The njoy Pure Wand, from the gorgeous line of njoy sex toys, is unique in that it’s non-vibrating and made completely of stainless steel. Its sleek, beautiful design makes it appealing to both the eyes and our most inner erogenous zones. 

Having heard so many great things about the njoy Pure Wand, it quickly became one of my top toys-to-try! So, when I got the chance, I knew I had to get it. It’s now safe to say, it’s one of the best metal G-spot toys I’ve ever tried!

Njoy toys are known for their attention to quality and pleasure, and the Pure Wand exemplifies both. This stainless steel wand has a curvature designed for optimal G-spot and P-spot stimulation, and this dildo lives up to its promise of delivering orgasm after orgasm. However, due to its larger size and design, I would recommend it to more experienced sex toy users – or those who prefer a larger girth, and don’t mind a serious G-spot massage.

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An image of the full njoy pure Wand on a white sheet.


 njoy Pure Wand: Sex Toy or Erotic Art?

You’ll feel like you’re opening up a Tiffany’s box when you first open the lid of your Pure Wand toy. Only rather than laying eyes on a piece of jewelry, it’ll be an elegant piece of erotic art. 

The Pure Wand arrives in an exquisite black box. Inside sits the beautifully curved metal dildo, resting comfortably in a pink, satin lined bed. Its simple design is seamlessly smooth, polished, and double sided. The bulbous ends shine, luring you in with its seductive aura. It’s truly a piece of art!


The Stainless Steel G-spot Sex Toy

The Pure Wand is made entirely of medical-grade stainless steel, making it body-safe and hypoallergenic. It’s smooth, hard, and can hold heat and coolness very well, making it great for light temperature play. Simply chill it in the fridge or freezer, or warm it in warm water for a unique experience. Since it doesn’t require batteries or charging, or have any motors, it’s also completely waterproof – making it incredibly easy to use and clean.

All medical grade stainless steel, the Pure Wand weighs 1.5 pounds, and picking it up feels like holding a mini weight. Njoy has explored a new realm of pleasure with this completely unique material. While being made of stainless steel does make it on the heavy side, it also makes it extremely durable – it is made to last and can easily be the perfect lifelong friend. This is one dildo that won’t break!


The njoy stainless steel dildo in its sleek, black and pink box.


Design & Size of the njoy Pure Wand

The full length of the Pure Wand measures 8”, and features a smooth, curved design with a weighted bulb on each end. The smaller bulb measures at a very small, manageable 1 inch diameter (3 inch circumference) while the larger has quite a bit more girth at 1.5 inches in diameter (5 inch circumference). 

The smaller end is very comfortable and would be easy to insert, even for beginners. The larger end might be a bit more tricky, and may be better suited for experienced users or those who prefer more girth. The length of the handle is thinner than the smallest bulb. 

The design of this toy makes it great for intimate partner play, as it’s able to stimulate both G-spot and P-spot owners. But no worries, it’s still the perfect toy for some erotic solo play.


How to Use njoy Pure Wand

When it came time to actually insert the Pure Wand, I was a little intimidated, so I lubed it up rather nicely with some water-based lubricant. Since it’s made of stainless steel, you can also opt for a silicone-based lube, if you prefer. With the inside of the curve facing you, this wand slowly and easily glides inside the vagina until it meets the G-spot.

As this is my first stainless steel dildo, it took me a few tries to get it in just right, especially on the larger end. You may need to take it slow during either insertion or removal, due to the design and size of the larger end. The first couple of times were uncomfortable, with the wand feeling heavy and awkward against my body. However, once I had the Pure Wand inserted to where it rested nicely inside me, I could almost instantly feel some tingling sensations. For me, these sensations were even heightened from the wand’s natural cold-to-the-touch feel. 

Gently moving the wand in an up-and-down, back-and-forth motion felt like an amazing internal G-spot massage. This toy is very easy to thrust with or rock on, making it perfect no matter what type of stimulation you prefer. But what really took me over the edge was that sensation accompanied by some clitoral stimulation. When used together, the result is entirely orgasmic.

Editor’s Note: If you have trouble finding your G-spot, or have never had a G-spot orgasm before, the njoy Pure Wand is absolutely made for you! The large bulbs on either side are perfect for targeting the G-spot, and the unique curved design is perfectly crafted to fit your anatomy, with each bulb lining up exactly with the G-spot. When used in a thrusting or rocking motion, you can noticeably feel your G-spot being stimulated, even if it’s typically picky or shy to begin with! Many users have even noted that they squirted for the first time using the Pure Wand. I haven’t personally experienced that… but definitely believe it’s beyond possible!

After pleasuring yourself with the Pure Wand, it’s super easy to clean. This toy can be wiped down with soap and warm water, or placed in boiling water (I wouldn’t recommend leaving it in for long, though). And storage is just as simple – the beautiful box it comes in makes an excellent, and safe, place to keep the wand between uses.


A close-up image of the large bulbed end of the Pure Wand dildo.


Pros & Cons


  • Lustrous, body-safe steel
  • Curved design
  • Perfect for G-spot and P-spot stimulation
  • Great for temperature play
  • Easy to clean


  • May be difficult to insert or remove for some people
  • Not recommended for beginners


Reach for the njoy Pure Wand

While my first couple of times with this metal toy weren’t as pleasurable as I hoped for, eventually my G-spot and the njoy Pure Wand became very well acquainted. It’s a powerful sex toy for reaching G-spot orgasm – even if you typically have trouble finding or stimulating your G-spot. 

Njoy did an amazing job with the design of the Pure Wand, which provides great internal stimulation whether you like thrusting, rocking, or a massaging motion. It does take a little more effort to reach orgasm than you would clitorally (like from vibrators), however, the resulting orgasms are definitely worth it. G-spot orgasm is completely unique, and this dildo brings that sensation over the edge! This toy is the perfect addition to any avid sex toy user’s pleasure chest.

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The njoy Pure Wand in its black box, resting on pink silk.