We love sex holidays. At Slutty Girl Problems, we review plenty of awesome toys. Because of that, it’s safe to assume that November 4, Sex Toy Days, is one of our favorite holidays! We’re celebrating this year by sharing our favorite toys across a number of categories. If you’re on the market for a new toy, these are some of our absolute favorites. In reviewing them, we gave all of these toys 5 stars! They can’t be beat when it comes to quality and pleasure. Check out all of our 5 star reviews here.

Favorite Bullet

Bullets are meant for external stimulation, usually on the clitoris. They’re go-to toys that everyone needs in their chest. We love the We-Vibe Tango! This classic bullet is perfect for clitoral stimulation and use in a dildo or with an attachment.

We-Vibe Tango
Get it at GoodVibes for $80.

I am in love with the We-Vibe Tango. It makes my clit happy. It makes my knees shake. It soothes my soul. It’s the strongest, rumbliest, most high-quality vibrator I’ve found for that size. You can also use it inside any dildo that takes a small bullet vibe, to turn it into a vibrator. Read our review.

Favorite Wand

Wand-style toys are usually used for clitoral stimulation, but can be used anywhere on the body. They are very powerful. Often, you can get attachments for wands to stimulate internally. But when it comes to wands, you can’t beat the original. Our review of the Hitachi wand is one of our most popular posts on Slutty Girl Problems, and for good reason.

The Original “Hitachi” Magic Wand
Get it at Adam & Eve for $80.

This is the vibrator for when you’ve already hit the highest speed on your favorite bullet, grabbed the next most powerful vibe in your drawer, finally reached for your imitation faux-tachi, and still have yet to be satisfied. The Hitachi vibrator is the vibe for when you’re already had a LOT of warm up and are ready to pull out the big guns for a finale with a standing ovation. Read our review.

Favorite Rabbit

Rabbits offer the best of both worlds, stimulating both the G-spot and the clitoris. We are obsessed with the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit 2. Lovehoney updated an already great toy to create something that cannot be beat!

Lovehoney Happy Rabbit 2
Get it at Lovehoney for $90.

The Happy Rabbit 2 is an incredibly pleasurable upgrade from the original, and packs all the additional power I crave while keeping the same gorgeous design and high-end features. It was absolutely euphoric. Lovehoney hit it out of the ballpark! It’s high-quality materials, design, and vibrations easily make it one of the best rabbit vibrators I’ve ever tried. It’s curves and ears are a perfect fit for my body, and I love that the speeds and patterns of the shaft and clitoral ears can be controlled separately. The speeds and patterns worked perfectly for me, I loved the pulsating sensations, and that the vibrations were incredibly quiet, especially for the size and power of this vibe. It also comes with a satin pouch perfect for storage. I have a notoriously picky vagina, but Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit is the closest thing to perfect she’s ever tried! Read our review.

Favorite Dildo

Dildos are great for internal stimulation. Some vibrate or offer other features, while others are standard and used just for thrusting or getting that full feeling. Many mimic the shape of a penis, whether they are fully phallic or just similar in shape. Other dildos are a completely different shape, but still offer pleasure. While some dildos are specifically designed for vaginal use, many can be used anally too. The Njoy Pure Wand is not traditional in shape, but it works wonders.

Njoy Pure Wand
Get it at Lovehoney for $150.

The Pure Wand is unique in that it’s non-vibrating and made completely of steel. It’s sleek, beautiful design makes it appealing to both the eyes and our most inner erogenous zones … Njoy is known for their attention to quality and pleasure, and the Pure Wand exemplifies both. With a curvature designed for optimal G- and P-spot stimulation, this toy lives up to its promise of delivering orgasm after orgasm. Read our review.

Favorite Anal Toy

There are a variety of anal toys. In this category, we’re talking about anal toys that anyone, regardless of anatomy, can enjoy. (Many anal toys are create for prostate stimulation – more on that next.) The Lovense Hush is a butt plug that really impressed us.

Lovense Hush Butt Plug
Get it at Lovehoney for $139.99.

Lovense’s Hush is a perfect addition to your bedside drawer of goodies whether you are looking to just add some extra spice to anal play or if you’re reconnecting with a long-distance partner. Also, if you love some “me time” with your booty, in bed or in the shower, this toy is golden. I mean c’mon. A Bluetooth toy, interactive app, syncs to your music and 100% hands-free? What more could you want from a butt plug? Read our review.

Favorite Prostate Toy

These anal toys are used to stimulate the prostate, creating a powerful orgasm for their users. Aneros creates some of – if not the – best prostate toys on the market. Their Trident series includes a ton of fabulous prostate stimulators.

Aneros MGX Trident Prostate Stimulator
Get it at Lovehoney for $55.

The Aneros MGX has a ribbed stem for extra anal canal stimulation and stability. The ends of the handle also easily stimulate the perineum and kundalini spot. The unique design allows the experience to be completely hands-free if you’d like, allowing you to explore the sensations solo in any position. If you clench for anal kegel exercises, the self-pivoting design will stimulate the prostate internally without any hands needed whatsoever. You can build up to a powerful orgasm with rhythmic motions, either solo or with a partner. Read our our review.

Favorite Suction Toy

Suction toys simulate oral ministration externally, generally on the clitoris or nipples. We have reviewed so many awesome suction toys, but this year, Tracy’s Dog took the cake with their innovative rabbit-style suction vibrator.

Tracy’s Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator
Get it on Amazon for $44.

Favorite Kegel Exerciser

Kegel toys can be used to exercise your kegel muscles, but are sometimes used to create an intense teasing sensation. Or why not both? We reviewed some truly scary ben wa balls. However, a pair that costs less than $10 ended up being our favorite. Multiple SGP team members vouch for this affordable set.

Trinity Vibes Luv Balls
Get them on Amazon for $8.

The Luv Balls were so comfortable, I easily could have left them in all day. But, they were actually so pleasurable that I couldn’t handle all the stimulation (at first). I literally couldn’t concentrate. It was like I had opened a naughty Pandora’s Box. I felt so giddy, that I was literally nervous that other people would find out about my secret. It was incredibly pleasurable, but I had to take them out if I wanted to get any real work done. Now, I doubt that these balls are enough to get anyone off, unless you have an incredibly sensitive G-spot… but they’re definitely enough to keep your mind wandering and waiting for more. Read our review.

Favorite Penis Toy

These toys were created specifically to stimulate the penis! Toys for those with penises usually focus on the mecca that is the prostate, but these focus on external sensations. There aren’t a lot of penis vibrators in a market that largely focuses on masturbatory sleeves, so the Pulse III Duo blew our minds.

Pulse III Duo
Get it at Lovehoney for $150.

This toy uses unique oscillations (similar to vibrations, but more of a piston motion) to stimulate the penis – and when used with a partner, can also provide some interesting uses for play. Like the Pulse II, we loved this toy, and found it to be a very unique and pleasurable experience compared to traditional masturbatory sleeves. Read our review.

Favorite Multi-Use Toy

Some toys are truly versatile and can be used anywhere on any body. It’s up to you and your imagination! The Fun Factory Volta is one such toy. It’s super powerful and offers multiple possibilities for enjoyment.

Fun Factory Volta
Get it at GoodVibes for $140.

I am obsessed. The Fun Factory Volta is so unique. It has become my favorite toy for solo sex, and I can see myself using this with a partner in the future because it’s so freakin’ versatile. I highly recommend this vibrator and believe that it’s worth every penny. Body-safe, waterproof, and powerful – what more could I want? Read our our review.

Favorite Couples’ Vibrator

These vibrators are used by couples where one partner has a penis and the other has a vagina. They are worn internally during sex and stimulate both partners. Truth be told, we have had a lot of difficulty finding that perfect 5 star couples vibe. That being said, we’ve reviewed a number of them and enjoyed many. It’s just difficult to find a couples’ vibe that works for both partner’s anatomies, and even if that is achieved, it might not work for every couple. We’re giving an honorable mention to the We-Vibe Sync. We love We-Vibe products and they are the go-to for couples’ vibes.

The inner arm has a flat base, rather than rounded, for easier insertion with a partner. The inner arm also has a gently expanded shape, so it can stay inside you better. The outer arm has a pronounced curve, so it can curve along your body. The inner edges of both ends of the toy have ridges for extra sensation. Read our review.

We-Vibe Sync
Get it at Eden Fantasys for $189.

We love all of these toys and hope that you will too. It can be difficult to find the perfect toy for you or your partner, but it’s so much fun trying new products out!

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