Emojibator is back with another fun spin on their adorable emoji-themed vibrators. You might remember the Eggplant or Banana Emojibators that we reviewed and LOVED! Now, they’ve turned yet another emoji into a unique pleasure product. Meet The Shark Emojibator!

While the Eggplant and Banana Emojibators have similar curved and sleek designs, The Shark is a totally unique and enhanced with new features for a completely different experience. This toy is a dual motor vibrator, with each fin containing a motor for both internal and external stimulation! Whether you’re a beginner looking for a simple and fun first toy, or are just as obsessed with emojis as I am and need to have something so cute and hilarious in your collection, you’ll definitely want to dive in deep for this toy!

Note: This product is discontinued, but we recommend the Banana Emojibator instead!

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Name: The Shark Emojibator
Type: Vibrator
By: Emojibator

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 1 Bee

Cute Emoji Design

The Shark Emojibator is definitely a conversation piece sure to have your BFFs or bae laughing – and going out to buy one themselves! The unique and adorable shape and character-like design is a people-pleaser and makes the perfect gift for a first-time vibe owner or for a bachelorette party. The Emojibator is so cool and different that even if your friend winds up blushing and feeling shy, they’ll at least laugh while opening it.

Aside from the design, there is so much more to this vibe than just its adorable appearance! Made from high quality medical-grade silicone, the Emojibator is completely body safe and silky smooth to touch. Powered off, the Shark Emojibator looks very slim, but once you turn it on it expands to a girth of 2 inches. The tail is curved with a ribbed exterior and bulbous tip for gentle g-spot stimulation. The full length of The Shark is 8.25 inches, but the insertable portion is 4.5 inches long. This might not be best for all anatomies, but it works for me incredibly well. It would also be a very comfortable internal toy for someone new to the sensation, who’s looking to explore penetrative play without the girth and length of larger toys. The dorsal fin protrudes out and serves as a clitoral stimulator with its own vibrating motor. This toy is splashproof, but not submersible, so you won’t want to swim with this shark – but you can easily clean it with soap and water after play.

Vibrations & Power

While the Eggplant and Banana Emojibators run on batteries (which can be inconvenient to have on hand in a pinch) I was so excited to out that the Shark is USB rechargeable. That means no running out to buy extra batteries when it eventually dies – just charge it up and your toy is ready to use for hours of play! The Shark has a power button on the top of its head and one control button to adjust the vibration and inflation settings. It took some playing around to get used to these controls, but once I figured it out it was pretty easy to use and works intuitively.

The Shark has eight different vibrations settings and three pump settings that stimulate and expand for extra pleasure. This toy is by no means built for a power queen, but The Shark’s mid-strength vibrations are still enjoyable. The vibrations in the clitoral arm were weaker and buzzier than the insertable arm, which is stronger in comparison. While I like more power for clitoral stimulation, this toy is the perfect warm up or tease. You could even pair it with a stronger, small bullet vibe to pair the unique internal pump sensation of expansion. It would also be a great, non-intimidating toy for someone who is new to toys and wants to explore with lighter vibrations and internal stimulation.

The pump setting has three different levels that expand throughout the internal part of the toy, along the shaft and bulbous tip. This gives you a little more of a girthy, filled up feeling and can increase pressure on your g-spot as well! I found this sensation to be pleasurable and gentle. It’s not too intense and doesn’t expand so much to be very filling or girthy, but is enough to feel a noticeable boost in sensation.


There’s a reason why this toy has a big, toothy grin… It will have you smiling as big as it is! The Shark Emojibator might give off “For Novelty Use Only” vibes with it’s fun and cheeky design (aka: a cute and playful gift), but it’s actually a very high-quality toy made from sleek and pleasurable body-safe silicone. It is so much more than just a bit of fun, and definitely has the high-end features to make it an incredible toy. In my opinion, it definitely lives up to the hype, especially for the price point. I enjoyed a few laughs and lighter orgasms with this toy, and while those who crave power or size need to look elsewhere for their to-go toy, I’ll be more than happy to use this toy, again and again, to warm me up, and show to friends and partners for a few laughs.

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