Money shot, cumshot, cum facial, whatever you want to call it – the idea of your partner cumming on your face can be a bit intimidating. 

We’ve all heard horror stories about someone ending up with semen in their eye, but is a facial really that messy? Or, can it actually be really hot — even for the receiver? A facial kink is a fantasy that many want to try for themselves. It’s just kinky enough to feel naughty and taboo, and yet common enough that it can feel easy (and sexy) to discuss with your partner.

Maybe you’re intrigued because swallowing isn’t your thing, and you want to offer your partner a playful place to cum. Or perhaps you’ve seen facials online and loved the visual, or you wanted to explore the dominance and submission aspects of it. If you’re curious about cum facial kinks, here’s how to have the conversation, ease your way in to explore it, troubleshoot common concerns, and clean up after!


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Why Facials Are Hot

Many folks find cum facials hot, whether they’re on the giving or receiving end! Although many suspect this may be due to their prominence in porn (it shows both a happy face and the pleasure of ejaculation at once!) there could be many other reasons this is so hot, aside from it’s media representation. For the giver, they get to see their partner eager and excited while they reach the peak of pleasure. For the receiver, it can be hot to watch close-up as their partner orgasms, and depending on the angle, see the pleasure wash over their own partner’s face at the same time!

In a casual poll, my friends shared their thoughts, and there were some common threads. Receivers found it simultaneously exciting and hot, and were also mindful that it requires trust and care with their partner. For instance, one receiver said, “I don’t like to end every sex scenario with a facial, but it’s definitely a good way to amp things up during a particularly steamy session or when I’m feeling extra horny.”  She went on to expand on how the experience feels beyond the physical sensations, “My face is me and represents who I am, so having my boyfriend cum on my face is an act of trust and submission. To me, it’s not actually disrespectful, but still “taboo” enough that it’s SUPER hot.”

Givers may love the Dominance/submission aspect, or it could be more related to the visual cue itself! One giver shared, “I’m really into visual stimuli, so actually getting to see myself cum is a huge turn-on. The added bonus of having her be into it too is just, oh my god — it’s one of the best things ever.” With cum facial kinks, there’s usually an element of seeing their partner’s face in pleasure during their orgasm that adds a cherry on top!



Working Your Way Up to a Cum Facial

A cum facial should never come out of the blue. Like any sexual act, communication and enthusiastic consent are key to have a super pleasurable experience for you both! You can let your partner know that you’d love to try it, and gauge their reaction with an open, honest chat. If you’re both on the same place, incorporate it into your sexting to tell them how badly you want them to cum on your face, or drop hints throughout the day leading to your play later on as you let the excitement build.

Before you and your partner start to play, you can prepare by grabbing a towel, water, tissue, and anything else you might need so you’re not scrambling later. (Do have some tissues handy in case you end up with any in your nose!) You might even want to tie your hair up in advance, so you don’t have to worry about it accidentally getting in your hair. Of course, aim will also be key here! Let your partner know in advance if you want them to try to avoid your hair, mouth, or eyes (more on navigating this below!)

Once you’ve reached the bedroom (or wherever you choose), and your partner is nearing the finish, they should let you know in advance so you’ll be ready to receive. Remember, you can always change your mind in the moment! If you decide you’re not ready, offer your partner another place to finish instead to keep the excitement rolling. You can start out by asking them to finish on your breasts or chest, thighs, stomach, or anywhere else you’d prefer. 

The breasts, chest, or neck can be a hot alternative to still see your face while orgasming!If you both enjoy it, then you can try something a little more risqué during your next play sesh. It can be sexy to experience your partner slowly moving up your body, until you achieve a full-on facefull.


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While the Cum Shot is Happening

Your partner is trembling and you know they’re close, and you’re ready to receive — what do you do now?

You can always let them know what turns you on with dirty talk. You can moan, smile, and encourage them to cum, telling them directly and in your most sultry voice, “I want you to cum on my face.” Nothing is going to sound hotter to your honey than hearing how much you want it. Look at them and let them know you’re ready for them!

If you’re okay with the possibility of semen in your mouth, feel free to keep your mouth open. If that’s something you’d rather avoid, you can smile at your partner with a closed mouth.

You may want to close your eyes to avoid any accidental cum in your eyes, but if you’re into the visual of a cum facial and the look of dominance radiating from your partner, you can keep them open at your own risk. It might help for your partner to angle “downward” over your face instead of “across” it, so that their semen can shoot in a more controlled way, and doesn’t go a far distance across your eyes or into your hair.

If you’re not using your hands on your partner, feel free to play with yourself instead! The cumshot also doesn’t have to end your play… as we explore below, you can still have mutual pleasure!



After the Cumshot

Once your partner has finished, the moment doesn’t have to end. If you grabbed a towel or wipe (like our favorite Afterglow tissues) in advance, you can quickly wipe yourself clean and then continue play, perhaps while your partner goes down on you,  or returns the favor with your favorite vibrator. Have your Magic Wand Rechargeable ready! This powerhouse vibe is determined to get you off quick, and is the perfect go-to in the moment if you want to cum quickly after your partner. It can be comforting to have a cuddle sesh, and be held by your partner as you get yourself off and they watch while in their post-orgasmic bliss!

When playtime is over, you may want tor wash your face, use moist towelettes, or have a shower – do what you gotta do to freshen up. 

Some folks find that their skin is sensitive to semen, although it’s rare. If the sensation or experience is unpleasant to you should have an honest chat about it with your partner after. It certainly doesn’t need to be part of your sexual routine, or you may want to opt out and try other things altogether in the future. Whatever you decide, you should never feel pressured into doing something that isn’t up your alley. 

Slutty Girl Pro Tip: Wash your face with cold water rather than hot for easier cleanup. Hot water reacts with the proteins found in semen and causes it to solidify slightly and become more difficult to remove. Same thing for your sheets or lingerie — wash semen out with cold water instead of hot!


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What to Do If You Get Semen in Your Eyes

The easiest way to avoid an eyeful of semen is to simply keep your eyes closed and clean away anything in the general vicinity of your eyes before opening them again. Other ways to avoid this potentially painful fate could be by wearing glasses (as opposed to contacts) or by “aiming” only toward the lower half of your face. And for the love of all things slutty, ask your partner to warn you when they’re close! But if, for whatever reason, the unthinkable happens, here’s what to do:

  • Wipe away the semen with a wet washcloth and flush your eye with water (don’t forget to take out contacts first). Rotate your eye as you flush it to ensure that all residue is removed.
  • If you have saline or eye-drops available, bathe your eye for slight relief from the stinging sensation, as well as for additional cleansing.
  • Although STI transmission is unlikely, it is still possible to get an STI or conjunctivitis (pink eye). Your eyes are mucous membranes just like a vagina, so a virus can enter your body and cause an infection. While redness, irritation, or blurry vision could occur within 24 hours for any irritation, go to your doctor if symptoms continue or if you notice swelling, itchiness, light sensitivity, soreness, pain, or discharge after semen exposure.


Overall, exploring cum facials can be an erotic and pleasurable addition to play for both the giver and receiver. Whether you’ve been dreaming of this for a while or this is a brand new fantasy of yours, share your excitement and intrigue, and open the door to explore! Once you put a few key prep and clean-up pieces in place, and bring up your boundaries (aka: where your partner can cum on your face, or any others!) you’ll be ready to play and explore!


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