Lesbian or rock-star? Either way that’s what I am, and I’m in the game of pleasing my woman orally. Oral sex is an important part of lesbian intimacy and it takes a special kind of person to take pride in the act and to perform it with love and vigor. If you are squeamish around lady parts, or if you’ve been wanting a crash course on how to improve your oral abilities, or if you’re simply curious about how lesbian oral goes down – pay attention and follow these steps to improve on your already existing ability of eating pussy.

1. Throw away all inhibitions.

If you worry about faint odors, cum, pubic hairs, or possibly toilet paper – stop! There are ways around all of the little quirks that come along with lady bits. The key here is to go in head first, peep the scene and if there is an over abundance of pubes – pull them apart. If there is toilet paper – give a little rub down to remove the debris. If there is a sweaty odor – get over it. It’s dark, warm, and wet down there most times and there is bound to be some sweat. Throw away your inhibitions.


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2. Warm your mouth up.

Try mouth/facial exercises to warm up your mouth. Chances are you will be down there for a few minutes and the last thing you need is a cramp in your tongue or lock jaw. If you’re doing it correctly you will have pain under your tongue, jaw, and neck. It comes with the territory. Toughen up, you want to be a lesbian don’t you?


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3. Learn how to breathe while suffocating.

Yes, learn to not breathe. If you are really in that vagina, then your nose is submerged in womanly flesh and your mouth is working to help support your tongue. The key is to take shallow breaths as your tongue motion goes down and your mouth opens wider towards the bed, floor, or what ever surface your lady is on. Also, note you can open the lips wider and go in from a side angle allowing you to breathe while flicking your tongue.


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4. Use your tongue, lips, and fingers.

If you thought you were going to be lazy while performing oral on your lady, think again. This task is not for the faint of heart and should be done with care. There are rules, but not really. Use your lips and kiss the clitoris and clitoris hood, utilize your tongue to massage the inner labia while your hands hold the outer labia open. Use a soft touch for the outer labia, massage the area while you are really going at it around the vagina. If you feel froggy, insert one or two fingers in the vagina while still utilizing your tongue on the clitoris and clitoris hood.


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5. Keep pushing no matter what.

If you feel your girl getting into the oral sex that is transpiring, do not stop. Keep pushing. This may entail not breathing for seconds up to the big “O” or smashing your face deeper into the great unknown causing your nose to fold to one side. This means that slobber will be falling from your mouth that hasn’t shut in however long you’ve been going at it. All of these things are signs that your woman will be pleased and that you should keep going.


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6. Finish the job.

Don’t run from cum. Be open to the flow of it. Don’t expect water falls, but expect some bodily fluid. This is your time to bask in the glory of completion. Give the vagina a kiss after your woman allows you to reanimate to the breathing world. Then proceed with what you do after oral sex is completed.


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Now that you know the rules to lesbian love-making go forth and prosper. Be one with your inner lesbian. Know that it’s a tough world but someone has to do it and that person is you. Embrace the vagina and what it encompasses. Take pride in the pleasure that you are giving your partner and know that the favor will be returned with just as much eagerness that you’ve shown to your lover.