The Doxy Die Cast Massager is the new rival of the Hitachi Magic Wand, and a delightful upgrade to it’s predecessor, the Doxy, which we reviewed and totally loved. This updated version boasts even more power, incredibly rumbly vibrations, and upgraded materials (mainly a double weighted silicone head and titanium base). These efforts combined have totally secured it’s place as the world’s most powerful corded massager. Although this toy is completely massive (measuring in at larger than my forearm), it’s surprisingly easy to use and can be perfectly positioned by you or a partner to give you incredibly pleasure. There’s certainly nothing cheap about the vibrations of this toy. It’s a complete powerhouse, and if you’re a power queen like me, you’ll definitely want this toy in your arsenal!

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Name: Doxy Die Cast Massager
Type: Personal Massagers, Clitoral Vibes, Vibrators
By: Doxy

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness5 Devils
Vibration: Beyond 5 Cars
Noise: 5 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: High Quality, Massive, A/C Power, Rumbly Vibrations (though somewhat less than the Hitachi), Multi-Speed, Multi-Function

The Design

The Doxy Die Cast Massager is most similar to it’s predecessor, the Doxy, which is similar to the Hitachi. It’s the type of vibrator that you plug in and press against your clit to deliver intense, rumbly, brow-sweating, knee-buckling, body-shaking orgasms at a moment’s notice – even more reliably than the one that came before it.

The Doxy Die Cast Massager is larger and heavier than both the Doxy and the Hitachi. It is longer than my forearm and hand combined, measuring just over 13 inches long (not including the cord) and nearly 2.4 inches wide at it’s largest point. With such a large design, this toy is certainly meant to be an external vibrator, unless you really like the idea of putting a vibrating baseball ball inside you. To use the toy, you simply plug it into the wall, turn it on, and it vibrates… incredibly intensely, with a high-quality rumble rarely felt with most vibrators. More on that later!

The head is made of silicone, a huge upgrade from its previous material (PVC). The super-soft head is made from a hypoallergenic medical grade material. Although this toy isn’t waterproof, the silicone head is incredibly easy to clean with a warm washcloth and soap or your favorite toy cleaner. Just don’t run it under water, as it could ruin the vibration mechanisms of the toy. The handle of the toy is made of titanium. I expected it to be heavy, but it’s surprisingly lightweight and easy to hold. Unfortunately, the metal material easily smudges and holds my fingerprints, which quickly dulled the shiny look of the material. However, that can easily be cleaned with a washcloth or toy wipe, and after using the toy for a while, I got used to the smudged look. To store your Doxy, you can easily use the case it comes in, which is super high-quality and features a hard exterior with a protective foam interior.

Those Vibes

The Doxy Die Cast Massager is kind of vibrator you reach for when you’ve gone through all your strongest vibrators, and still want something more powerful. Just like it’s predecessor, but even more powerful – it’s the kind of vibe that they use in forced-orgasm porn, because you literally cannot escape it’s vibrations or mentally / physically prevent yourself from having an orgasm within a few minutes of it resting against your clit. It’s absolutely insane.

While the Doxy Die Cast is described as more powerful than both the Doxy or the Hitachi, it doest quite feel that way to me. The Hitachi feels much more rumbly and powerful, however, the Hitachi can sometimes be so powerful and shaky that it makes me go numb. The Doxy Die Cast is somewhere between the original Doxy and the Hitachi, yet the vibrations are clearly much more high quality than both. The rumbles feel deep and controlled, localized in the head of the toy, rather than rumbling through your whole hand. The vibrations feel the most rumbly at the lowest speed, and get more buzzy toward the highest speed.

Personally, I think I still prefer the first setting of the Hitachi in terms of the ultimate rumble-to-vibration ratio to get me off – but I think most people would prefer the Doxy or the Doxy Die Cast because there’s so much more variety, and you can better customize your experience – switching between lower, rumbly vibes to faster, more intensely focused vibes. You can control the vibrations using easy “up” and “down” buttons to find the perfect speed. I love the variation, and gently ease up from lighter to more intense vibrations with each click. At it’s highest speed, the Doxy Die Cast is softer than both the Doxy and the Hitachi, yet could still be heard through a closed door. In general, it’s not nearly as loud as one would expect!

Pros & Cons


  • Better than both the Hitachi and Doxy
  • Very strong and rumbly
  • Multiple speeds
  • Pulsing pattern
  • Easy to use
  • Never loses its charge
  • Body safe silicone


  • Quite expensive


I prefer the Doxy Die Cast Massager over the Doxy, and both over the Hitachi – in terms versatility (in the case of the Hitachi) and material (in the case of the Doxy). The vibrations incredibly pleasurable, and I love the variety, especially because I can set it to lower settings before going all the way with it’s highest intensity. I think it’s a fabulous toy for a gal that craves power, but also wants some more variety than a simple two speeds. I can’t say it’s more powerful than the Hitachi, but it’s definitely more pleasurable for me and the vibrations feel like a much higher quality. I haven’t tried all the personal massagers out there – but this is definitely one that will stay up there in my favorites for a long, long time! If you have the cash to spare and love some powerful vibrations, the Doxy Die Cast Massager is a wonderful choice!

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