Most women can’t climax without clitoral stimulation, and the Cat position totally solves that dilemma. The Coital Alignment Technique (The Cat) is a variation of missionary that directly stimulates the clitoris, giving this traditionally bland position a big boost of pleasure. 

Women only have a few nerve endings in their vaginas, and usually they are located within the first two inches. (Imagine how much more childbirth would hurt if the vagina was jam-packed with feeling!) So, for many women, intercourse alone is simply not enough to orgasm. 

But, with positions designed specifically for clitoral stimulation, sex becomes an orgasmic treat rather than just going through the motions. Certainly better than missionary, we’re willing to bet that The Cat is one of the best hands-free, clitoral pleasure positions out there.


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Name: The Cat (Coital Alignment Technique)

Difficulty: Vanilla

Intensity: Mild

Speed: Slow

Perfect For: Clitoral Stimulation, Small Penis, Large Penis, Marathons, Beginners, Romance, Tantric


How to Do The Cat Position

First, get into the missionary position. Lay back on the bed with your legs spread slightly, and your partner in between your knees. In traditional missionary, your partner will be supporting themself on their hands, with their upper body raised and their pelvis facing forward. This is the perfect position to start with for penetration… but we’ll soon transform into a slightly altered stance to get into the Cat.

To get into the Cat, have your partner rest on their forearms, elbows, thighs, and upper knees, slightly laying on your body as they evenly distribute their weight and relax their muscles. They should maintain as much body contact with you as is comfortable and possible without crushing you. Without losing contact (externally or internally), they should slide their body upwards toward your head and body, with your jaw just resting on their shoulder, aligning their pelvis with yours, and keeping their hips at a downward angle so that the base of their penis rubs against your clitoris.

This position invites some friction, so don’t forget the lube!


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After you’ve achieved the right angle, it’s time to get this position pumping. Well, not actually pumping… since the key to this position is slow, sensual, soft, and subtle rocking motions rather than thrusts. It may seem a bit awkward at first, but I promise… with a little practice, this technique is totally worthwhile. With delicate and controlled movements, rocking up and down rather than back and forth, you should be able to feel your partner’s shaft rub against your clitoris, providing the pleasure you need to reach a strong sex-fueled orgasm. 

Their penis will not be totally inside you, as much of it should be facing downward pressing up against your clitoris… but try to keep at least the tip inside while you sync your own hips rocking together with his, and give the first two inches of your vagina a bit of a ride, too. 

Repeat this rock and ride motion, gently pushing your pelvises and hips together, moving in sync, as you maintain constant pleasure and stimulation. Soon, you’ll find the perfect groove to enjoy the sensations together.

For max stimulation of your clitoris, the key is to tilt your own hips slightly upward to meet your partner’s, and keep your legs as straight and close as possible, or even wrapped around theirs, to make sure your clitoris is stimulated with as pin-point precision as possible. If you go all spread eagle, your hips won’t be able to arch up in the same way, and you’ll lose the additional sensation of their pelvis and penis pushing your vaginal lips onto your clitoris… the ultimate pleasure push.

Remember, since this position focuses on slow, subtle rocking motions, your partner won’t be getting the deep penetration they may crave. Often, the Cat is perfect for getting your clitoral orgasm first, then they may need to switch to a position with more thrust and power after. Even so, your orgasm is totally important (if not the most important) so go for it! 

Make the most out of the sexy time you have together, and promise to return the favor after they bring you back from the moon.


Make Coital Alignment Hotter

While in this position, your legs are supposed to stay straight against the bed. However, you can gently wrap your legs around your partner, giving you the leverage to rock your hips with them and get some additional closeness and sensation. If they push gently downward while you lightly thrust your hips upward, keeping yourselves in sync, the higher angle that they get to put more pressure on your clitoris will leave you seeing stars.

Since their hands are free to roam around, they can even bend them slightly inward to play with your breasts, nipples, or collar line… and your hands, as in missionary, are totally free to roam and explore your lover. For an even closer feeling, they can wrap their hands around your back and pull your body into them, running their hands along you, kissing your neck, and getting an intimate, tantric experience.

Want to add even more sensation, and finish with a vibrating, orgasmic finale? Even hotter – Try adding a couple’s vibrator like the We-Vibe Sync for internal AND external vibration during sex.


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When to Use The Cat Sex Position

Forget about the “Fast and Furious” sex that porn stars show us is the norm. This position requires patience, practice, and a change in your mindset. Instead of rushing to climax, The Cat focuses on slow, subtle movements that build up to the Big O. It begins with slow, repetitive movements that only move to steady once you’ve nearly reached your peak.

This position may be a bit frustrating for your partner (or both of you) at first, as it requires a slow and steady rocking that leads up gently to a powerful orgasm. So, this position would be best suited for romantic sex with a regular partner, tantric spiritual sex, and marathons rather than quickies. 

Given the focus on clitoral stimulation rather than the G-spot, it doesn’t matter whether your partner has a small or large penis. Whatever their size, your clit will be in heaven, proving that it’s truly the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat. However, if your partner is on the smaller side, he may have a bit of trouble staying in, and no luck of deeper penetration… but this position is about your pleasure anyway, so let them know that you’ll reciprocate the favor later.

If you have any doubts about how awesome the Cat position is, scientists invented it, and there have even been several studies that demonstrate how easy and pleasurable it is for those with clitorises. Can’t deny that this position is a total home run.


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