Have you ever met someone whose penis was just PERFECT and you said to yourself, “If I could make a mold of this penis to have forever — I absolutely would.” Or maybe, you’re in a long-distance relationship and want something to remind you of pleasure with your partner, no matter the distance between you.” Well, with the ingenious Clone-A-Willy kit, you can make your own dildo — an exact replica sex toy of your partner’s member (or your own with the Clone-A-Pussy!) so you can have your favorite in-person penis with you, no matter the time nor distance.

Clone-A-Willy’s molding kit works surprisingly well, with all the materials and instructions you need to create a super-realistic replica of your penis or a toy. Personally, my partner had been non-stop excited about seeing his most prized part forever molded into my toy, and the excitement of me using it even in his absence was a total turn-on. Overall, the molding experience had a few learning curves, but with a little practice and the tips we learned below, is a playful DIY date night that’s sure to be remembered, and best of all, creates a fabulously accurate long-term mold of your partner’s member, that you can reach for whenever you’re feeling a bit nostalgic for your bae, having a flirtatious video sesh, or even want to have a DP experience with the same penis together! You can even Clone your Pussy including a Pussy with a masturbation sleeve!

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The Clone-A-Willy kits in neon green and purple.


Clone-A-Willy’s Body-Safe Silicone and Molding Kit

This make-your-own dildo kit comes with nearly everything you’ll need to turn your boner donor’s penis into a sex toy, aside from a few common household items to make your clone. Your kit includes molding powder, a stir stick, a thermometer (to ensure your water is the right temp for molding), a plastic vibrator (if you’d like to put it inside the dildo), clear silicone, and color or skin-toned silicone. The Clone-A-Willy comes in three different flesh tones depending on your preference, or in fun colors like neon and glow-in-the-dark. You can also get extra silicone to make a larger toy or if your partner has a bigger penis. And of course, it also comes with instructions to make your own dildo!

Initially, I was hesitant to describe the Clone-A-Willy mix as 100% pure silicone because it contains polydimethylsiloxane, an ingredient that I didn’t recognize. Previous versions years ago had “silicone rubber” in the ingredients, which caused some confusion. While silicone is 100% body-safe and non-porous, rubber may be porous (which means it can harbor bacteria) – and can be toxic. Now, the mixture is 100% platinum-cured silicone (one of the highest quality sex toy materials, and the highest quality silicone). Polydimethylsiloxane is a non-toxic silicone polymer that helps with the bonding process.



After chatting with the sexperts at Empire Labs – they confirmed that the silicone in the kit “is completely body-safe and even ACMI certified. It is phthalate-free, non-porous, and when mixed, is a completely stable molecule that will not degrade, deform, or leach chemicals.” YES! Their sexperts explained it fully,

Silicone Rubber is a common lay term for various polymeric organosilicon compounds (containing elemental silicon). The resin in our kits is actually polydimethylsiloxane. The term silicone itself is actually a misnomer. The suffix ‘one’ is used by chemists to denote a substance with a double-bonded atom of oxygen in its backbone. When first discovered, silicone was erroneously believed to have oxygen atoms bonded in this way. In fact, silicone is an inorganic polymer (contains many bonds), and the technically correct term for the various silicone rubbers is polysiloxanes or polydimethylsiloxanes. Additionally, there is no ‘rubber’ in our kit. ‘Rubber’ is actually a polymer that’s harvested from trees in the form of latex. Latex is prone to degradation and deformation. Our material is latex-free.

So, I feel totally comfortable saying that the Clone-A-Willy Kit is made of 100% body-safe silicone! 

By the way, you can also get similar cloning kits – like the “Make Your Own Dildo” kit, which would allow you to clone the balls as well! You can also clone your pussy if you’d like to make a gift for your partner! You can get the Clone-A-Pussy for just your labia, or the Clone-A-Pussy with a masturbation sleeve!



How to Make Your Own Dildo

This make-it-yourself dildo kit will take quite a bit of patience. It’s definitely better with a partner… because I can’t imagine one person doing all the prep and mixing by themselves and still keeping their boner erect. Before you begin, gather all your ingredients and tools. Put down a newspaper, because shit’s about to get messy – and DEFINITELY do it over a hard surface like hardwood or tile, not carpet. Have everything open, ready, and prepared.

To make your willy, you’ll also need a Sharpie or pen, a pair of scissors, some mixing bowls, a disposable mixing bowl, a measuring cup, water, cardboard, a timer or stopwatch, and of course, your boner donor!

Making the mold is the most complicated part. You can buy more molding powder separately – which is great for beginners if you make a mistake. Personally, took us 3 tries to get the perfect mold, but based if you use the tips below that we learned in practice, you may not need as many tries. You can also buy extra silicone separately – which is great if you don’t want to use the vibrator, if you want to create a flared base, or if your partner has a big penis that would need more silicone to fill the mold. 


The full Clone-A-Willy molding kit in neon purple.


Prepare Your Materials

  1. Get a boner.
  2. Align said boner up against the plastic tube (not inside the tube) – with the closed end against the pubic bone. Measure where the boner ends, and draw a line there.
  3. Cut the tube at the line. Although this isn’t written in the directions – you can easily make your cloned willy have a flared base. If you want to add a flared base, save the portion of the tube that you cut off. You’ll reattach it later to support adding extra silicone for a base.
  4. Measure out warm water. The directions will tell you how much water and the temperature it should be. The kit comes with a thermometer to help you.
  5. Start a timer. You have only 2 minutes to put the boner into the molding mix once you start the next step. Make sure that boner is ready to go!



Creating the Mold

  1. Mix the molding powder in the water for 60 seconds. It will be lumpy.
  2. Pour the mixture into the cut molding tube. Use as much of the molding mixture as possible. Scrape it out with the included spoon.
  3. At this point, you should be at the 1.5-minute mark. INSERT THE BONER! It can be done while standing, although if your partner can lean over the tube to keep the mold from pouring out (think: planks!) that’s even better. If you’re making the mold while standing – the key is to do this QUICKLY and keep the tube in line with the boner so that it doesn’t touch the sides of the plastic, even if that means that the tube is basically upside down. To prevent it all from falling out, put the opening of the tube as close to your body as possible to prevent dripping. I can’t emphasize enough to do this FAST so the mold doesn’t leak out. If your partner’s penis touches the plastic, it won’t properly create the mold or toy, as there will be a part that is “smushed” against the plastic.
  4. Hold the boner for 2 minutes. This might be a bit tough because it’s hard to maintain an erection when surrounded by sculpting mold. You can use a cock ring, porn, a striptease, or some other erotic action to keep it going. It’s okay if you don’t have a boner for the full 2 minutes you’re in there – as long as you have an erect boner going in initially to start the mold.
  5. Gently remove the boner / non-boner. Make sure that the mold is solidified before removing the boner entirely.


A pink dildo inside the Clone-A-Willy mold, creating the shape.


Final Steps – Adding the Silicone

This part is super easy!

  1. After letting the mold sit for a minimum of 4 hours (I let mine sit for 24 hours) – mix the clear silicone and the pigment-toned silicone together. Stir thoroughly.
  2. Pour into mold.
  3. Let sit for 24 hours.
  4. Remove the penis clone!


Pouring the neon purple silicone into the Clone-A-Willy mold.


Clone Your Willy – My Experience with Clone-A-Willy IRL

With three bags of mold and a minor mess, we came out with a perfect cloned penis ​​courtesy of this ingenious kit. We were expecting the entire process to be fun, sexy, and humorous – but in reality, it was definitely a bit of a science project that took some trial and error. It’s really time-sensitive, quick, and detail-oriented. There’s a lot of wait time, boners getting hard and then soft again, and a lot of plaster getting all over the floor until you have the technique right. Also, my partner wasn’t a huge fan of lukewarm plaster being all over his penis. It was, affectionately, a “boner killer”.

While it was much more technical than we were expecting (multitasking temperature, timing, and the quickness of the process – all while maintaining a boner) we learned a lot in the process that you can use to create the penis clone of your dreams.

This is what our first mold looked like, before getting the hang of the process.


Showing the thick and poorly formed mold of the first attempt at a DIY dildo with Clone-A-Willy.


We had a lot of troubleshooting – how long to hold the penis in there, what angle to do it, how to make sure mold wouldn’t fall out, what to do if the penis hit the side of the container, what to do when it fell apart and didn’t hold right. Truthfully, our first try was a bit of a mess.


Holding up the broken and cracked mold from the first attempt at the DIY dildo.


It was difficult to keep my partner’s penis happy while we made sure to keep the temperature right, get everything mixed, and get said boner into the mold before it dried. We felt like we were in an old-school dildo factory where no one knew how to properly create penis casts and just experimented on each other. But with a few tries, we were able to create the perfect mold, with great results.

Now that we’ve successfully cloned a few willies – I’d love to do it again with another penis. I’d also like to try the Clone-A-Willy with balls and would love to try a flaccid penis just for fun. Honestly, I would just be more realistic about the experience next time. I’d go in with the mindset that we’re really creating a playful science, rather than having a romantic date night. It can absolutely be full of fun and giggles, but we’re also gonna get messy and move quickly, as if our penis clone depends on it (because it does).




The Final Clone-A-Willy Results

The final cloned willy is nearly an EXACT REPLICA of my partner’s boner. The head is perfectly pronounced. The foreskin has all the right wrinkles. The underside of the head is exact. The shaft perfectly shows all the veins. It’s definitely much more detailed and realistic than I was expecting. The silicone captured my partner’s uncircumcised penis nearly perfectly! But, there are a few nit-picky issues that I have with how it turned out, which would totally be fixable with more mold or silicone (which you can buy more of!)


The side view of the finished light skin-toned Clone-A-Willy DIY dildo.


The dildo overall was about a half-inch shorter than it should have been. Quite a bit of mold fell out of the tube while we were making it, and we didn’t have enough silicone mixture to fill the rest of the tube, so it came out about a half-inch short. The sexperts at Empire noted that this is due to us deciding not to use the vibrator (which would push more of the mixture up and create a fuller effect). It’s not a HUGE deal, but definitely worth mentioning. I’m sure with more practice, we could have gotten the full effect. Because of our molding gel leaking out, we also have part of the dildo that is shaped more like his pubic skin than his actual penis. (Extra molding powder and extra silicone would help fix this!)


A light skin-toned Clone-A-Willy end result showing the underside of the DIY dildo and its lifelike veins.


There are some bumps and little holes around the bottom portion of the shaft, which don’t exist on my partner in real life. We suspect that this is due to little bubbles that got in – either into the molding or to the silicone. In fact, there are visible bubbles throughout the dildo, and especially on the base, so it would be no surprise if some of the bumps and holes are exterior bubbles. However, a more recent test with a dildo instead came out perfectly clear, without bubbles or holes. So, having a steady technique, staying more still, and likely using a “plank” technique rather than turning the mold upside-down on your partner would be more likely to help you create the perfect mold.


The final product of the neon purple DIY dildo.


I also originally opted against using the vibrator, as I wanted a non-vibrating dildo instead. The vibrator is long, plastic, and overall just isn’t powerful enough for me. I knew that the vibrations would get even more dispersed in the dildo and that I would enjoy the dildo solo much more than I would enjoy it as a vibrator. I also didn’t want to make the mistake of having the vibrator push out of the side (which I’ve seen in other reviews) and wanted my clone to be a bit bendy and pliable, rather than more rigid by adding a vibrator. For me, going the non-vibrator route was the right choice, and I can easily pair my clone with my favorite vibrator, the Magic Wand Rechargeable) to give me the vibration I crave while having the penetration of the toy!

My tips for using your Clone-A-Willy:

  • Do with a partner, you’ll need the extra hands
  • Prep, Prep, Prep
  • Get your space ready for a mess, lay down plastic or newspaper
  • Buy extra molding powder and extra silicone in case of mistakes
  • Have a game plan
  • Do a trial run
  • Be ready to move FAST
  • Remember to be patient, this is more like a playful science project than a romantic evening



Go Clone a Dick

The  Clone-A-Willy Kit is really well-designed, and everything included is fabulous. The directions are perfectly put, very helpful, and make a perfect mold when done correctly. All of the above issues about my experience are simply a matter of learning curve. 

The steps to make a willy are surprisingly kinda hard at first. There’s a time limit – which builds performance anxiety. And, there may be some communication issues if you and your partner aren’t on the same page. Definitely make sure to talk about the steps thoroughly together before you do them – and you may even want to practice the motions first without actually making the molding mixture. I’d definitely recommend getting an extra mold or two and extra silicone so that you can learn without the pressure before making a final product. 

Yet, despite the communication and performance issues we faced – it’s been really fun to have a real-life replica of my favorite penis of the moment. It’s erotic to play with… tease with… and will definitely be fun for some DP.

Have you tried to make a willy yet? Share your Clone-A-Willy Results in the comments! Ps. To ensure you don’t get counterfeit or defective toys, please don’t use Amazon!

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