The holiday season is finally here! It’s the time of year to give – and receive – awesome gifts. We’ve rounded up the sexiest, sluttiest, and most fabulous holiday gifts for everyone this holiday season! And remember: Don’t miss these deals! We’ll keep you posted here with the best deals and steals. Get them before they run out.

Treat yourself with LELO!

LELO has SO MANY GREAT TOYS. We cannot recommend the LELO Sona Cruise enough! This clitoral-sucking vibe is a real treat, so TREAT YO’ SELF!!

The Sona Cruise’s Cruise Control feature is life-changing. Seriously, take our word for it:

What’s amazing about the Cruise is that it has cruise control. Ever set your vibe to the highest setting and still feel like you need more? You press the toy against you, desperate for that extra pressure. When you do this with the SONA Cruise, it automatically senses what you want and pushes in that extra 20%. This is not the first time I’ve found this feature in a LELO toy, and yet again, it amazes me!

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Find the LELO product that’s perfect for you.

Here are more of our favorites from LELO, in addition to the Sona Cruise:

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The best deals from our affiliates!

Holiday deals run throughout the season! Keep checking for more updates on ways to save money on the sexiest toys this year.

Treat yourself to some luxury with Bijoux Indescrets.

We’ve loved everything we’ve reviewed from Bijoux Indescrets. If you’re looking to treat your partner or, better yet, yourself, to some luxury this holiday season, look no further than Bijoux Indescrets. Here are some of the awesome, sexy products we’re craving from them.

Vibrating Diamond
Get it for $60 at Bijoux Indescrets.
Read our review here.

Black Metallic Mesh Handcuffs
Get them at Bijoux Indescrets for $25.

Metallic Mesh Gold Collar
Get it at Bijoux Indescrets for $25.

Melt My Heart Chocolate Massage Candle
Get it at Bijoux Indescrets for $20.

Kristine Mask
Get it at Bijoux Indescrets for $13.
Read our review here.

Spencer’s is the place to shop!

Spencer’s has a selection of holiday gifts at various price points. Here are some of our favorites that are sure to please your besties, roommates, and boyfriends.

Find gifts under $50
like What Do You Meme for $30!

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Check out gifts under $20
like this Drinking Tower Game for $17.

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Find gifts under $10
like this Ring for Sex Bell for $8!

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Our Favorite Toys

Now is the time to treat you or your partner to the hottest toys! These toys are SGP-approved. You’ll thank us for recommending them. Here you’ll find toys for him, her, us, and them!

Doxy Die Cast Massager

I haven’t tried all the personal massagers out there – but this is definitely one that will stay up there in my favorites for a long, long time! If you have the cash to spare and love some powerful vibrations, the Doxy Die Cast Massager is a wonderful choice!

Read our full review.

Get it at SheVibe for $190.

Uprize 6″ AutoErect Vibrating Dildo

I’m super excited to add this toy to my toy box. It’s already been heavily featured on my Snapchat story and I give it my full endorsement.

Read our full review.

Get it at Lovehoney for $170.

The Classic Rabbit Limited Edition Crystalized

What really makes this toy so luxurious is the gorgeous, black rhinestone covered handle! It dazzles, adding a nice, upscale feel that’s hard to take your eyes off. (And The Rabbit Company includes a few extra in case any need replacing!)

Read our full review.

Get it at SheVibe for $170.

LELO Mona 2

This toy has a ton of variety – and the vibration speeds, patterns, and combinations would be fabulous for anyone looking to explore different sensations.

Read our full review.

Get it at LELO for $169.

Mystery Vibe Crescendo

I can’t say enough how much I love this product. It’s absolutely stunning and high class. I felt so fancy and sensual opening it, and have never felt so pleased with my first impressions of a sex toy – and this vibrator exceeded every single expectation I had. I am seriously obsessed. As someone who has trouble orgasming from solely penetration, his toy has changed masturbation for me. It is revolutionary in many ways, but how it made me feel about my body, confidence within myself, and genuinely making me feel sexy, I adore this product.

Read our full review.

Get it at Mystery Vibe for $150.

The Crescendo is 25% OFF through 12/18.

Aneros Vice Prostate Stimulator

 If you are looking for a toy that is specifically designed to target your prostate, the Vice is ready to please. Partners, if you’re looking to get in on the action, get a little more intimate with your partner, and learn more about the levels of their pleasure — time to give the Vice a whirl. The vibrations aren’t for beginners, but you can always leave the vibrator off and let the silicone toy massage your prostate all by itself. I strongly suggest this toy to anyone in search of a prostate stimulator and definitely plan on using this in the future with my partner.

Read our full review.

Get it at Lovehoney for $140.


With a sleek design that looks more like a dental tool than sex toy, this imaginative vibrator won’t draw to many eyebrow raises. What makes the design so unique is its SpiroTIP, a bulbous point on top of the stem. It creates varying feelings of arousal, perfect for everything from self-quickies, to multiple orgasms, to enhanced foreplay.

Read our full review.

Get it at SheVibe for $140.

TENGA Iroha Tori

A petite, flexible design and range of well felt vibrations make the Tori perfect for novices to more experienced sex toy users. While it’s tip can be inserted, this vibe is much more effective at external clitoral stimulation, and will have you reaching orgasm in no time. It’s elegant appearance is matched by next-level charging and a display style case. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line toy to bring into your life, I definitely recommend the Tori!

Read our full review.

Get it at Goodvibes for $140.

LELO Lily 2

This beautiful, delicately designed massager is great for all kinds of sensual play, and can be used on essentially any rousing area of the body – especially the clit, nipples, inner thighs, and perineum. It is great for women wanting a toy that can provide powerful, external stimulation, but also those looking for that something to take sex with their partner to a new level of excitement.

Read our full review.

Get it at LELO for $139.

TENGA Iroha Minamo

Regardless of whether this is your first toy or your hundredth, Minamo is one for your bag of tricks. Beyond melting from its super smooth material, the grooves and flexible structure are made for a woman’s body. I feel like I could make a strong argument that there is nothing better than products formulated specifically for a woman but that’s for another day. Minamo is surely a toy that keeps on giving pleasure over and over again.

Read our full review.

Get it at GoodVibes for $130.

The “Hitachi” Magic Wand Rechargeable

Once I get going, this is the ONLY vibrator that can give me massive orgasms in rapid succession, with hardly any work on my part. It just doesn’t stop. The Hitachi not only gives me the ability to orgasm at will – but the ability to orgasm AGAINST my will. The vibrations are truly incredible, unforgettable, and beyond all of my expectations.

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Get it at GoodVibes for $125.

We-Vibe Touch

The vibrations are very powerful and incredibly rumbly, which is the ultimate pleasure combo if you prefer strong, ultra-satisfying toys.

Read our full review.

Get it at Lovehoney for $100.

Svakom Cookie

This petite vibrator was born out of a “thinking outside the box” approach to sex toys and female pleasure – and lived up to all of my expectations.

Read our full review.

Get it at Svakom for $89.

We-Vibe Tango

This vibrator is the full package – light-weight, rechargeable, easy to carry & store, and has several strong speeds and settings that have even this toy enthusiast purring. I can easily and confidently say that this is not only one of my favorite vibrators, but definitely one the best vibrators out there.

Read our full review.

Get it at GoodVibes for $80.

Sensual Touch Wand Massager

Whether you’re a newbie looking for a high-quality body wand to explore different sensations or an experienced sex toy user, the Sensual Touch Body Massager is a great choice! With a unique design made for effortless control and range of powerful vibration settings, this toy is one sure to bring you to orgasmic bliss.

Read our full review.

Get it at Adam & Eve for $70.

Lovelife Cuddle

The sleek design and fact that it is rechargeable makes the Cuddle an easy pick for someone who is just looking for a toy to add to their collection. The Cuddle works well and anyone, from a beginner to an expert, could find joy with it.

Read our full review.

Get it at Adam & Eve for $69.

Crave Vesper

Blurring the lines of public and private, this sophisticated, high-quality necklace is the perfect accessory, and also a powerful external vibrator aimed to fulfill desires.

Read our full review.

Get it at GoodVibes starting at $69.

Njoy Pure Plug

The Pure Plug is by far my favorite anal toy that I’ve ever tried. It’s really a wonderful toy for all types of anal pleasure, regardless of the sensations you enjoy. Njoy did an amazing job with the design of the Pure Plug, whether you like thrusting, rocking, or a massaging motion. This toy is the perfect addition to any avid sex toy user’s pleasure chest, and I would absolutely highly recommend it!

Read our full review.

Get it at GoodVibes starting at $65.

Jopen LUST L2.5

While this vibe is little, its motor delivers powerful vibrations that are a reminder you can never judge a book by its cover.

Read our full review.

Get it at The White Unicorn for $40.

Tantus Sport

The Tantus Sport is the ideal silicone dildo.

That’s something I never thought I’d say – and definitely not something to be taken lightly. Having an A in my book is nearly impossible, let alone to get a full 100%. But the Tantus Sport can do no wrong. It’s absolutely perfect in my eyes.

Read our full review.

Get it at Tantus for $37.

The Sexiest Lingerie

This is the perfect time of year to add some sexy flair to your closet! Here you’ll find classic lingerie, costumes, and fetish wear, including some of our favorite from our reviews over the years!

Bijoux Indescrets Maze X Body Harness

I absolutely love this gorgeous harness from Bijoux Indiscrets, and will definitely be wearing it out (I already have!)

Read our full review.

Get it at GoodVibes for $65.

Leopard Vinyl Bustier

Get it at Pierre Silber for $49.

Julietta Satin and Lace Robe

Get it from Frederick’s of Hollywood for $40.

Plus Size Lace Bustier and Thong Panties Set

Get it at Spencer’s for $40.

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FREE shipping over $30 with code SHIP3018.

Leg Avenue Rose 2 Piece Short Satin Robe

Get it at Upscale Stripper for $40.

Seven ‘Til Midnight’s Double Dare Sheer Basque and G-String Set

With a beautiful lace and fishnet design, this piece features an all-over sheerness that is designed to make any onlooker unable to take their eyes off you, and it does just that. The exposed back turns into a seductive criss-cross of straps that mark your lower back and butt, adding to the beauty of this piece. And it even has underwire lining the bottom of the “bra cups,” which many other pieces of lingerie completely forget about, to help keep boobs supported and standing at their best.

Read our full review.

Get it at Lovehoney for $35.

Victorian Lace Bustier and Thong Panties Set

Get it at Spencer’s for $35.

Get 10% OFF your entire order with code 10OFF18.
FREE shipping over $30 with code SHIP3018.

Plus Size Barely There Babydoll

Get it from Lovehoney for $30.

Baci Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit

The whole outfit is just really great, making me feel really cute. I love to wear this with my over-the-knee socks and an unlined bra that lets lace poke out through the open part of the blouse. It’s also a really good excuse to wear your hair in a lazy ponytail and still be on-brand. It’s comfortable, nothing rides up, there are no itchy seams or uncomfortable tightness, and most importantly, it makes me feel fabulous and confident in the way I look. If you’re looking for a roleplay outfit or some lingerie that is both adorable and sexy, I would highly recommend Baci’s Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit.

Read our full review.

Get it at Lovehoney for $30 – also available in plus size.

Plus Size Purple and Black Lace-up Corset and G-String Panties Set

Get it at Spencer’s for $30.

Get 10% OFF your entire order with code 10OFF18.
FREE shipping over $30 with code SHIP3018.

Plus Size Flirty Mesh Babydoll Set

Get it at Yandy for $30.

Plus Size Naughty Vows Lace Teddy

Get it at Wicked Temptations for $28.

Long Sleeve Fishnet Chemise

Get it at Yandy for $22.

The Best Kink Gifts

Looking for something that fulfills our wildest fantasies? Look no further. Again, these kink and BDSM toys are all personal favorites of ours!

Bijoux Indescrets 12 Sexy Days Advent Calendar Gift Box

Did you know that the twelve days of Christmas actually start on Christmas Day? This kinky calendar is the perfect way to keep the holiday season of giving going just a little longer.

Get it at Peepshow Toys for $195.

Tantus Beginner Ball Gag


This is a fabulous ball gag for beginners who crave an into to gags without full surrender. This gag allows you to have your words and protests muffled to a in-discernible “mmmffffm MMMFFFMM!” language, without fully silencing your ability to communicate, breath, or moan. If you want a more restrictive experience with less jaw movement and more silence, there are other (larger) balls on there.

Read our full review.

Get it at Tantus for $40.

Tantus Wham Bam Paddle

I absolutely LOVE this paddle, and it’s now my go-to favorite for all spanking occasions. If you’re a pain princess and want a paddle that will test your limits, definitely go with the Wham Bam Paddle!

Read our full review.

Get it at Tantus for $40.

Sportsheets 5-Piece Hog Tie and Cuff

The adjustable cuffs fit comfortably around your wrists and ankles, and can be connected in numerous ways, which make for limitless possibilities. And its durability keeps you secure even when you pull, in pleasure, against the restraints.

Read our full review.

Get it at Adam & Eve for $37.

Sex Kitten Silicone Ball Gag

This Sex Kitten Ball Gag will definitely be put to good use to keep me ultra quiet during even the roughest sex. It perfectly muffles noise, looks cute, and best of all, is comfortable, adjustable, and durable.

Read our full review.

Get it at Luxe Vibes for $25.

Temptation Soft Bondage Kit

Get it at Lovehoney for $20.

25% OFF when you buy two Bondage Boutique items.

Soft Rope Hogtie

Get it at Lovehoney for $20.

25% OFF when you buy two Bondage Boutique items.

Fetish Fantasy Gold Feather Nipple Clamps

They look beautiful during wear, and can be used as a warm up to excite your nipples or other sensitive areas with a light sensation. They are nice quality feathers that don’t fall off or get disheveled during wear or play.

Read our full review.

Get them at Adam & Eve for $13.

Sex & Mischief XOXO Paddle

After my first time with this paddle, I was in love. You truly can control just how hard it hurts with the flick of a wrist, and you can change the amount of pressure in your hits – anywhere from gentle swats to stinging hard smacks. The size of the paddle really comes into play when you’re feeling it smack against you, since anything hit by the area of the paddle can be instantly felt – even through clothing.

Read our full review.

Get it at SheVibe for $11.

Must-Have Lubes

Lube is a bedroom staple. Whether you need something compatible for condoms or for your favorite toy, we’ve got you covered.

Wicked Ultra Silicone Lubricant

When people ask me which lubricant is my favorite and which one I recommend, this will be the first one on my list. It’s absolutely perfect, isn’t sticky, is long-lasting, and doesn’t have any negative effects at all. It’s perfect for travel and body safe. I couldn’t love it any more!! If you’re looking for a lube that is sure to increase intimate feelings and not just to grease up parts – I know you’ll love it too!

Read our full review.

Wicked Ultra Chill Lubricant

Unlike some cooling lubricants, which either are too overpowering or don’t have any effect at all, the Ultra Chill Lubricantis the perfect medium. It eases friction during play and makes anal play even more comfortable for beginners. Even though it has menthol in it, there is no taste or smell during continued use, which is perfect for those of us who want to combine it with flavored condoms. I also noticed that you really didn’t need to use more than a few drops to get the effects going.

Read our full review.

Wicked Aqua Sensitive

This water based lubricant has everything I love in a lube: not sticky with no residue, water based with no weird smells or tastes, condom-safe, plus it’s hypoallergenic and designed specifically with sensitive skin in mind. This lube is absolutely perfect, no matter who you are.

Read our full review.

Please Cream Lubricant

It smells fabulous, feels even better, and doesn’t leave me a sticky mess after using it. I love the adorable packaging and how it is so perfect for one time use. Although I tried the sample size, it’s available in larger sizes (which also have great packaging).

Read our full review.

Get it at Babeland starting at $9 – or a sample for $1.

FREE shipping on all orders over $69.

More Great Gifts for Anyone

Of course, not everyone on your shopping list is naughty. When it comes to your mom, teenage sister, or coworker that you don’t tell your weekend ho stories to, we’ve got you covered.

Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid
$18 on Amazon

The ultimate game to play with your cousins after Christmas dinner.

Don’t Fuck Up The Table Coasters
$16 on Amazon

Great gift for that friend who just bought a house, or a passive aggressive present for your sloppy roommate!

Floral Fuck Fanny Pack
$15 at Spencer’s

Get 10% OFF your entire order with code 10OFF18.
FREE shipping over $30 with code SHIP3018.

Your festival-going friend will totally need this as festival season approaches. Okay, so it’s a few months off, but better to prepare now!

Well-Behaved Women Flask
$13 on Amazon

Drinking PLUS girl power? Yes please. This is the perfect gift for your sister in college.

Fifty Shades of Chicken
$12 hardcover on Amazon

You know your mom, aunt, or another cook in your life – maybe even your dad – read 50 Shades. Anyone can appreciate this hilarious, risqué cookbook.

I Literally Can’t Even Desk Plate
$12 on Amazon

The perfect gift for your sassy cubicle neighbor.

Champagne Pong
$10 at The White Unicorn

Your sorority sister will love this. It’s also a go-to bachelorette game, so stock up because you know one of your friends is going to get engaged this holiday season!

Have a fabulous holiday season full of giving and fun!