Having a bun in the oven doesn’t mean you have to put your sex life on pause for nine months.

In fact, unless you’ve been put on bed rest or are otherwise advised by a doctor, there’s really only one way an STD-free man could hurt the baby during foreplay or sex… and I doubt it’s something many guys go around doing: blowing inside of your vagina with his mouth like you’re a blow-up doll.

Sex during pregnancy is definitely a roller coaster ride because of all your physical and emotional symptoms, but you can use these tips to have fabulous sex throughout!

The First Trimester

The first big challenge you’re likely to experience in early pregnancy is an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion that seems neverending. Unlike back when you pulled an all-nighter and needed to stay awake during class, it’s not beneficial to your baby for you to down some coffee or an energy drink to stay awake. Instead, try drinking lots of water, getting to bed as early as possible, and scheduling naps when you can. Listen to your body and don’t push it too far.

Your body is working overtime and is going to be pulling all of the healthy alkaline minerals from your body to support the growth of the fetus. If you do not have an adequate supply of minerals stored up, say hello to your new friend morning sickness (aka: “all day sickness”). The best way to combat or even avoid morning sickness is to flood your body with nutrition, particularly alkaline fruits and vegetables so that your body has what it needs to form your little human without having to rob your bones, teeth, eyes and muscles of minerals.

Here are some common problems that your symptoms pose on your sex life, and quick fixes to help get it on.

Problem: Feeling too tired to get it on
Quickie fix: Try turning to morning sex, quickies, or sex as early in the day as possible before your energy levels are depleted. If this doesn’t work, give him the green light to watch as much porn as he wants while you’re fast asleep

Problem: Feeling like you’re going to hurl all the time
Quickie fix: Find the time of day when you feel the least sick and get him to either rock your world very slowly (to prevent any upsets) or make it a quickie between bathroom breaks (just don’t forget the mouthwash!)

Problem: Hormones are making your boobs super sore
Quickie fix: Let him know to avoid grabbing or fondling your tits for a while. If this is a problem for him then try making it into a game (“I’m a stripper and you have to sit on your hands you naughty boy…”)

The Second Trimester

By this time you will start showing, and the ailments you experienced in the first trimester will have likely decreased or fallen off entirely. In fact, most women agree that the second trimester is the easiest stage of pregnancy or the “calm before the storm”, so do your best to enjoy it while it lasts.

Problem: Your guy treating you like a porcelain doll because he’s worried that he’s going to hurt the baby during sex
Quickie fix: Show him a quick video or article on the subject which explains that he has nothing to worry about

Problem: Your baby bump gets in the way during sex
Quickie fix: Find positions that are the most comfortable for you – like doggy, woman on top, or spoons – and try to rotate between them so that you don’t get bored

The Third Trimester

It’s the home stretch and you’re as big as a house. Everything hurts. You’re counting down the days until your due date (and bemoaning every day that passes afterwards, because most first babies are late). You’re almost there, you can do this!

Problem: Your whole body feels like it’s been through the wringer
Quickie fix: Get him to massage your sore spots, and then reward him with a hand job while you’re snuggling on the couch

Problem: You just can’t get in the mood
Quickie fix: Read my article about ways to Reawaken Your Inner Slut

Problem: You are feeling self-conscious about your body and/or he is not attracted to you at this stage
Quickie fix: Turn the lights off. Give yourself a pep talk (you fertile sexy Goddess, you). Put the focus on HIM by whispering all of the things he does that turn you on

Problem: Hormones have got you super horny all the time and your guy can’t keep up
Quickie fix: Break out your vibrator, get comfortable, and take care of business yourself!

Remember, sex during pregnancy is an adventure, and to be honest, it’s a lot less daunting than Sex After Baby. Try to relax and make the most of it while you can!