The three days and four nights of Camp Bisco flew by. Beyond the main stages and festival grounds, there were endless things to see, do, and experience, and we’re sure a few of them slipped through the cracks. In this review are a few unique things you might have missed this year, and definitely need to check out next time. Happy Bisco!


1. The Sonic Portal

When you enter this unique sound chamber, you find yourself surrounded by gongs that promise a one of a kind auditory experience, and soon transport you to another world. Described by some as a spaceship to a timeless existence, a “soul massage”, or simply a peaceful and serene bliss… this escape from festival reality left participants feeling healed, refreshed, and renewed when they returned.



2. Lakeside DJ

While at Camp Bisco, you definitely spent time at the two main stages (complete with epic light shows and lasers), the massive BIG tent (for all our EDM cravings), and epic Label tent (with incredible lesser-known artists). But beyond the festival grounds, you might have missed the independent DJs who set up their systems throughout the camps to give festival goers surround sound entertainment wherever they walked. Perhaps the best example of this was the DJ set up in a small gazebo overlooking the typically quiet lake. It was great to wander off and spend some time grooving to his deep house beats, and even slightly sweeter to sneak away and listen to the frogs hum and croak to their own tune all night.


3. Creative & Hilarious Tip Jars

Camp Bisco is almost entirely run by volunteers. From the Hell’s Angels security to the cooks and food servers that are straight out of Woodstock, each and every staff member works hard for very little, if anything at all. Despite the heat, long hours, and thousands of people to serve, the staff keep their smiles, sense of humor, and good attitudes going (at least most of the time). If you weren’t thinking about tipping them for their service alone, their creative, hilarious, and encouraging tip jars definitely made you put some dollars (or other goodies) into their pockets!


 4. Hoopers and Performers

Shout out to all the hoopers, poi spinners, orbital spinners, glow stickers, and every other performer who captivated and melted my mind with their creative and skilled performances. Camp Bisco gave everyone plenty of room to dance, and that personal space gave way to artists ready to share their creativity, good vibes, and artistic skills with fellow festival goers.  It was wonderful to dance without worrying about bumping into someone, getting injured, or feeling like a stranger just copped a cheap feel… but it was even better to turn to a neighbor for unique entertainment, and then practice your own skills when they offered you a lesson.


5. Totems & Helicopters

At Camp Bisco, totems are waved around more than pregnancy tests at Planned Parenthood. From Larry David’s melancholy face, to blow up dolls, bass heads, and an amazing dancing umbrella with light up spindles… portable works of art that moved with the music filled the crowd. But one creative festival goer brought their totem to new heights. You may have seen it hovering in the BIG tent during Dillon Francis and Boys Noize, or disappearing into the clouds (appropriately) to Passion Pit’s “Little Secrets” (higher and higher and higher…). This cool little remote control helicopter buzzed around the festival and soared above the crowd… something Will Ferrel’s “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!” totem could probably relate.


6. Massages

A tent on the main walkway offered massages for just a dollar a minute, but if you were lucky, you already had a friend there to give you one for free! Mid-festival massages were the perfect cure for aching calves, struggling knees, and sore feet. Or, just to make your body and mind relax and feel even better!

7. These Stickers

I don’t have a LOT to say about this except Bravo to whoever handed these out. Thanks for sharing the love and making us laugh, one sticker at a time.


 8. Mariaville Lake

While traveling through rolling hills, open fields, and gorgeous forests to get to Camp Bisco, you probably passed Mariaville Lake, located just a mile down the road from the festival grounds. No doubt this getaway is gorgeous, and tempts the country girl in all of us to settle down on its quaint shores. But, you can enjoy the lake and keep your single girl spirit when you take a trip away from the grounds to take a dip. While you’re there, you’ll be able to get clean without waiting in long lines for the shower, and may even meet the owner of this awesome authentic pirate ship.


9. Late Night Hookah Lounge

Barren by day, transformed by night, this chilled out hookah lounge with deep house beats and low lights offered endless hours of relaxation for just $20. You could mix custom shisha flavors for the perfect blend, enjoy the comfort of luscious couches with epic hookahs towering above, and multiple hoses so your whole campsite could get in on the fun.


10. Dried Pineapple

I wish I caught the name of this amazing natural fruit and nut vendor, because I spent nearly half the money I brought on their goodies. $5 for a quarter pound of perfection. I’m still savoring the flavors. Truly the heaven of the mouth.


11. Hammocks

If you spent a few minutes walking through the camp grounds, you probably saw a hammock or two… but who knew there were so many varieties! Parachute hammocks, hammocks made for two, family hammocks, hammocks hand woven by Mayan Indians… and then everywhere you can put a hammock! Between cars, RVs, tents, trees, and even the poles at the BIG tent. With all the possibilities, it’s easy to get cozy and feel the magic.


12. Glow Stick Art

It’s very common to see festival goers adorning glow sticks, and using them to enhance the latest rave fashion trends and accessories, but Camp Bisco ravers took glow sticks to the next level.


13. This Oversized Mustache

We loved the variety of creative totems, but this one found a special place in my heart. I mustache him a question, but I’m shaving it for later.


Is there something we missed at Camp Bisco? Tell us in the comments!

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See you next year!

Photo Source: Slutty Girl Problems Instagram

Originally published on July 16, 2013.