A sexy massage sesh with your partner is a beautiful way to explore physical and emotional intimacy – and it’s a pretty easy way to pamper your significant other. Not only will they enjoy the soothing and sensual touch of your hands feely roaming their body, but you’ll find pleasure in learning their favorite spots and even turning them on so much they’ll be aching to thank you properly.

It may feel a little intimidating to create this sexy, comforting space for the first time, but all you need is confidence to discover how to give a sensual massage that you and your partner will both thoroughly enjoy.

Here are our best Slutty Girl tips for mastering the erotic massage your partner will beg for time and again.


A woman massaging another woman's naked back.


Sensual Massages Start With the Mood

Dim the lights, light the candles, and let the magic begin.

Overhead lights can be a huge mood killer – it’s difficult for anyone to feel sexy in the wrong lighting. Try turning on a dim light or moving the lamp to another part of the room (even the floor) to create comfortable darkness you can come alive in.

Candles might even be enough lighting or can add to the sheer romance of a partner massage. Just beware of conflicting scents, fire hazards, and too much heat coming off of them.

Speaking of heat – have your thermostat set to the perfect temperature well in advance so there’s time for it to adjust. You and your partner will both likely have little to no clothing on, and you won’t want them reaching for a blanket halfway through.

Finally, the playlist is everything. You might opt for sounds on the more relaxing side, such as rain forest noises or classical music, or you might select a sexy list of lo-vibe or your partner’s favorite slow songs.


Dress Up for an Erotic Mood

You feel sexier when you look sexy, so dress it up with your favorite lingerie and nightwear so you can radiate confidence. Whether you choose to wear a short silk black dress, lace bra and panties, or nothing at all, you’re sure to be in for an evening of pleasure while giving your partner a sensual and erotic massage.


A woman dripping oil into her hand.


Use Warm Massage Oil

Massage oils make it easier for your hands to glide over your partner’s body. There’s nothing worse than being naked and someone putting cold lotion or massage oil on your back because they didn’t even have the courtesy to warm it up in their hands first. 

Prevent cold shock from happening by using warming massage oil while giving a massage. You can drip this straight onto their back without the fear of it startling them, and when you move your hands on it, it will warm up wherever you decide to touch them. They’re sure to love feeling your warm hands gliding all over their body with ease as you use the massage oil.


A woman rubbing the tops of her feet with manicured hands.


Explore New Areas

An erotic massage is the perfect time for adventure. If your partner has been asking you to try something or you’ve been curious if they’re into something, try gently testing the waters and easing them into this potential new desire.

One spot that comes to mind – their feet! If you’ve never given or received a foot massage, it’s truly an enlightening experience. Here, you can relieve tension they might’ve built up during a long day at work or strenuous workout while discovering just how sexy someone touching your feet can feel.

If you’re interested in what they think or want to tease what’s to come, try sending them not-so-innocent feet pics hours before to spark a little curiosity. Or, if you’re not sure how to give a foot massage and make it sexy, explore some of the feet pics and videos on FeetFinder to get ideas. You may even want to explore further and give a foot job!


A man holding a vibrator on a woman's stomach.


Use Vibrators

If you have vibrators, they can easily be used during a massage to take your game from good to unbelievable. The best vibrators to use during a massage are bullet vibrators because they’re small enough to fit one in each hand. When rubbing your partners back or other body parts, place a bullet vibrator in each hand between your hands and your partner’s body. They will love the erotic and pulsing sensations this provides and you’ll love watching them squirm under your hands and moan at your touch.

The power of touch is so intense, you and your partner can reach new levels of intimacy just with a simple, relaxing, and erotic massage. It’s an easy way to care for your partner after a long day or before a long, long night.

Learning how to give a sensual massage comes in the moment, so trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to ask your partner what they like.


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