy. Unfortunately, the product is no longer available alone, but perhaps even better, you can still get it as part of a set! The Night of Indulgence Kit sells for $20 at The White Unicorn and includes the love dust, flavored lube, body icing, a powder puff, and rose petals.

Best Health or Beauty Product

We jumped on the hemp-based health product train and checked out the Hemp Seed Mini Mania Kit! This travel kit is the perfect size for an airplane carry-on. It meets size requirements, smells great, and nourishes the skin. The guavalava scent is absolutely delicious! I love the hemp products because they are so natural and hydrating, and the Hemp See Mini Mania kit did not let me down! Included is a small massage candle, making this the perfect set for a weekend getaway.

Best Subscription Box

Calling all single sluts! If you’re looking to treat yourself to some fun quality time and pampering with top-notch products, SinglesSwag is definitely worth getting! Each month they send an assortment of items curated to help you embrace the single lifestyle, while looking and feeling good doing it.

Read our review of SinglesSwag here!

Favorite Book

Here at Slutty Girl Problems, we mostly explore the sex positivity through the lens of women and those who identify as femme. With the recent sex-positive revolution, women have claimed vibrators and sex toys as a key part of their masturbation, affirming the exploration of our sexuality as both sexy and normal. Yet for men, particularly straight men, it’s considered effeminate or even gay to use toys during solo sex or even partnered sex with a woman. While there’s nothing wrong with identifying with your feminine side or feeling attraction towards people of the same gender, it’s in all of our best interests to get rid of the stigma and taboos associated with male masturbation and toys. In Better Than the Hand: How Masturbation is the Key to Better Sex and Healthier Living, expert Magnus Sullivan aims to do just that.

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Guy’s Choice

Speaking of men using toys, we can’t end this review without acknowledge the product our male partners enjoyed most! We updated our Aneros Vice Prostate Stimulator review this year. And yes, Aneros Vice Prostate Stimulator won in this category in 2017 and 2018! It’s truly a great toy. With a wide range of vibrations, the Aneros Vice is not a toy to take lightly. It’s sure to please whether you’re a prostate noob, or like some advanced stimulation!

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2018 was, like always, a great year for toy reviews. We can’t wait to review even more sexy and fun products in 2019 and to share awesome, exclusive deals with our readers.